Hello all =)

Hello Comicvine, It's been so long. 
I just finished my degree in graphics this year, Turned 21 and just moved into a new apartment. 
How are you all. 



I'm leaving you mean and evil people, BYE!


 DON'T none of yall like me or love me. 
Don't nobody pm me like they USED TO!


.........Now you know i'm playing =) 
Just wanted to say merry christmas to each and everyone of my wonderful legendary people! (I won't name the flop a** member's tonight since it's a holiday) 
My diva's(white mage, riri4life, son of storm, slight, vance, king saturn, son of magnus, sha, babs, g-man, aztec, static shock,, pixie etc.)


New song from Christina's new album entitled"Woohoo" Feat.Nicki Minaj. 
Hot stuff! 
P.S.-Christina is rapping the chorus! not nicki, be surprised. 

Farewell My Vine-Friend's XD

Ok guy's it's about that time to say goodbye may be forever may not however life plays its hands. 
I have to take care of some thing's and the last time i tried coming on and working with my situation though this time is different 
I wanted to say goodbye proper and not do it without class cause you know!...gurl gotta have class lol seriously i will miss you all and this beautiful 
site i call my addictive drug. Bye Comicvine. Love you much.  
-Stormultt XD      

Women Of The Decade: Big 4

The women i am listing are the women who have graced the early and late decade with success and grace while still achieving they're goal's despite what they've gone through, This is also off of how many records they've sold and the many great thing's that they have done in general with they're music basically.  


 One of the best female artist to come out of the 90's era was Aaliyah Dana Haughton. with hit's known nationally like "Age ain't nothing but a number" which sold 2    million copies in the U.S. alone it could be said she was even then becoming america's solo R&B sweetheart. Speaking of success and good music of her's and a personal favorite of mine's from her still to this day is "one in a million" from Aaliyah that sold 8 million+ worldwide. Coming into the new millineum she was still going tough for her adoring fans(me being one of them)still was bring out new fantastic music that had me and my friend's let alone america on they're feet with her good music and alluring voice. In the early decade of the new millineum she releasesher self titled "Aaliyah" album that had hits on it and my personal favorites like "try again".   She also if you don't remember played in movies that were OK for my taste like "Romeo must die" and "Queen of the damned". When Aaliyah passed away in the early decade there was a music video created for her dedicated to her with her own song on the track entitled"missing you". She will never be forgotten though more artist will come and go she will always have that mark that she left on the music industry and her fan's.
 Moving on to another bright female artist who still is shining bright today with hit's like "fallin" and my personal fav "noone" under her belt. Like other amazing female artist breaking billboard records. She sings soul and a little of pop, Her vocals still astound me and i'm sure other's as well as she continues to be the amazing artist she is. With her current 2009 released album "The element of freedom" and her single"doesn't mean anything". Another reason why she has made this list is because billboard magazing crowned "Noone" one of the six song's of the decade. And that's a proud honor her fan's and other's are proud to witness for and with her. She is an excellent pianoist and has shown true growth as an artist and passion for her craft which makes us, her fans feel like she's giving it all she's got to give us great music. We love you Ms.Keys. 
Now Moving on to one of the mickey mouses club very own....no not britney or justin.. 
But Christina Aguilera. Having started out on the mickey mouse club obviously being th voice that brought the house down each and every episode she has matured into a successful woman with millions of fans all over the world and nevertheless a husband and a child. After her first album dropped and she sealed her name in the industry as a solo artist she came full blast with her album stripped and with a controversal look along with her lead billboard breaking single "dirrty". 
Her "stripped" album was a huge success going four times platinum and staying on the charts on into 2004. Not only that but her album back to basics satified me because i do have a thing for the 50's and 60's era theme and she brought that to life in her own way with her own style making it a truely enjoyable album for fan's. The sassy, soul diva has the vocal's to shake the pillar's of heaven and she is on her way back in 2010 with a new album entitled"Bionic" lol it should be good, they don't call her the music's chameleon for just any old reason. 
Last but definitely not least(especially now) Mrs.Beyonce Knowles. Making her way back from destiny's child's truely successful career. beyonce journeyed off into the music industry as a solo artist. Her first album was amazing showcasing her brilliant performance skills and to tell you the truth i enjoyed seeing her by herself seeing what she could do with out destiny's child. 
Coming back out again in 2007 with her album"bday" which was an album that contained the crazy hot single featuring her husband(now) jay z named"dejavu" was all the rave back then being followed by chart hot track named"irreplaceable" B showed us she wasn't just a team player and that she could stand directly in the spot light alone and still work wonder's for her fan's. in 2008 she released another one of the decades most memorable tracks "single ladies" that became iconic throughout the world and the internet. 
Being not only that she just did 70 complete concert's around the world and all selling out. 
She soon hit us with singles from her 2009 album"I Am..." like "Halo" and "Sweet Dreams" which have also become a big success. Not only that Mrs.B did a las vegas special intimate performance that was one of the best performance footage video's of her yet. She has been a true testament to a artist growing over the year's. And she is definitely one of the decade's most successful and recognizeable women. Also look out for the grammy's since she is nominated for 10 being a big player at this year's event. 



This movie was very interesting and touched on the most insane subjects that in all honesty i would have never in a million years thought would be touched upon in one film. Ok first i will start with the actors which were great. Mariah did a pretty amazing job believe it or not. glitter looks like even more trash now compared to how superb mariah was acting in this film. Monique was quite excellent but her character...mary was disruisting seriously but mo really made it believeable. The movie was pretty humorous at times but that was overshadowed with the drama which was so so intense i cannot begin to describe. I won't spoil any particular eye jerking moments but i will say the character ms.rain was indeed my favorite.  
So are you going to see the movie? 
If you have seen it what did you think?

Chris's New Single"crawl"

Has anyone heard this? This isnt transform ya also its a song

  Im really feeling the song. 
 You guys think he can make a successful comeback after the tragedy with him? 
I feel he probably could and btw i love this song.
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