Quick Reviews: 6/13/2012

Even though it's four issues this week, it's a great and amazing week of comics!

Batman and Robin #10: 4.5/5 Stars Batman and Robin continues to be a title that amazes me. This is a start to what looks to be a promising new story line with a group of villains led by a new villain. Plus all the Robins together make for a great treat!

Demon Knights #10: 3.5/5 Stars Another great issue as they travel to Camelot fighting monsters along the way and then come face to face with the Once and Future King himself, the undead King Arthur! Doesn't get 4 stars because the plot moved rather fast for one issue as if they don't have enough time to tell the story.

Batman #10: 5/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! What more can I say that hasn't been said. This is the definite Batman writer and artist creating the best Batman comic than any fan of Batman or comics would enjoy!

Green Lantern #10: 5/5 Stars Hal Jordan and Sinestro working together as a team continues to amaze me. More great interaction between the two plus the return of Black Hand!!!

Posted by JangoCrossfire

I've read 3 of those and I agree pretty much exactly on everything you touched on. Seeing all the Robins interact was fun in B&R and the big reveal in BATMAN was unexpected and welcomed. I told you what I thought about GL on Facebook.

Posted by stormtrance1618

@JangoCrossfire: Glad to see your comic interests so similar and to see you grow into comic fandom! I hope someday you're able to catch up and read all of Johns' Green Lantern work. It'd be a blast to discuss that with you!