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Yeah at this point this thread is full of Failure from me :/. I'll try again with one of those in a awhile.

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Nah. I just saw comparing Krypton to Crime Alley was not fair. Kent Farm is more Fair IMO. and it still wins

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@arturocalakayvee said:


This. People may be aware of Crime Alley but I don't think a whole lot of people who aren't comic book fans know it by name.


Media doesn't really stress the name "Crime Alley" I'll even go as far to say Superman's origin is more iconic then Batman's.

That is why I Specified which is Iconic to Comic Book Readers not the average person

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Kent Farm or Crime Alley

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1. Oh ok. I felt like I heard the name before but I never did get into the Halo Franchise.

2. Is it a Normal Pistol because I am wearing Kevlar so I'm sure I can tank a few hits from it. I'm not that far from the window on my side and with my speed and reflexes I should be able to make it too the window. Even if I make it just in time for the grenade to blow.

3. I could just head forward from their and go find another fight seeing how your Armor is obviously nothing I've seen before and I'd have to use my best arrow to maybe slightly or incredibly damage it.

I honestly think my chance on beating you in a battle relies mostly on my Feats and One Set of Arrows which puts at about a 10% chance of Victory. When I look at my Character I guess I see a Support Role more then the role yours could fit easily.

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Can you Start Tagging me so I can see when you have commented? Thanks.

1. Ok. Didn't know what your character was couldn't find him so my fault.

2. I'm Defiantly fast enough to dodge fire from your guns and I have the skill. If you have me pinned behind the wall I would run towards the window behind my corner and go through their. Where I can either leave the area after taking a peak at that armor and try to fight someone else. Or Go toot he Roof and flank you and attempt again.

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I use my agility to leap on top of the building and crawl as silently as I can into the building through the opening on the roof. I See what I believe is a enemy (Of Course as you said there is no way that I took you by surprise). I Drop too the floor as fast as I can and take cover behind a wall/corner. Seeing what He had on I took a EMP arrow out of my Quiver and shot a EMP arrow at my target. While Shooting the arrow I go to the back wall to make sure I am not effected myself. I Grab a Smoke bomb from my belt and throw onto the ground making the room surrounded in smoke.

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Not here.