Quick Reviews: 4/25/12

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #9: 4.5/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! FINALLY! The ending to this issue has me so amped up! We've waited to see this great character and his new look doesn't disappoint. This is a PERFECT jumping on point for new readers.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #8: 4/5 Stars The art and colors are once again awesome! Glomulus is great, the team is coming together, and it was great to see Akrillo and the last of the Sinestro Corps.

Daredevil #11: 3/5 Stars Omege Effect ends with a whimper. Too much DD and not enough Punisher (which is the only reason I'm reading this). Also don't care for what happens to Cole.

All-Star Western #8: 4/5 Stars The back up story of Nighthawk and Cinnamon is great! I really enjoy these two characters and hope they stick around a long time. This is a great series!

Aquaman #8: 3/5 Stars An ok issue. Nothing great. I do like seeing the team of The Others though.

Batman: The Dark Knight #8: 2/5 Stars Mad Hatter and the Tweedle Twins were cool. But the issue sucked. Art was ok. And White Rabbit who is on the cover ISN'T EVEN IN THE ISSUE!

Superman #8: 3/5 Stars Great art and colors. Helspont is a cool villian. However, this was like reading a novel. Way too much dialogue.

Teen Titans #8: .5/5 Stars I quit reading mid comic. Not interested and don't care for The Ravagers crap. I'm done with this series.

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Posted by JangoCrossfire

I thought AQUAMAN was "okay" too. The big splash page was really cool though. Right before I jumped on this series, everyone was talking about all the awesome things Geoff Johns was doing with the character, and while the character IS cooler than how I always pictured Aquaman, I haven't read anything YET that makes me believe this is the so-called equivalent of what Johns did with the Green Lantern franchise that I read somewhere else.

Posted by stormtrance1618

@JangoCrossfire: If Johns can expand on Atlantis, I think he can take it to places. But no, he won't be able to take it as far as he did with GL. I mean, he had a whole universe to create and develop and explore with GL!