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Lets start by saying Rodney Buchemi who does the cover has robbed this once proud Independent comic by turning in a lackluster cover that would make marvel's incredible Hercules weep! Take a look at this>Compared to this cover you start to realize that all covers are not created just seems like cheap art compared to what Buchemi does for marvel. The interior art is better than the cover but not by much. Thankfully the authentic Jamaican dialect fond inside along with Da Silva's bu...

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looking good 0

Ok so its the second Issue and its not as action packed as the firsts but we get to meet the rest of the cast, his girlfriend and mom, the upcoming villain a childhood mentor some foster kids. it was drawn very well and that is one of the reasons I'm really enjoying tings. I give this one a 4.5/5 stars...

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Haitian doctor 0

Over the years marvel has used many different cultures in many different ways but its easy to see how Voodoo has stood the test of time and gone on to succeed Strange. It was good to see him being powerful yet very different from his predecessor. Art was good as was the story and I'm happy that the Haitian gets some spotlight. I give this one a 3.5/5...

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War! 0

This is the debut of the new war machine ongoing where he kicks tons of a$$ and takes plenty of names. We get a good synopsis of his history and what makes him tick. In addition we get a run down of the armor and a bit of the human side as well. The art is dynamic the action is hectic and Rhodey is presented as super cool. After Iron Man 2 I loved this issue even more. I give it a 3.5/5...

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Demon or Angel? 0

Long ago, actually a really really long time ago this comic came out and the industry went kind of crazy for awhile. Spawn would go on to rival spiderman in sales but we all know now his longevity never stood the test of time. Well this is his first appearance and collectors loved it then and still do now. My own mint condition copies five in total now down from an original ten fetch quite a few bucks nowadays. Spawn was a hero steeped in darkness on a road of redemption. For a bold new lease on...

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Panther in danger 0

The reboot of the black panther franchise wasn't met with the best reviews and this issue is pretty much the same. The art saves things cause everything is really pretty but the story seems like its made to get your attention and rack up sales. For the most part the story is ok even though I would have proffered if storm had become the new panther. I give this a 3/5...

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Static in the air 0

Collectors item first issue. Nowadays Static is a very popular black hero thanks to his cartoon that used to air on the WB network but back when this came out eh was a nobody with powers similar to black lightning. Even his costume shows how far he's come since his debut. This issue is worth a check if you like static and want to see how it all began. I give this a 4/5...

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Man of Steel 0

Back when this was released Steel became synonymous with superman. He was the black member of the mainstream superman extended family. He was smart, intelligent and could go toe to toe with the best he even had Superman's respect. This first issue in his series introduces him, his abilities and his supporting cast to the wider DC universe. I give this issue a 3/5...

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So Hard 0

This issue came out during the milestone reign where Black superheroes were given their own series and stories were told from the un-typical perspective of non stereotypical superheroes. Hardware is a brilliant engineer and pioneer in the field of technology like Tony stark/Iron man. He is underpaid and being used by his boss who has ties to global class evil he decides to put an end to them by creating the identity of Hardware. I give this issue a 4/5...

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Rastaman vibrations 0

I've always had a fascination with the rastafarian religion. Is it the hair? the non eating of meat? the spirituality? I just cant quite tell. Comics have had Bishop an aborigine descendant with dreads for years, there have even been some minor forgettable Jamaican heroes from DC and Marvel but this series gives us a Jamaican Rastafarian in the title role and we follow him. This issue serves to introduce us to the hero and sets up the future conflicts of the series. For me having a Jamaican Rast...

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Black Panther reboot 0

This issue came out a few years ago and at the time it was hated by almost every critic you can imagine. the reason being Tchalla the star of the series fails to make an appearance instead what we get is an issue with the villains converging to attack his nation while we get a retelling of the black panther mantle. It was a good read with good visuals I give this issue 3.5/5...

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The Black Superman 0

This is the first issue of the Icon series published a long time ago. Back when this was released there was alot of buzz surrounding him because he was supposed to be superman with a new coat of ethnicity. On the surface thats exactly what he was but his stories were grounded in the 80's-90's culture of rural black communities. Rap, teenage pregnancy, drive by shooting etc. Things you see on movies such as "south central" and "don't be a menace to society" this was a hero dealing with that on a ...

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Justice like lightning 0

I really enjoyed this story centered around Dc Comic famous Black Superhero Black Lightning. He reminds me of an older more mature Static but that probably because they are both black and have lightning and electricity powers. The art was pretty good and the lightning and electricity effects were great! This is a great way to start learning about Black Lightning since the story is pretty simple and sets things up for the rest of the series. I give this issue a 3.5/5...

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