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Humanity doesn't deserve to find anything.

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@rustyroy said:

It has to be CGI. Zack Snyder or Steven Spielberg or James Cameron or Martin Scorsese. should be the director, I didn't like MoS but that was mostly due to the script and editing, Snyder is the master of adapting OGNs and he'd do justice to KC, I don't think I need to say anything about Spielberg or Cameron or Scorsese.

completely agreed.

It MUST be CGI and Bruce Timm must be involved.

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Earth/Paradise X

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@sandman_ said:

Wonder how long is it gonna take until MARVELman joins the mainstream universe?

Probably not long knowing how Marvel works

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No and they aren't.


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Define "most DC heroes"

Gemini alone is a galaxy buster and gold clothes were durable enough to withstand big bang level blasts. Assuming equivalence Shaka would be really really frigging good.


Thought about it some more. Considering the fact that the Goldies have, in battles, taken millions upon millions of strike per second, the force of a galaxy exploding, the force of several big bangs, etc, without being hindered by the very obvious openings and uncovered areas of the cloths, it's probably safe to say that the clothes protect the users from not only damage directed at the covered areas, but also the entire body as a whole. There is thus no way in hell the heroes are going to win by physical means.

The saints have shown telepathy feats, but they are pretty weak. The clothes also don't grant tp protection, as Leo was being mind controlled by Gemini at one point. With someone like MMH, they probably win with the prep period and a large enough frontline, but only if black lantern rings don't attach themselves to the saints upon their death. As the gold saints all have shown mastery of the eighth sense, they retain full control of their wills in death, and would become endlessly regenerating gold saints who cannot be affected by tp..

Only a few have mastery over the eighth sense.

The SEVENTH sense is what they all possess.

If this is Lost Canvas gold saints then the Gold Saints stomp.

If this is classic then it could go either way but the big guns namely Saga, Aiolos (episode g, before death) and Shaka really edge it out.

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This wouldn't ever happen.

There are far too many talented actresses for them to turn to this girl.

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So... Age of Ultron isn't even over and they're teasing the next event?


Like, Marvel, gurl plea.

But its a cute cover.

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Well she is Marvel's most prized and recognizable female.


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Team 1