X-Men, Ultimate Universe

Earth-1610: Ultimate
So how do you guys feel about the Ultimate universe verses the "real" universe? 
Do u like the shift of how the team started with its different members? 
'Real' Universe: Cyclops, Jean Grey 'Marvel Girl', Iceman, Beast, Angel
Ultimate Universe: Jean Grey 'Marvel Girl', Storm, Beast, Cyclops  (im forgetting one I feel like) 
The comic to me is still interesting, I have no complaints but what about you all?
Posted by cattlebattle

I loved Ultimate X-Men....in the beginning, after about issue 50 it went severely downhill. The begiing seemed to imitate the more realistic world the movies accomplished, and the X-Men behaved more like teenagers than their 616 counterparts. 
One of the main reasons, if you go back and read Uncanny X-Men it's weird to read the saying things like "golly" and "wow Ms. Grey, your pretty good in a fight, for a woman," So yes the Ultimate Universe was refreshing. 
I'll always prefer the Original 5-- 616 members though, 1 reason I loved X-Men: First Class. 
And Yes, you forgot Colossus, Iceman and Wolverine as starting members of the Ultimate team
Posted by Gambit1024

I liked them in the beginning, but they lost their spark after like, the 50th issue (like what cattlebattle said).  
I've always been a fanboy of the original five, so I like 616 better. Ultimate X-Men did do a lot of great things. But with the good came the bad... They made Cable Wolverine, Wolverine is the first mutant, and (this is imo, please don't be offended) made Colossus gay.. 

Posted by danhimself

I really liked Ultimate X-men and even after it got bad at around issue 50 I still enjoyed the book

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt
i wouldnt count wolverine as a founder, as much as the first new recruit
Posted by cattlebattle
Posted by StormyWeather
@Avenging-X-Bolt:  right, Wolverine was not a foudning member, when i read it, it was Jean, Cyclops, Storm, and Beast
Posted by AgeofHurricane

I love the characterization of all the character's as well as the fact that Marvel brought Rolo fans dreams come true