X-Campus (Another Alternate Universe)

Have any of you checked out X-Campus? When I first saw it my reaction was "omg uve gotta be kidding me, another universe?!" But because I love the X-Men obviously I'm going to read it. So as I'm reading its giving me a X-Men Evolution kind of feel. All of them are teenagers except for Jean Grey. The school they attend is owned by Warren Worthington's father. Professor X and Magneto are both teachers at this school. Professor X and Magneto do not have mutant teams but they are in the process of assembling them. One thing I like about this story is that Wolverine is a teenager like the rest of his counterparts. The story starts out from Rogue's point of view. I don't want to give away too much, you guys just check it out.

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X-Men, Ultimate Universe

Earth-1610: Ultimate
So how do you guys feel about the Ultimate universe verses the "real" universe? 
Do u like the shift of how the team started with its different members? 
'Real' Universe: Cyclops, Jean Grey 'Marvel Girl', Iceman, Beast, Angel
Ultimate Universe: Jean Grey 'Marvel Girl', Storm, Beast, Cyclops  (im forgetting one I feel like) 
The comic to me is still interesting, I have no complaints but what about you all?

Superheroes and Capes

This is something I was discussing with a friend earlier. What does a cape do for a superheroes costume and their overall look?? Does it look corny? Does it add distinction? Regal-ness? Sex Appeal? 
                                                              When you think about certain characters in comics who have capes you can't picture them without it. Although the look of a character does change and sometimes the cape is gone. For example, Storm, most of her costumes she has a cape, some of them she does not.

 Red & Black Cape
With this picture to the left I think this cape gives her a certain distinction. the red lining contrasting with black makes the overall costume look great. Also when you think about Storm and her powers, a cape almost seems necessary. Her using the wind to fly would make her cape spread adding to the effectiveness of her cape and the entire costume. This particular costume is one of my favorite looks for her anyway. Also with Storm being a Queen/Princess the cape adds to her regal-ness. Also with some of Storm's costumes she didn't really have a cape per say, but she did have like a partial cape? If thats what you'd want to call it LOL.
 Partial Cape
With this picture she did not have a full cape, but a partial cape. This to me does add to the look of the costume but it doesn't add distinction or regalness. But with Storm she looks good with or without a cape, full or not. It doesn't matter to me.
Then there are superheroes like Batman. Batman doesn't have superpowers that allow him to fly but he does glide. His cape not only adds distinction but it directly relates to who he is. Since his name is BATman he emulates a bat with his costume, so he needs a cape in my opinion. When he glides his cape spreads and it crea
 bat wings
tes the illusion of a flying bat. His costume from what I have seen always includes a cape. Batman also being a very well known popular character I think it would be hard t o picture him without a cape, when you just think about the "look" aspects of Batman. But when you think about technicalities he kind of needs a cape because he can't really fly.  In the picture to the far right you see how Batman's cape is spread making it look like bat wings. 
 When I think about Superman I always remember him with a cape. I am not an avid Superman fan, nor have i read comics so whoever is reading this blog feel free to interject with anything I have said. But I will always picture that re and blue costume with the red cape. To me I think this is everyone's mental picture of Superman. But unlike Batman, Superman has powers and he can fly. I guess being propelled through the air having a cape would add a certain affect to the costume. Superman's cape definitely adds to his look, giving him a "larger then life" kind of feel. But in my personal opinion he doesn't need a cape to look like a superhero. 
In the photo you can see his bright red cape, it does give him a larger then life feel, but not a regal-ness like Storm's cape. 
In the picture to the far right he isn't wearing a cape and he still has that distinction. 
Emma Frost
Emma Fros
White Queen
t has superpowers but they do not allow her to fly. She has worn more then one costume that includes a cape tho. Was the cape needed with these costumes? Emma's first and probably most memorable look was her White Queen costume with the white corset and white cape. When I picture that look without the cape she just looks like a common stripper or playboy model. That cape gave her distinction not only as the White Queen but just as an overall comic character. Back in those days she was a villain, and she looked like a villain. But when she joined the X-Men, in the Astonishing X-Men saga her costume also had a cape, but it was a bit more modest. Since she was no longer a villain she had to look less villainous. This new costume still maintained Emma's sexy/femme fatale look but looking more innocent and distinct. Also the signature white color. I personally love her with this cape, it makes her look important and it adds to her position at the Xavier Institute as one of the lead me
Non-Villainous cape

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Phsychic Power, Who is More Powerful??

Basic Telepahic abilities: mind control, mind linking, psychic bolts, mind reading, casting illusions, thought projection, projection into astral plane, suppress powers

Professor Xavier: It has been said many times over that Prof X is the most powerful telepath in the world. However there are feats that he himself could not accomplish that other psychics could.

Jean Grey: It has also been said that Jean Grey is an omega level mutant with telepathic and telekinetic abilities. With that being such a rare combination, shes pretty powerful. But her being "younger" and inexperienced she wasn't as formidable as Prof X with her telepathy, but when she housed the Phoenix force she had unimginable abilities linked directly with her telepathy. So with her being an Omega level mutant doesn't that make her more powerful than Prof X and every other psychic mutant? Regardless of the Phoenix force?

Emma Frost: Emma is a very experienced and powerful telepath, 2nd to Prof X. I specifically remember her forcing Prof X to see memories while linking Scott Summers to this little "psychic meeting". If Prof X is the most powerful telepath shouldn't he have been able to stop Emma? I mean it would not have been easy because shes very strong but she shouldn't have been able to defeat him so easily. I think this was one of the X-Men Legacy comics, "Sins of The Father" maybe. Also Emma and Scott had a psychic affair, how was Jean not able to detect that? Her being an Omega level telepath AND being powered by the Phoenix force AND having a psychic bond with Scott I'd think she would pick up on that right away, but she did not...so the question still sparks in my mind, who is more powerful? Emma? Jean? Prof X?

Sage: Although she's considered a "low level" telepath she is still a force to be reckoned with. One instance that stands out in my mind is when the X-Treme X-Men came back to the mansion for the young boy that murdered all those people. Sage was able to close off her mind so she was undetectable by Emma Frost, now Emma being as "formidable" as she is SUPPOSED to be she could have detected her. But having that ability is pretty badass, to be able to hide "under the radar" so to speak. But i guess in an all out "telepathic brawl" we kno who would win

Psylocke: Originally in her British body she was just a powerful telepath and her abilities related distinctly to just that. She had all the basic powers any powerful telepath had, but she did have one unique ability all her own, psychic blasts. With these blasts she was able to penetrate Juggernauts helmet, probably Magneto's too, something Prof X could not do, being the most powerful telepath and all. It hasn't been said that Emma, Jean, or Prof X could do "psychic blasts". She also had the ability of precognition, Jean, Emma, nor Prof X had this ability. So does this mean in some ways Psylocke was more powerful than them back then? But of course she no longer has that ability....her power set has changed so much I mean DAMN LOL

Danielle Moonstar: "Danielle Moonstar’s principal ability was to pull images of great fear or desire from her victims and manifest them as three dimensional illusions". It has not been said that other psychic mutants can do this, although I'm sure if they read your mind they could see what you've been dreaming about and then cast a psychic manifestation in your brain making you think you're seeing something, with that being said I think its obvious Moonstar is not a "powerful telepath". But her abilities did grow, but they were still limited to just her original basic power.

Karma: Her powers are psionic in nature but not purely telepathic, basically meaning her powers have to do with the mind but she can't do everything that a telepath can do. Her basic ability is psionic possession. She can basically make any living sentient being do whatever she wants. But in one instance she required the help of Prof X to possess Magus. I guess if she needed help she can't be that powerful. I've also seen Emma scan the minds of animals. "Both Professor Xavier and the White Queen were unable to read Magik's thoughts, despite the fact that they were both powerful telepaths. However, Karma has been seen to posses both the Darkchild and Magik while in Asgard", does this make Karma more powerful than them? Also when Karma is in possession of someone else she has a "telepathic link", and she does not have to be in the same vicinity as the person that she is controlling. "Since controlling a body in another location requires her to see through her victims eyes, she needs greater focus to control them and has sometimes appeared to be in a meditative state. While remaining in her own body, Karma also appears to have transferred her own consciousness through to her possessed target". Emma, Prof X, Psylocke, and Jean Grey can do something like this with their telepathy. Basic mind control is not hard for a telepath, especially an experienced one. But there are things that Karma has done that has not been seen in other telepaths. But I have not seen either telepath that I've mentioned transfer their consciousness.

Stepford Cuckoos: They could do everything Emma could do, being her "daughter clones". Originally being 5 but now 3, together they are a powerful telepathic force, also referred to as the hive mind. They can do everything any basic powerful telepath can do, but they also displayed the ability of precognition. This is something Emma has not done (to my knowledge), or Jean, or Prof X. They also were avatars for the Phoenix force, it takes a powerful telepath to do that. It is also said that they MIGHT be able to use their telepathy while in diamond form.

Psylocke and Cecilia in the Five Lights

i welcome anyone who is reading this to put in their 2 cents LOL, like I said I have not read every X-Men comic, so there are things that I am missing and have not seen yet

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Mutant Genetics

I have not read every single X-Men comic to ever exist, but from what I understand about the X gene, it comes from the male parent? But if that's true how are there female mutants? I have also read somewhere that it skips a generation, if that's the case how are Scott and Jean's offspring all mutants??
I am not entirely clear on this, so anyone who is more knowledgeable about this, feel free to comment and clarify, thanks :-)


Uncanny X-Men: Sisterhood

Well what'd u guys think about this one? After reading it I was not really THAT satisfied. I like what I read but I didn't LOVE it. I like how they brought back Madelyn Pryor and how she had her little sisterhood. There is still a lot of X-Men comics I haven't read yet, is there a comic that explains this sisterhood& how it came to be? Who is Chimera? I might have to read it again but I'm not sure how the 1st part (engaging the sisterhood) of the story was relevant to the 2nd part (when they went back to 1906). I was excited to see that Northstar is gay, as a gay guy its pleasing to see characters u can relate to, in a way. I would have liked to have seen Karma in action. One aspect oft he story i liked was the dueling between Psylocke & the evil Psylocke the Red Queen created...but what happened to the other body?
The artwork overall I would say was very good, however, if you look at the faces of the female characters, they all seemed to have the exact same face, the full but pouty lips, glamorous hair, sexy eyes etc. etc. they only variation between them was their costumes & skin shade, only Storm was the "darker" character LOL, however her forehead seemed to be bigger than the other female characters. I don't wanna sound to nit picky but its just something I noticed RIGHT AWAY. But I do like the realism feel of it. i liked Cyclops' look for once. The cover art however was BRILLIANT!

X-Men: Worlds Apart Review

As a Storm fan I'd say this publication was excellent, i wish it would have been longer. So thank you to Christopher Yost for this. 
I was most pleased to see that the writing wasn't corny or juvenile. As 23 year old sometimes I am leery about that when I pick up a comic. I ask myself will this be too "child like" ? But most X-Men comics I read are not really geared toward children, at least not intentionally. The plot and twists of this were great. I like how readers got to see Storm display her power aside from the typical lightning bolts, wind, and rain. You see her use the air to manipulate how the people around her breath, and you see her concentrate hard enough so she can sense where the blackbird was flying. I also like the way Storm's true character was displayed. She showed love and loyalty to her Wakandan people as being their Queen and her loyalties to the X-Men. I also like the ending where her and Emma share some love...which is rare LOL. 
I was also very pleased with the artwork in this. Diogenes Neves (penciler), Ed Tadeo (inker), and Raul Trevino (colorist) did an outstanding job! I like the way Storm looks like beautiful black woman and not a monkey. Her full lips did not make her look like a bafoon, thank GOD! I always liked Storm's complexion in the more recent comics, artists have been good about not making her "sterotypically dark" being that she has African heritage its good that artists do not make her dark as charcoal. She has a beautiful medium brown skin tone (like mine ;-) ). I also like the way they made Nexhno look young. Sometimes it's hard to tell how old a character is because they all look the same. 
I likes this one so much i purchased it in hardback
give me your thoughts?
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The Work of Simone Bianchi

Simone Bianchi I would have to say has become my favorite artist. I think he's brought sort of a different take on comic art and illustration. His style is just like none other that I've ever seen. What do u guys think?? here are some examples of his work

of course the 1st set would only feature Storm lol

i think he's BRILLIANT!
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