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Storm is the more powerful elemental.

She once saved the Earth by surrounding the planet with a gamma-powered weather shield. She took gamma rays out of a gamma ray gun and fused it with the energies of the world to create a shield around the Earth deflecting a world-destroying solar flare from the sun.

She has show the ability to be able to suck the full energy out of heavenly bodies, be it stars or planets, and has done this to millions of stars and planets simultaneously.

Her elemental abilities can adapt to control the natural energy systems and forces of whatever dimension/reality/space/planet she's in or on.

She once redirected the full power of Sienna Blaze. In that very same issue, it was established that Sienna has the power to split the Earth like a ripe melon.

I believe Storm to be the more powerful elemental, but Thor has more opportunities to cut up with his powers given he has a solo series and the Avengers tend to fight more powerful opponents than the X-Men.

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The writer of that FF story where Storm fought Stardust, McDuffie, explained what happened on his message board. Storm ripped electrons away from Stardust's body and sent them flying back at him with sufficient force to essentially blow him up. Of course, Stardust came back, but still, a VERY impressive feat to physically blow up a Herald of Galactus!

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This is a very interesting fight, however, I think Storm beats Jenny. If Storm is powerful enough to pull electrons from Stardust, and Herald of Galactus, and send them smashing back into him/her with sufficient force to completely disperse his physical form, she could probably do the same to Jenny Sparks. She is also able to contol beings made up of forces she controls. This was illustrated in FF when she took control of Hydro-Man and dispersed him with a thought, she took control of Amelia Voght's mist form and I seem to remember her fighting the Living Lightning and maybe taking control of him. I don't know about the Living Lightning fight. I have seen her substract the electricity from spaceships as well. Give that we have seen her control things like air, heat and pressure within objects and people, there's no reason to think she could not mimic Spark's subtract electricity from the brain trick if she wanted to.

That said, if Storm knows she's up against an electricity wielder, she can make her body immune to the harmful affects of electricity. She has also taken control of other people's electricity like Britzkrieg.

I'm thinking Storm could probably do an electron pull and shove like she did to Stardust to best Jenny or maybe force Jenny back to her human form and cream her with any number of her elemental attacks.

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@roddy010 said:

@stormcell: I could mince and crouble your post but it seems other have done it for me. Anyways the point still remains Jean has always been a superior psi than Emma as stated by herself. The feats just validate how much advance Jean is to Ms. Frost.

Also The mere fact that Gamemaster can connect to 6 billion minds without even trying places him above most telepaths save Jean. Why did Selene need him to start the Upstarts?

The feats they are using to prove Jean is stronger than Emma involves Jean using the PF. They don't count. During the Morrison run, Jean had the PF, hence, when she battled Emma, she told her that it was now just her (Jean), Emma and the Phoenix. This nullifies all impressive feats Jean did during the Morrison run. So, again, where are Jean's impressive feats without the PF?

Also, Gamesmaster was never the most powerful psi. His particular mutation automatically enables him to hear the thoughts of everyone on the planet, yet it took ALL of his power to enslave a town's population of people. Shadow King, on the other hand, was able to enslave BILLIONS of people at once across the whole globe. Shadow King is much more powerful than Gamesmaster and considered only Xavier as a possible threat to him. Therefore, just because one's particular mutation equates to them hearing every thought on the planet does not make them the most powerful psi. Emma Frost, Mastermind and Selene were all said to have the power to enslave that whole town which took ALL of Gamesmaster's power to do. The inference here is Emma is stronger than Gamesmaster as well.

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I am aware of everything you have posted in your scans. Let me address them in order:

1) The first scan you produced where she manifested that Phoenix rapture, notice that it was pink and not fire like a true Phoenix Force rapture. That said, this feat doesn't count for Jean since she had not only her own telepathy, but Psylocke's TP was added to her own. Hence, she was a much more powerful telepath than what she would have been naturally. The author of this thread wants to know who is the superior psi between Jean Grey and Quire where both characters are acting solely on the merits of their own natural power without any outside enhancements. Jean's TP here was boosted far more than usual since she also had Betsy's TP added to her own.

2) In the second scan, Jean was accessing the Phoenix Force, hence its nullified.

3) In the third scan, she still has Psylocke's power added to her own, so that scan is nullified. Not only that, but if I remember correctly, Pilgrim being hurt by Jean's "claws" were only an illusion. Illusions are not an impressive TP feat. Emma, Psylocke, Jean and a bunch of other psis use illusions as well.

4) Psylocke's TP was added to Jean's TP here as well, so this doesn't count for a feat showing how powerful Jean's TP is.

5) Did you read the Gamesmaster issue for yourself? In that issue, Gamesmaster took control of the mind of an entire town. The issue stated which psis were strong enough to pull off what Gamesmaster did. It was stated clearly that Emma Frost, Selene, Mastermind and Shadow King all had the power to do what Gamesmaster did. That said, Gamesmaster is a weaker psi than Xavier. He is an omnipath in that he automatically hears all thoughts on the planet, but he is not as powerful a psi as the Professor. Xavier was always the most powerful psi on the planet. The only times he lost that title was when you had the occasional Shadow King appearances and Legion.

I listed feats Emma Frost pulled that Jean Grey has not been able to match. You have yet to prove that she can.

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I'd say reality control is the most impressive power. Afterwards, elemental powers, depending on the elemental. After that, TP/TK.

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@roddy010 said:

@stormcell: Sorry but that is all completely false.

Everything I said was correct. Exodus was consistently shown to be a stronger telepath than Jean Grey. He effortlessly expelled her out of his fight with such force he knocked her from her feet. He accomplished this while simultaneously waging a battle with Holocaust. He is an overall much more powerful psi than non-Phoenix Jean when comparing feats.

In regards to Jean Grey sans PF vs. Emma Frost, Emma is also superior to Jean in skill and power. I can recall an issue where Emma was psychically attacking another character and Jean Grey, who was in the room, was overwhelmed by Emma's mental attack on someone else. On top of that, Emma demonstrated the power and skill to do psychic surgery on a major scale in an old New Mutants issue where she was able to win the New Mutants away from Magneto for a time and gain their trust. Jean, on the other hand, has no such showings. As a matter of fact, during "Fatal Attraction", when she and Xavier entered Magneto's mind to attack him mentally, she thought Magneto was fighting them until Xavier had to explain to her that Magneto was in actuality fighting himself. Furthermore, in Wolverine issue 75 or so, Xavier had to explain to Jean what their astral selves where composed of.

Emma Frost has been able to use her telepathy for physical attacks on at least two occasions. The first was when she was in the middle of a fight against a Phoenix-powered Jean Grey. Emma focused her full psi into a single strike with blew up the building she and Phoenix were fighting in. In another instance, she confronted Monet St. Croix in "Generation X" and channeled all of the ambient psionic energy in the air into a "psionic lightning bolt" when had a physical affect on M effectively knocking her out. Jean Grey, when deprived of her TP, was always physically vulnerable to physical attacks from sources that did not have a mind for her TP to work on. This shows both skill and power Emma has over non-Phoenix Jean. Emma has also been able to defeat telepaths more powerful than herself because of her skill level. Jean, on the other hand, loses in psychic encounters against slightly above novice psis more powerful than herself. This was one of the hallmarks of the Exodus/Jean confrontations. Exodus had incredible raw power (moreso than Jean), but he was still kind of a novice with his abilities, yet he was able to consistently get the better of Non PF Jean Grey in ALL of there encounters. This shows that Emma Frost has the skill to defeat telepaths who are more powerful than she, but less skilled while Jean Grey loses against novice telepaths more powerful than she.

Non PF Jean Grey is not impressive at all. She can beat the likes of Psylocke, but Emma Frost and Exodus are too much for her UNLESS Emma Frost is devalued for Jean to look good.

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@backflip said:

@Storm_UltimateBadass: Meggan's got a plethora of powers, but basically she's catagorized as an elemental empathetic shapeshifter. AKA. Her emotions are tied to the elements and her mimicking abilities. This entitles her to

Control over all elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Metal, Earth, Plant, Weather)

Shapeshifting abilities (From copying someones abilities, to become a wolf, dragon or even to become fire itself)

Empathy control (Control over peoples emotions)

Meggan does not control the weather and where does she control plants? She basically controls earth, air, fire, water, EM and lava. She can also fire blasts of life force energy from the Earth.

That said, I'd like to have Storm's powers. She is Marvel's most powerful elemental, and, when written at her best, nearly unbeatable.

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Jean Grey is not at all impressive without the PF, sorry guys. I don't know much about Kid Omega, but a Non-Phoenix Force Jean Grey can't even compete with characters like the White Queen (Emma Frost) and Exodus in TP showings. I don't read about Kid Omega, so I don't know what his feats are, but I do know that Jean Grey without the PF is not impressive DESPITE rhetoric some issues have stated about her powers. She doesn't have the power without the PF to merit what some issues have stated about the scope of her abilities.