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"Jamie Braddock has recently restored the British body back to it's original state which could potentially lead to the return of Kwannon in the future."

ok if this is the case, why not have Betsy back in her original body, then bring Kwannon back and put her in HER original body? But still keeping Betsy an awesome psychic ninja

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12: Storm, Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, Psylocke

9: Catwoman, Shadowcat, Rachel Grey, Emma Frost, Magik

6: Ms. Marvel, Wonder Girl, Stanford Cuckoos

anything below that is a non factor lol

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I just read Vol. 2 of All New X-Men, so the Cuckoos decided to go back with Emma and Scott to their new "school"... its funny how they always try to set themselves apart from her and say they're "nothing like her" but follow her like lost puppies -___-

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funny how all you asked was a simple question lol and most of the feedback on this thread has nothing to do with it

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I'm not trying to sound like an arrogant super fan lol but I don't think you've read much X-Men comics featuring her, shes a well trained hand to hand fighter and she's definitely had PLENTY of fist fights MOSTLY because of her powers, it would take her a second to conjure up a gust of wind to knock an opponent or a storm, if you move quickly enough you don't give Storm a chance to use her powers, her best bet would be her lightning

in some of the more recent comics her and Psylocke (known for her combat skills more than her telepathy) have fought alongside each other, also don't forget in the 80s comics she fought Cyclops WITHOUT her powers so she had no choice but use her combat skills to fight him, if writers don't use her its NOT because of her power set, so I'd have to disagree with you

shes also had some solo series, not as much as Wolverine -_____- but shes had some

and I don't want to to see her as an Avenger, I don't know why people keep throwing that out there, with today's writers they'd just mess it all up, I haven't been very impressed

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I like the Cuckoos, but i hope Marvel can do more with them aside from just operating cerebra and stuff...

I'd also like to see the extent of their diamond form, do they share the same abilities as Emma in this form? we can only assume i guess, although it is stated that can communicate telepathically, but just communicate? or can they perform other telepathic feats as well???? hmmmm

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I'd have to disagree....

I am a bit biased because I am not feeling Beyonce anymore like I used to, and anyone with decent photoshop skills can take a beautiful black singer or actress and make her look like Storm, I'm just sayin!

lol not trying to knock your opinion but thats just me, HOWEVER

I have looked at some black celebrities who I think would make a good Storm, but I only thought about this because I myself am an artist and I was looking for a face that I could draw inspiration from in creating my own version of Storm...

here's who I think would make a good Storm (in appearance only)

this is the 'Floacist' from the group Floetry, shes not ac actress but I think shes STUNNING, shes got the ost beautiful black features, her beauty isn't too overstated, when I look at her i immediately think of Storm

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LOL clearly no one took this post that serious, and I do believe I posted something similar... but thats ok

i think it should start thousands of years prior to her birth, it should be maybe 4 or 5 ancient witches that look like her (white hair, blue eyes) and they predict the coming of a "weather goddess" and how powerful she'll be, blah blah blah

the movie should touch on her routes! i think thats part of what makes her such an interesting character