Selene vs. Madelyne Pryor

Both extremely powerful Sorceresses with a vast array of abilities, who'd win in an all out sorcery brawl

Selene's basic abilities:

  • Psionically drain people of their life force sustaining herself in the process
  • super human strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes
  • telekinetic (but can bend objects on a molecular level), more than just levitating objects
  • healing factor
  • sorcery/magical abilities, cast spells
  • "living darkness", appear & disappear at will, imprison people in darkness

Madelyn's basic abilities:

  • telepathy
  • telekinesis
  • psychokinesis
  • teleportation
  • psi bolts
  • psychic vampire like Selene
  • super human strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes
  • weild Asgardian magic as Anodoyne
  • sorcery/magical abilities
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This is a good battle to me. I would say Selene because of the Life Draining Power and Healing Fator. Even though I like Madelyne more.

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Maddy was made into a Psy Vamp by Selene so while she is powerful, she is still below Selene powerwise but id be voting for them teaming up again like in X-man instead loool good times :D

Posted by StormyWeather

@kiss_lamia: yea i learned that after i did more digging lol, but Selene yea definitely

@KDarkholme: yea i agree

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@StormyWeather: Yeah there both awesome though i just want them back :D
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Bump because I'm curious

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@HolySerpent: im not sure what u mean

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SELENE has done some great deeds in the past but MADELYNE seems to have aquired JEAN's talent for returning from the dead. Selene's vulnerable because she has (or had) an actual body that can be destroyed, while Maddie has yet to regain corporeal form. When NATE (semi) resurrected her, she was only a "psionic entity/ghost" and when she returned as the Red Queen, she still didnt have a body...actually, ive kinda grown to like that about her.

It could go either way but id bet on Maddie.

Posted by StormyWeather

@GREGalicious: good point!! i didn't think of that at all

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@StormyWeather: Right. I know Selene's thing is absorbing life force but would it even work against someone like Madelyne, who's not technically alive.

I wonder what would happen if she tried to absorb someone dead...

Posted by LordOfAllHumans

Madelyne in most of her incarnations except the very first human one are more powerful than Selene. Selene did not give her psi vamp powers as Selene can only make a psi vamp by psi vamping and they also become her thralls, Maddie was never her thrall and Selene even became worried about Maddie not being a team player. Maddie was a not a psi vamp anyway she was dependent on Nate and an extension of his power it was natural for her to tap his power just like it was natural for her to give that power back when he was weak.

Posted by HolySerpent

This is good battle.

Posted by RainEffect

Throw Circe in there, THEN its mayhem!

Posted by sa5m

The Madelyne Pryor =)

Posted by jeanroygrant

@sa5m said:

The Madelyne Pryor =)

Posted by StormyWeather

@RainEffect: haha right!! :-)

@GREGalicious: wow good point

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@RainEffect said:

Throw Circe in there, THEN its mayhem!

Circe would cake walk over these two.

Posted by cattlebattle

Wow, it never occurred to me how similar they both are

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TheBlackQueen Win Yes Yes Yes