Quick Reviews: 6/20/12

Great week of comics although I didn't get my Nightwing #10.

Green Lantern Corps #10: 4/5 Stars As much as I love Hal and Sinestro, it's nice to see what's going on with the rest of the Corps. I'm liking this story line more than I thought I would but that could because my love for Guy Gardner is growing! Lame cover by the way.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #10: 3.5/5 Stars Didn't expect this to be two short stories in one issue. The Red Hood portion is awesome sci-fi goodness and I wish it could have continued you know, for the whole issue. The back up story was alright but I would have rather it be just a whole issue of the Outlaws. That's the only thing that knocks the score down. Still a great series!

The Punisher #12: 5/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! FINALLY! The Punisher series I've loved is back. Great art and dialogue. There's also a beautiful fight in the pouring rain with no dialogue that is four pages long that is simply a masterpiece. Punisher is back!!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splinter: 4/5 Stars Nice issue detailing the early life of Splinter's previous life! Enjoyed this one a lot more than I thought. Note: Comic Vine doesn't have a page listed for the comic yet!

Ghostbusters #10: 3.5/5 Stars The main story was great and Venkman calming the riot down with the Slime Blower made me LOL. However, the back up story does nothing for me and I don't see the point of it. Plus that art. Sure, drawing Venkman as the Real Ghostbusters version is funny but makes no sense why he looks completely different from the main series we're reading.


Quick Reviews: 6/13/2012

Even though it's four issues this week, it's a great and amazing week of comics!

Batman and Robin #10: 4.5/5 Stars Batman and Robin continues to be a title that amazes me. This is a start to what looks to be a promising new story line with a group of villains led by a new villain. Plus all the Robins together make for a great treat!

Demon Knights #10: 3.5/5 Stars Another great issue as they travel to Camelot fighting monsters along the way and then come face to face with the Once and Future King himself, the undead King Arthur! Doesn't get 4 stars because the plot moved rather fast for one issue as if they don't have enough time to tell the story.

Batman #10: 5/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! What more can I say that hasn't been said. This is the definite Batman writer and artist creating the best Batman comic than any fan of Batman or comics would enjoy!

Green Lantern #10: 5/5 Stars Hal Jordan and Sinestro working together as a team continues to amaze me. More great interaction between the two plus the return of Black Hand!!!


Quick Reviews: 6/05/12

Earth 2 #2: 2/5 Stars Yay for gay! Seriously though, the dialogue was really corny and this issue did nothing for me. The last page has me excited for the next issue!

Action Comics #10: 2/5 Stars So Clark Kent dies! Yeah... they really went there. Sigh. Plus the back up story takes place AFTER the NEXT issue. What sense does that make!?

Detective Comics #10: 3/5 Stars The main story gets 3 out of 5 stars. Finally enjoyed Detective Comics again. However, the Two-Face back up still gets a score of zero. No art, no colors, no story. I don't know what's going on and at this point, I don't care.

Red Lanterns #10: 1/5 Stars It's sad when a series I find pointless has a whole issue that is even more pointless. I'm having a hard time caring about the Red Lanterns but I sure as heck don't give a crap about Stormwatch who were the focus here. Ugh. This series needs to be canceled. Yet, I'll have to keep getting it because it's a part of the Green Lantern universe. It gets one star because of a line of dialogue talking about punching a cat that made me LOL.

Batwing #10: 3/5 Stars Decent issue, but do we still need Batman, Robin, and Nightwing in this? But now we gotta include the Penguin as well!?

No Comic of the Week because none were worthy.


Quick Reviews: 5/30/12

Batman Annual #1: 4/5 Stars A great NEW origin for Mr. Freeze that's bound to turn some heads! Also, a great tie-in to Night of the Owls without being too much of a tie-in!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10: 5/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! It doesn't matter if you're not a fan of the Turtles. If you are a fan of comics, you should be reading this! Shredder is back and he is awesome!

Ghostbusters #9: 3.5/5 Stars Good issue but the ending with Winston and the General was too corny.


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Quick Reviews: 5/23/12

Batman Inc #1: 2/5 Stars Same as the previous Batman Inc. You either love it, hate it, or kinda like it but don't really understand it. I'm in the third group. I can't recommend it unless you loved the previous series.

The Flash #9: 4/5 Stars The art and the panels are still amazing. Series plays out more like a great tv show than any other comic I've ever read!

Green Lantern: New Guardians #9: 4.5/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! Focuses on the Blue Lanterns which I'm a big fan of! Lots of Blue Lanterns and lots of action!

Batman: The Dark Knight #9: 1/5 Stars THE COVER IS BULL CRAP! Red Robin shows up in ONE friggin panel. This series has sucked from the beginning so being a Night of the Owls tie-in doesn't make a difference (not that the rest of the tie-ins have been any good either).

Superman #9: 1/5 Stars Lame. Feels like a 90s comic or something. Lame.

All-Star Western #9: 4/5 Stars Not much of a Night of the Owls tie-in but still a great conclusion to the story arc. Looking forward to the next issue!

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Quick Reviews: 5/16/2012

Justice League #9: 3.5/5 Stars Another meh issue, but the interaction between Green Lantern and Flash was great! Still digging the Shazam! back ups!

Green Lantern Corps #9: 4/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! Guy Gardner and John Stewart are really growing on me and this issue makes me appreciate them even more!

Blue Beetle #9: 2/5 Stars Had Not bad stuff when dealing with the New Guardians, but meh.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #9: 3/5 Stars Meh. Another comic that didn't need to be a Night of the Owls tie-in. However, I still love this series.

Nightwing #9: 4/5 Stars Nightwing is the best Night of the Owls tie-ins. Worthy to sit next to Synders Batman!

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Quick Reviews: 5/9/12

Event tie-ins suck as evidenced by this weeks quick reviews.

Green Lantern #9: 4.5/5 Stars Indigo Tribe secrets revealed! A can't miss for any Green Lantern fan!

Batman #9: 5/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! Perfect cover, perfect story, perfect art... Perfect comic!

Wolverine and the X-Men #10: 2.5/5 Stars UGH! Marvel's stupid A Vs X event is killing a great comic. I want to read about Wolverine and the X-Men. Not this stupid A Vs X crap. Hurry up and get this event over so I can get my great comic back. 2.5 stars solely for the art, Angel, and Genesis. Also, no Broo!? Stupid A Vs X...

The Punisher #11: 1/5 Stars Really? What a cheap comic just to get 'PUNISHER VERSUS ZOMBIES'. Another great series with one seriously lame and pointless issue, Ugh...

Batman and Robin #9: 2/5 Stars Scotty Snyder's Batman and it's current storyline 'Night of the Owls' rules. However, all the tie-ins suck and are pointless and this is no exception. It's not bad, it just takes away from the great series that had been going on till this point. Sigh. Just another cheap Night of the Owls tie in to get a few extra bucks. I hate this 'event' crap going on in comics. Hopefully next week we get Batman and Robin back. Night of the Owls should only be taking place in Batman alone.

Demon Knights #9: 4/5 Stars The death of Merlin, the journey to Avalon, and the ending with Lucifer makes this a great issue!

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Quick Reviews: 5/2/12

New titles and Free Comic Book Day included this week!

Earth 2 #1: 3.5/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! Pretty good start to the series, but it focuses on characters who apparently we won't see again, so there's no real effect on us of what happened to the characters. However, the series has intrigue and hints at being a good series once characters are established.

Detective Comics #9: 3/5 Stars Night of the Owls tie-in makes this a better issue than the rest of the series. However... WHEN DOES IT TAKE PLACE? In Batman, Bruce is trapped in Wayne Manor... but here, he saves Dr. Arkham. Decent stuff here. But I don't get the Two-Face back up. The art and the colors are awful because you can't tell who is who or what's going on.

Batwing #9: 2.5/5 Stars Night of the Owls tie-in but this was pretty short and pointless. If the other Night of Owls tie-ins are gonna be like this and Detective then they can be skipped.

Action Comics #9: 2.5/5 Stars Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad comic. However, it is totally and completely pointless for being issue NINE of ACTION COMICS. If it was it's own series, it would be rated higher but since it just interrupts the flow of Action Comics it's POINTLESS!

Red Lanterns #9: 2/5 Stars What's the point in this series? Sure, the art and color are good and it takes place within the Green Lantern universe, but this is still pointless...

World's Finest #1: 3/5 Stars Again, not a bad issue, but I would have rather seen more of their life in Earth 2 and then more of what happened following being transported to our Earth. Could be a good series... Why is it called Worlds' Finest though?


The Flash #8: 3.5/5 Stars Maybe I shouldn't give up on this series. The art and the colors and the panels are fantastic. Also, the plot is like a great tv show. Quick and random scenes occur for no reason, only to be touched upon later.

The New 52 (FCBD) #1: 5/5 Stars Sure, it's only 16 pages of actual story (hey, it's free) but the story got me excited! It's got hints sci-fi, mythology, action/adventure, and the super natural. We get a little more history on Pandora and a hint of the future! Can't wait to see what comes of the Trinity War!


Quick Reviews: 4/25/12

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #9: 4.5/5 Stars COMIC OF THE WEEK! FINALLY! The ending to this issue has me so amped up! We've waited to see this great character and his new look doesn't disappoint. This is a PERFECT jumping on point for new readers.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #8: 4/5 Stars The art and colors are once again awesome! Glomulus is great, the team is coming together, and it was great to see Akrillo and the last of the Sinestro Corps.

Daredevil #11: 3/5 Stars Omege Effect ends with a whimper. Too much DD and not enough Punisher (which is the only reason I'm reading this). Also don't care for what happens to Cole.

All-Star Western #8: 4/5 Stars The back up story of Nighthawk and Cinnamon is great! I really enjoy these two characters and hope they stick around a long time. This is a great series!

Aquaman #8: 3/5 Stars An ok issue. Nothing great. I do like seeing the team of The Others though.

Batman: The Dark Knight #8: 2/5 Stars Mad Hatter and the Tweedle Twins were cool. But the issue sucked. Art was ok. And White Rabbit who is on the cover ISN'T EVEN IN THE ISSUE!

Superman #8: 3/5 Stars Great art and colors. Helspont is a cool villian. However, this was like reading a novel. Way too much dialogue.

Teen Titans #8: .5/5 Stars I quit reading mid comic. Not interested and don't care for The Ravagers crap. I'm done with this series.


Quick Reviews: 4/18/12

Big list of comics this week.

Wolverine and the X-Men #9: 3.5/5 Stars Sigh. Not a bad issue by any means but it's a tie in to a stupid event that I don't care about. Plus, Iceman is still hiding somewhere. But there is still some great character moments.

Batman #8: 5/5 Stars COMIC BOOK OF THE WEEK! Perfection continues. And now that the issues have expanded in length, it's even better. The backup story is a great addition!

Justice League #8: 3/5 Stars I'd rather just read the Shazam! back up story... If JL is taking place in current time is Hal Jordan using Sinestro's fake power ring? Sigh...

The Punisher #10: 4/5 Stars Omega Effect Part 2 is as good as the first. Punisher continues to be great!

Green Lantern Corps #8: 4/5 Stars FINALLY! Green Lantern Corps is back!!! And Guy Gardner rules!!!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #8: 4/5 Stars Fun little issue seeing the team in action and seeing Jason Todd interact with Tim Drake.

Ghostbusters #8: 3.5/5 Stars Fun little Egon one shot! Looks to be setting up something big!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo: 3/5 Stars Good issue but I really disliked the art.

The Amazing Spider-Man #684: 4/5 Stars Another great issue in this great arc!

Nightwing #8: 4/5 Stars One of the best issues of Nightwing. Also a great part of Night of the Owls

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