Quick Reviews: 3/7/12

Detective Comics #7: 3.5/5 Stars A definite step in the right direction. Still has a ways to go. Plus that's a cool cover!

Red Lanterns #7: 3/5 Stars This too is a step in the right direction. Really hoping this one starts to go somewhere.

Green Arrow #7: 2/5 Stars Sigh. Brand new team working on this. The previous series was pretty bad but I think I liked it better than this. Plus I don't like the new art. Ugh...

The Amazing Spider-Man #681: 4/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! Continues the greatness from the last issue. Not as great, but still very good!

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Posted by MonkeyToe

Detective Comics was really a surprise for me. It really seemed to fit the whole Penguin arc together fairly nicely and after this issue I was left with a new found respect for just how devious the Penguin is.