Quick Reviews: 2/15/12

Batman #6: 5/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! Another great issue. Great art, great story, great action. Simply great! The cover is a perfect representation of the issue as well!

Green Lantern Corps #6: 3.5/5 Stars The series finally seems relevant after last issue. Another good issue but ending seem rushed. And John Stewart does what needs to be done!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #6: 4/5 Stars I seriously love this series more and more. I love the art. I care about the characters. Plus it was cool seeing Jason Todd and Starfire's past!

Ghostbusters #6: 3.5/5 Stars Better than last issue. The dialogue is still amazing and funny!

Nightwing #6: 3/5 Stars All right issue. Meh, I might have to drop this series if it continues to dis-interest me....

The Amazing Spider-Man #679.1: 3/5 Stars Worst cover ever... Didn't care much for the story but the dialogue always seems to make me laugh. At least most Spidey stories are fun!

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Posted by JangoCrossfire

I was really hoping for BATMAN #6 to be in my mailbox today, but I'll have to wait til tomorrow. G-Man's review has me really anticipating it even more! I thought about getting into RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS and NIGHTWING--- might wait til May for the OWLS crossover.

Posted by stormtrance1618

@JangoCrossfire: ugh nightwing... u dont need it lol

Posted by zackattack529

@JangoCrossfire: batman, aquman, and flash are probably the best out of dc's 52 that ive read. go with any of those. red hood is ok, its relatable at times, and nightwing is one of the series you gotta be patient with, the story arc has alot of dialouge. but im sure itll pick up during the night of owls arc. for the most part kyle higgins does a great job of capturing his personality and dialouge. nd the art goes with it...its just the story so far is mediocore.

@stormtrance1618: have any of the other ghost buster issues been good before issue 6? thats a title id love to get into

Posted by stormtrance1618

@zackattack529: I do have all the Ghostbusters issues. The story hasn't been that great but if you love the characters and universe (the movies, both cartroons and video game) like I do, then it's atleast enjoyable.