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Power: tattoo body manipulation, anything written on her body will change her into that thing. example if she were to write invisible on her body she would then become invisible. Name: Destry DrakeAge: 21Place you'd be found in the afternoon: A forest in her backyardPlace you'd be found at night: anywhereOccupation: Tattoo ArtistMarital Status: SingleBeliefand Values: She believes what she see's, values friendship and teamwork.Interests: Art, The emotions of other people, Music, The soul of a human.Obsessions: Meditating, perfectionist: If you dont do it right, I will.Long Term Ambitions: The meaning of lifeFavorite Hangout: The light forestWhere do you live?: On an astral planeFavorite Food: Grill cheese, Cheese pizzaFavorite Music: Opera, AlternativeFavorite Phrase: The closer to get to light, the greater your shadow becomes.Talents: Drawing, Painting, Being able to withstand the people around her.Weaknesses: Cannot fully understand the emotions of other people, Though she is an expert at trying to hide her emotions, she can easily become enraged in some situations.Important people: Her mother, Her guardianFavorite Hero/Villian: StormFavorite historic Figure: Harry houdiniClose Friends: None at the moment