Quick Reviews: 3/21/12

Batman #7: 5/5 Stars COMIC BOOK OF THE MONTH! Every month you think Scott Synder can't top the previous issue. Every month you're wrong! I hope this creative team never stops working on Batman.

Justice League #7: 3.5/5 Stars I like the team and I even liked Gene Ha's art. The Shazam back up was ok but left me wanting more!

Green Lantern Corps #7: 2/5 Stars Kind of a pointless issue. The cover says "John Stewart Killed a Green Lantern! What happens next?" Answer: NOTHING! This was supposed to be emotional, I guess. Too bad I didn't care.

Red Hood #7: 4/5 Stars There's no way to describe this series. It has elements of all kinds of things. But I sure do love this series!

Nightwing #7: 3/5 Stars Action packed and a nice tie-in to Batman #7.

The Amazing Spider-Man #687: 4/5 Stars Spidey-Goblin and then the cool new Spidey Suit!? Sweet!

Ghostbusters #7: 4/5 Stars I really enjoyed this issue thanks to Venkman exorcising himself!

Posted by JangoCrossfire

"Every month you think Scott Synder can top the previous issue. Every month you're wrong!"

You might wanna revise that statement to: "Every month you think Scott Snyder CAN'T top the previous issue."

Posted by stormtrance1618

Thanks, lol. Atleast I got someone to comment...