Psychic? Telepath?

whats the difference between being psychic and just telepathic?

telepathy has to do with solely reading thoughts and projecting them right? (cast illusions, mind control)

but where exactly does being psychic come in?? I mean i can look up both words in the dictionary LOL but as u kno, comics r fictional so they can kinda "stretch" science


Which Side Will You Choose?

To be a mutant means facing persecution just for existing...

If you were born a mutant which side would u choose to be on?? Would you join the X-Men and fight to defend the human race that hates and fears you??

Would you join the Brotherhood? Would you just go it alone and live in hiding? Or start your own team?

Me myself it is hard to say... I would NOT be happy with defending the human race when I know that a lot of them hate me, but I would not retaliate and develope hatred toward humans either. Decisions decisions, what would you do??


Emma's Friends

Emma has a close relationship with Scott, obviously, that's her man...But she hasn't formed any bonds with any of the female characters.

We all know Emma is a bitch, but its just a fa cad, if she truly was a bad person she wouldn't be dating Scott Summers, because through and through he's a good person.

Kitty has expressed that she doesn't like Emma, we KNOW Storm does not like Emma because of their "history", and we know the Cuckoos don't really respect her, and Dazzler and Psylocke don't like her. hmmmm, i personally think it's kind of sad. In the end all the members of the X-Men DO respect her as their teammate and do have her back I'd say.


Hive Mind

I understand that the Cuckoos are "sisters" and they can combine their telepathic strength and create a "hive mind" but could the same be done with any two or more telepaths?? i know in the past haven't Jean and the Professor combined their telepathic "might"?


Hope Summers Powers

now I have read her bio but I have not read every comic with her, only a few of the Generation Hope Story arc, but how is she an "omega level mimic"? I understand what mimicry is in the comics, but shes been shown to be telekinetic and telepathic, AND be an avatar for the Phoenix force (or rather there have been hints), shes also been shown to probably have optic blasts like Cyclops, if she possess all these powers shes not really a mimic by definition, but i have seen her mimic mutants powers now to my knowledge a mimic has to be near someone to "mimic" their power, has she stored power templates or something? am i missing something? someone ANYONE who knows this character well, please explain it to me lol the writing just isn't consistent, at least what I have read and it bothers me when i see a character with too much power, now i kno she is young and she has not mastered her abilities yet but its clear that she is pretty bad ass lol


Magic vs. Genetics

I think about this sometimes could a "magically-empowered" person overpower or defeat a superhuman or someone with superhuman abilities??

Just in case I confuse you all with my terminology, "magically-empowered" is a word i use to describe someone who just practices magic (black or white magic)

Obviously a superhuman would be someone like Superman

As for mutants i think it can get tricky, there people like the Scarlet Witch who are "magical" but that's her mutant power, right? also Storm even tho she hasn't explored that part of her all that much and Magik, Moonstar etc etc

Then there are people like Selene who have basic mutant talents but she's also gained other abilities through magic, but shes had thousands of years of practice lol

I think at the end of the day experience is what wins, regardless of how much raw power u possess if you can't use it or wield it properly it means nothing

what do you all think? I like hearing what you have to say kinda why i write these things, also feel free to mention characters I haven't mentioned


Selene vs. Madelyne Pryor

Both extremely powerful Sorceresses with a vast array of abilities, who'd win in an all out sorcery brawl

Selene's basic abilities:

  • Psionically drain people of their life force sustaining herself in the process
  • super human strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes
  • telekinetic (but can bend objects on a molecular level), more than just levitating objects
  • healing factor
  • sorcery/magical abilities, cast spells
  • "living darkness", appear & disappear at will, imprison people in darkness

Madelyn's basic abilities:

  • telepathy
  • telekinesis
  • psychokinesis
  • teleportation
  • psi bolts
  • psychic vampire like Selene
  • super human strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes
  • weild Asgardian magic as Anodoyne
  • sorcery/magical abilities


So what did you all think??

(please excuse all the linking I did, I did that to help some folks out who may not be too familiar with certain things)

I loved the artwork, the story was... I'd say about a B+ to an A. It was enjoyable and I read it twice so OBVIOUSLY I liked it LOL

I was really excited to read this after reading Black Panther: Power and Black Panther: Deadliest of the Species so with all those events leading up to this point I had to see what happened next. Of course at the end they had T'Challa and Doom fight one another -__- but I'm sure we all predicted that. But however the twist where Doom made the vibranium in essence "come to life"? I thought that idea wasn't too creative, but I'm no writer so I don't know what I would have come up with (I already know some of you reading this would say that). I respected Scott's decision to not get involved but I'd think he would, all the X-Men I'd think regard each other as brother and sister since most of them had no families, so Scott pretty much let his sister get sentenced to death, but as a leader I understand and respect his decision. I also respect T'Challa's decision to not save Storm right away.

But overall i enjoyed it :-)

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Super Heroes and their "Gifts"

With Both DC and Marvel there are a lot of characters with the exact same abilities, to me it gets really boring and annoying, if it weren't for good artwork and good storylines I'd have stopped reading. I sound like I am complaining but I KNOW I am not the only one who feels this way so here's the "rundown"

I mostly read X-Men but I do also read DC universe comics (Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Green Lantern)

In Marvel there are too many Psionics to me, you've got

  • Jean Grey (dead but pops up from time to time)
  • Prof X
  • Emma Frost
  • Psylocke
  • Cuckoos
  • Blindfold
  • Karma
  • Moonstar
  • Rachel Grey-Summers
  • Quentin Quire
  • No-Girl
  • Sage
  • Martha Johansson
  • M
  • Empath

Um, That's a lot of psychics!! and this is JUST X-Men!!

not to mention all the characters that have Superhuman strength, durability....etc

  • Superman (has way too many powers)
  • Wonder woman
  • Super Girl
  • Captain Marvel
  • Colossus
  • Power Girl
  • Juggernaut
  • Ms. Marvel/ Rogue
  • Thor
  • Thing
  • Donna Troy
  • Wonder Girl
  • Superboy

the list goes on.......

but hopefully you all are getting my drift, but one thing I can say with the psionics is that SOME of them are kind of restricted to what they can do

Don't get me started on the pyrokenetics lol