Quick Reviews: 4/11/12

The second week of the month has to be release of comics every month. Once again, another great week of comics.

Deathstroke #8: 3.5/5 Stars Great ending to Kyle Higgins work on this series. Beginning of the end for Deathstroke next month as a comic.

Demon Knights #8: 4/5 Stars We learn how two characters came to know and love each other! Pretty cool and the murder of Merlin is next!

Batman and Robin #8: 5/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! Great ending to a great story arc! It's hard to get much better!

Avenging Spider-Man #6: 4/5 Stars This isn't a comic that I get. But it and Daredevil #11 tie directly into the next issue of Punisher so I had to get it. I thought this story line would suck, but I really enjoyed the start of it. Looking forward to the next two parts.

Green Lantern #8: 5/5 Stars Holy crap! The art has to be Mahnke's best. And there are some great moments in this issue. This is the closest we've been to Blackest Night since that event.

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