Quick Reviews: 3/28/2012

Green Lantern: New Guardians #7: 4.5/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! Still love this series. Invictus explained and the New Guardians coming together as a team!!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8: 4.5/5 Stars This is one of my favorite series and it just gets better and better. Everything is starting to come together now! Plus a kick butt cover!

Aquaman #7: 3.5/5 Stars Geoff Johns is creating a great universe and mythology for Aquaman and is taking him to interesting places!

Superman #7: 4/5 Stars FINALLY! With this new creative team, we get a fun cool good Superman comic! Looking forward to it now!

Teen Titans #7: 3/5 Stars The Teen Titans help Superboy out. The art is still cool.

All Star Western #7: 4/5 Stars Nighthawk and Cinnamon rule! Two cool looking characters!!!

The Flash #7: 3/5 Stars Planet of the Apes!?

Batman: The Dark Knight #7: 1/5 Stars One star simply because of the art. This series sucks.

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