Perfect Powerset (bored right now)

If you read comics there are dozens of superheroes and supervillains with really cool powers. For me I've always liked telekinesis and telepathy. As a telepath so many doors are open for you (if you're on Jean, Prof X, and Emma's level), and with telekinesis you can manipulate matter, that gives you enormous possibilities!

Super strength never much appealed to me, invulnerability would be cool but as a telekinetic you can easily protect yourself. Intangibility is nifty but that can be negated as well.

Elemental powers are cool to me but they have limits

Also magical abilities open a lot of doors for you as well, depending on the extent of your magical talents

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Psylocke: Marvel Avengers Alliance (FB Game) Part 2

So I recruited Psylocke as soon as she went on sale, she was less than I thought she would be, lets just say shes well worth 135 Avengers points.

I LOOVE the Psychic scanning thing she does and how you can see the butterfly aura appear in front of her face. I also like the fact that shes an infiltrator so she can do the 'combat reflexes' thing. So far shes only on level 4 for me so I've got a ways to go before shes where I'd like her to be. But so far I personally think she is bad a$$ I LOOVE using her.

They should add her Lady Mandarin costume or her Hooded mask costume and make her scrapper with one of those. I am also pleased with the amount of damage her telekinetic katana does! Shes been a great addition to the game.

Has anyone else recruited her?



I do not get why so many people on this site are so mean LOL

I do not like crazed fans as much as the next person, but why go out of your way to add negative input on someone's blog post trying to steal their joy?

I've seen plenty of dumb stuff on this site I'd like to delete, or just plain pointless crap where I go "ok wtf is this", but I just take it for what it is and don't read it or just move on....

don't take away from somebody's positive experience on this site

just my rant, I'm done


The Perfect Storm Movie

All Storm fans would love to see a Storm movie, that's a given.

Storm I think has a very interesting back story and history. If it were brought to life on the big screen I think it would be epic. We would just need great writers, GOOD special effects, and of course great acting.

The movie should start out with the witches that Ororo descends from. It is said that these witches were probably mutants. There should be a scene where they predict the birth of a powerful wind goddess (Storm, or her great grandmother many times removed). Of course this scene should take place many many years before the modern world is born.

Of course writers will "tweak" things a bit but they should show Ororo's mother N'Dare in her native Kenya and how she rebels against tradition and meets her husband, they fall in love, get married, move to New York and have Ororo. This to me should however be a small portion of the movie. Then of course have the tragic scene where they move to Cairo and her parents are killed.

Now the meat of Ororo's story comes! She is taken in by the band of thieves pick pockets and raised to be a thief. Then show how she grows into a young woman, wanders across Africa, her powers manifest, then she becomes the goddess figure for those tribes in Kenya. I think it be interesting to see the little things that happen to her along the way i.e. meeting T' Challa, almost being raped, meeting the Shadow King, Prof X.

Then of course when shes recruited to join the X-Men.

Now I know a lot of Storm fans did not like Eric Jerome Dickey's origin story because it was not consistent with some of the events depicted in the earlier X-Men comics that touched on Storm's origin story. But as you know movie writers won't stick with the comics anyway.

What would you like to see with a Storm movie? One idea I had was that a young Xavier and/or Magneto try to recruit the first Windrider to join them but she rejects them, then years later of course they discover Ororo. I mentioned that other Windrider in a previous blog I wrote.


Psylocke: Marvel Avengers Alliance (FB Game)

So far a lot of new characters have been introduced to the game, I for one would love for Psylocke to be in the game but as a purchased character, meaning u can buy her with a certain amount of Avengers Points, NOT as a reward in a Spec. Ops Mission.

If Psylocke were put in the game what would her 4 moves be? Def something involving telepathy and her Psychic Knife


Phoenix Five Costumes

I already know some of you won't like or think tht this blog is stupid, thats fine but just don't read it!

I was impressed by the costumes that were designed for the Phoenix Five, they even gave Jean Grey a new look for the FB Game Avengers Alliance, is Jean Grey featured in this storyline? I have not read all of it yet :-/

Compare Jean's Costumes as Phoenix


Civil War/Skrull

I am really enjoying the Civil War/Skrull storyline. With everything I have read with Marvel...this by far has had to have been the most interesting! All the plot twists and surprises have been what made it so interesting! I'd say finding out Jessica Drew/Spiderwoman was a skrull was def the most interesting. Also the whole Civil War between the super powered heroes was def a good idea for a story, idk I think lately marvel has been lacking with their ideas, that's why I have been reading up on a lot of "older" marvel stuff, besides I am still playing catch up, what are your favorite storylines within Marvel?

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Psylocke's Power

I'm sorry, I'm just out of the loop, I haven't kept up with the more recent comics but is Psylocke an Omega level telepath now? an Omega mutant?

from my understanding shes got tk & telepathy, BUT her telepathy wasn't what it once was but with this "omega" label obviously her telepathy is up there with Emma and Prof X, i also heard her tk isn't as strong


the other Windrider

Little is known about Storm's past ancestry except that we know she bares the physical traits of a 'witch' (white hair and blue eyes). We also know about her great ancestors like Ashake. But what about the other 'Windrider'? This obviously means Storm was not the first to have her weather abilities. I remember reading a comic though that might have featured this other Windrider though it was very brief. It may have been a Black Panther comic. From what I remember someone was telling a story and recalling past events that took place in Africa during the time when Africans were being taken to the Americas and enslaved. This Windrider was protecting her people and she says "Leave this place or be struck dead!!". This was obviously not Storm because she was not alive during that time. But ever since then I have been intrigued about this windrider. She is also mentioned in the Storm comic that touches on Storm in her adolescents and her powers are starting to manifest. In this comic it is mentioned that she is hiding out. I imagine she is quite old by now but it would be interesting to see SOMETHING.

Obviously as a Storm fan I want to see something like this come from Marvel LOL, but when I think about the other characters I like, she has one of the more interesting pasts. I know I am not the only one who wants to see this.

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