Quick Reviews: 2/1/12

Wow. What a crappy week. Seriously. Well, Green Lantern is next week so at least I know next week will be better.

Detective Comics #6: 2.5/5 Stars Better than the last issue but I don't really know where this arc is going and I'm beginning to think I don't care.

Red Lanterns #6: 2.5/5 Stars The best part of this series so far was the last page of this issue... let's hope it gets better SOON.

Batwing #6: 3.5/5 Stars Pretty good issue. This series seems to be getting better.

The Punisher #8: 4/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! This continues to be one of the best comics out there. Plus I love Punisher's white costume and beard!

Action Comics #6: 1/5 Stars Who are all these characters? What the heck is going on? Consider me lost and to only be six issues in that's bad.

The Amazing Spider-Man #679: 3.5/5 Stars Pretty fun conclusion to this time traveling tale!

Green Arrow #6: 2/5 Stars Another meh issue in this meh series. Other than looking cool, Green Arrow has nothing going for it so far.

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Posted by JangoCrossfire

I thought about checking out the BATWING series.

Posted by zackattack529

yaa i was hoping that the new red lanterns story would be cool but theres nothing special about him that hypes him up. and his generic design doesnt help either. im hoping next issue with him fighting guy gardner will be awesome and pickup the story if not a bunch of cool fight scenes!

Posted by stormtrance1618

@zackattack529: thanks for reading Zack and for the comments. i agree 100% with you!