Quick Reviews: 5/2/12

New titles and Free Comic Book Day included this week!

Earth 2 #1: 3.5/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! Pretty good start to the series, but it focuses on characters who apparently we won't see again, so there's no real effect on us of what happened to the characters. However, the series has intrigue and hints at being a good series once characters are established.

Detective Comics #9: 3/5 Stars Night of the Owls tie-in makes this a better issue than the rest of the series. However... WHEN DOES IT TAKE PLACE? In Batman, Bruce is trapped in Wayne Manor... but here, he saves Dr. Arkham. Decent stuff here. But I don't get the Two-Face back up. The art and the colors are awful because you can't tell who is who or what's going on.

Batwing #9: 2.5/5 Stars Night of the Owls tie-in but this was pretty short and pointless. If the other Night of Owls tie-ins are gonna be like this and Detective then they can be skipped.

Action Comics #9: 2.5/5 Stars Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad comic. However, it is totally and completely pointless for being issue NINE of ACTION COMICS. If it was it's own series, it would be rated higher but since it just interrupts the flow of Action Comics it's POINTLESS!

Red Lanterns #9: 2/5 Stars What's the point in this series? Sure, the art and color are good and it takes place within the Green Lantern universe, but this is still pointless...

World's Finest #1: 3/5 Stars Again, not a bad issue, but I would have rather seen more of their life in Earth 2 and then more of what happened following being transported to our Earth. Could be a good series... Why is it called Worlds' Finest though?


The Flash #8: 3.5/5 Stars Maybe I shouldn't give up on this series. The art and the colors and the panels are fantastic. Also, the plot is like a great tv show. Quick and random scenes occur for no reason, only to be touched upon later.

The New 52 (FCBD) #1: 5/5 Stars Sure, it's only 16 pages of actual story (hey, it's free) but the story got me excited! It's got hints sci-fi, mythology, action/adventure, and the super natural. We get a little more history on Pandora and a hint of the future! Can't wait to see what comes of the Trinity War!

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Posted by JangoCrossfire

Got my copy of EARTH 2 but haven't read it yet.

BATWING is on the way --- had to buy something from TFAW to get some freebies.

It's called WORLD'S FINEST because they're referring to Power Girl's breasts....lol

Posted by stormtrance1618

@JangoCrossfire: lol at Worlds' Finest joke

I can't wait to see Earth 2's version of Green Lantern!

Posted by JangoCrossfire

@stormtrance1618 said:

@JangoCrossfire: lol at Worlds' Finest joke

I can't wait to see Earth 2's version of Green Lantern!

I saw the cover for EARTH 2 #3 (the one with GL on it) and went ahead and pre-ordered #2 and #3.

Posted by stormtrance1618

@JangoCrossfire: oh, i haven't seen the covers to 2 and 3... gotta link?

Posted by zackattack529

when you say red lanterns and action comics which are two of the best series put out btw...what do you mean pointless? i mean isnt that what comics are abut? good reads? i thought the action comics had great writing. and plus Grant morrison has been trying to tell the story of that superman for years. and obviously this month in particular was to introduce paralell earths and grant will definitley get back to that story. and Red lanterns has already had conflict, a new character and is establishing a new villain and they have a plot. in my opinion their story is well under way. they dont always have to mention green lanterns to have a point. i just dont see why 2/5 i mean 2/5 means BAD ISSUE. if thats how you read comics, going by cohessive story telling then how come you dont read trades?

Posted by stormtrance1618

@zackattack529: I disagree with you that both series are two of the best series put out.

Action has been a pretty good series, however that issue was pointless because it added nothing to the establishment of this rebooted Superman. In fact, the Superman of that series is not even in the issue. Don't get me wrong, the story of the issue wasn't bad. It just didn't deserve to be placed smack dab in the middle of the series even if it establishes a future villain like some people think. Like I said, had it not been called Action Comics #9, it would have gotten a much higher rating.

As for Red Lanterns... Look, I'm a Green Lantern fanboy. I collect any and everything related to Green Lantern and have every issue of it since Johns took over. I love the entire Geoff Johns universe but Red Lanterns just seems dull and pointless to me. Sure, it has a new character and has established a new villain and there's a plot. However, it just doesn't interest me at all. I can only take so much raging and puking red blood. Therefore, I find it to be pointless and hence the bad score.

It's cool that you like them. I'm glad someone does. However, it's my reviews and my scores and that's how I feel.