Emma Frost, Like? or Dislike?

As I read the X-Men comics I've gotten to know the character Emma Frost a little bit. Now I've chosen my favorites for various reasons other than the fact that I think they have cool powers. As I read through each saga I grew to dislike Emma Frost. I felt as though she was very untrustworthy, and only working for her best interests at heart. In my opinion there is nothing more scary than an evil telepath, and by no means is Emma Frost an amateur telepath. It also irritated me that she just up and joined the X-Men and became co-leader when there were members who had proven their loyalty to the team and Charles Xavier. Not only that, she zones in on Scott Summers and completely disregards the fact that he is married to Jean Grey. Why she did that I do NOT know, what made her think Jean wouldn't find out anyway? But I guess in a lot of ways Emma isn't ALL bad, after all she herself was a teacher for mutants as Xavier was, so she did care about people. But being a member of the hellfire club in my opinion warrants some kind of "evil" reputation. Not to mention she kidnapped and caged the X-Men and switched bodies with Storm (my #1 favorite X-man/woman). But I think Kitty said it best in Astonishing X-Men:Gifted, basically she said that there was nothing she could do to prove that she was "good", in her eyes she's always going to be evil and will never trust her. I thought, now if I were a founding member of that team would I trust her? Probably not.
But I recently read Emma's back story, her X-Men origins. In all three stories it kind of gives you her background and shows you how she became the person she is today. Now aside from her evil doings that we all know about, you can't help but admire her in a sense, it takes a very smart and cunning person to do some of the things shes done. Especially in her history as a teenager and her powers were first starting to emerge. When you read that you see where Emma grew up and what she had to put up with, it explains so much. I guess you could say I misjudged Emma? LOL but after reading her history I have made her one of my favorite X-Men, i guess I kind of liked her all along but never allowed myself to admit it. 
I guess the lesson here is don't judge anybody, everyone has a story, this includes fictional characters LOL


Storm in the movies

Did anyone else get annoyed by how Storm was portrayed in the movies?? I kinda was, when u kno who Storm is the character and how she is the movie didn't really depict her the way I probably would if I had a say LOL she came off kind of weak which is one thing Storm is not, the special effects used were ok but not what I'd expect for someone who can 'control the elements of the weather'. When you look at the Airbender movie and how nice those epcial effects were OH! and Watchmen...u think to ur self "y the fuck didn't they do this for X-Men". Now the 3rd movie kinda redeemed itself slightly LOL
now Halle Berry is probably my favorite actress, but i wasn't jumpin up & down over performance, not that it was 'bad', just the way it was written...Halle just portrayed Storm the way she was written in the script, so I dnt have bad feelings toward my girl Halle
but I hope this X-men First Class movie is much better


Why Storm?

Why do i like Storm so much?
Well as a kid I wasn't too familiar with a lot of superheros, and definitely not black superheros. I used to watch X-Men the Animated series a lot and I just loved seein this black woman who would control the weather. I always liked her features, the white hair contrasting with her brown skin, and in the animated series her costume she wore was white too. As a kid I often thought how cool it would be if I could make a snow storm so school could be closed LOL
As I got older I understood the science behind X-Men and their abilities and what 'bein a mutant' was for them. So I started reading comics, when I was a kid I never touched a comic book lol, I started buying those Marvel/X-Men books and reading up on Storm. When you think about her abilities (weather control) shes pretty powerful! Understanding how weather works and everything related to it you understand how powerful she is.
As I started reading the comics I learned more about Storm the character and I'd have to say I kinda admire her. Shes always stuck by the ones she loves, shes very brave...unless u put her in a small tight space, has complete control of her powers, strong minded, strong willed, principled, outspoken etc etc 
One thing I like about her 'will' is the fact that for telepaths shes no easy target, I consider them to be the most dangerous types of mutants in my opinion
So I'd have to say I'm a true Storm fan & a big one :-)

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