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1. Her lightning is more powerful than any firebending lightning exhibited in the series. She can channel continuous strokes from the sky and from her hands at the same time. See her battle with Apocalypse in the finale, before she was turned into a horseman. She can overload opponents this way as well, like she did when she fought Apocalypse's advanced robots that had proved highly resistant to her attacks. She continuously struck them with lightning until they fell.

2. Her elemental powers are far superior to anyone in this group. She can make tornadoes, hurricanes and flash floods casually. Not to mention can fly. None of the characters in this group possess that sort of power under their belt. She would mop the floor with everyone here in a one on one fight and would likely solo them in a team.

3. Except you forget the fact that he has a weapon that allows him to create flames whenever he wants to. Storm took out his fire(which is much more powerful than Zuko's) and prevented him from making new flames, and then directed a lightning bolt directly at his weapon to disable it. Zuko is outclassed here.

4. Toph cannot detect airborne enemies unless they are making noise. She couldn't detect the wasp and needed Katara to guide her attacks. She couldn't detect Aang(who was jumping around lightly with his airbending). Storm can sustain flight far away from the ground and hit Toph with a number of attacks that she wouldn't see coming. She is outclassed here as well.

5. Katara would first have to see where Storm is firing her attack before she can try to use any water bending to absorb it. Unlike the characters in Avatar, Storm can command lightning. She can target it at her from any number of directions and overwhelm her with it. Not to mention Storm's winds would make short work of her water bending as well. She's used it to hold back a giant water spout, casually raise the water from the sewer floor and to manipulate water to defeat the thieves guild.

6. Aang is not a quicker and more maneuverable target than Storm is used to. She's dealt with close hand combat with Mystique and made short work of Toad(who has superhuman agility). Aang dodging Ozai's lightning is much different than how he would have to dodge Storm's lightning. She can fire multiple shots at the same time instantly from the sky and from her hands and easily blow him out of the air with her superior control over wind. Not to mention she can use her powers to work with the elements like when she formed a tornado around herself to effectively move at Quicksilver level speeds to take out an amped up Sabretooth. Storm has Avatar State level power that she can play with, so he is very outclassed without his to back him.

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@juiceboks said:

Surprised no one has brought up Jean Grey TP assaulting every member of the Avatar team

Yep, Jean could potentially solo here as well. Though I'm not sure how many minds she can control at once.

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@jacthripper said:

@storm_calling: Considering that, it comes down to Storm and Jean vs the Avatar team, as Toph can pretty much oneshot everyone else, unless they're expecting it. The X-men seem a little overhyped here, they struggled with weaker folks than these. Also, if Storm starts tossing lightning around, Zuko may redirect some in her face. Aang is also being vastly underestimated, considering he has the avatar state, he could release an omnidirectional air blast similar to the one at the beginning of season two.

No Avatar State Aang= Storm solo. No X-men are being overhyped.

She would mop the floor with Zuko and overpower his ability to redirect lightning. And in the short chance that to doesn't work, it wouldn't do squat to her anyway. She would change her method of attack and take him out with her winds, rain and control over ice(which was sufficient to taking out Pyro's flames).

Toph can't see her because she can fly, and the others have no defense to her lightning.

This is just Storm. Add the rest and it's a stomp.

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I don't think Kyoshi needs a single feat to prove her victory here, because Aang wiped the floor with Ozai in the Avatar State. So essentially that's all Kyoshi would need as well to win this fight.

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Toph= Precision

Bumi= Raw Power

Both have some of the other but not all of it. This is why Toph can metal bend(small fragments of earth in metal) and why Bumi can haul off houses in a single flex from yards away. Bumi has much more experience though and isn't handicapped. So I say in a fight between the two, he is more likely to come out on top. I'd certainly love to see how grandma Toph would hold up against him though. She looks extremely powerful.

This battle however is a huge tossup. Bumi's Earthbending should definitely be able to defend against Combustion Man's attacks, and I'm certain he can strike him down if he didn't have to worry about Toph. Iroh vs his brother is a toss up. I don't see Iroh turning his brother's lightning against him to win though, and I don't see Zuko doing the same against Azula.

I think ultimately though, team 1 will be overwhelmed in a good fight. But this could easily go either way. I say team 2 for a very slight majority.

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@jacthripper said:

@storm_calling: Did she do that often? I don't remember her being that ruthless.

She was barely in the show, so there's that too. lol

But she has control over her strikes, so they are non lethal for the most part.

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Storm would actually solo. Either by hitting them all with a tornado or a lightning bolt.

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@metaljimmor said:


Not really. No other firebender under the comet had that much free time to just sit around powering up their blast, nor had any reason to make an attack that large. There's no reason to think Ozai couldn't do the same given Iroh himself said he wasn't sure if he could win in a fight between them.

Also, technically Ozai did produce MORE fire than Iroh did here, and much faster. His blast was just an extremely wide cone meant for mass destruction while Iroh's was condensed and set up to deliver the mother of all explosive forces to penetrate the wall.

... Though come to think of it I'm not sure why they didn't just have Bumi do it. The Dai Li were able to bring down the wall. So did Ghazan later with his lavabending. Seems the wall isn't very effective against earthbenders.

I agree with this, but it still remains the most powerful attack. And as powerful as Ozai's cone attack was, it wasn't really as potent as Iroh's charged attack on Bai Sing Se. Granted, there was no need to produce an attack like that for that sort of situation either. So I concede that someone like Ozai would've been able to form a similar attack.

Yes, I don't think the wall was a problem for powerful Earth Benders. I assumed Iroh breached the wall since he was the one leading the charge to take back Bai Sing Se. Bumi would've made short work of it for sure.

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@arcus said:

@storm_calling: creating remote fire walls has always been Jeong Jeong's signature move, we can't just assume Iroh can do everything Jeong Jeong can do anymore than we can assume Jeong Jeong do everything Iroh can do

I never claimed that he could. Jeong Jeong's creation of the flame wall is very different from Iroh's. It's very reminiscent of water bending and a raging tide. That much is his signature move, but Iroh can still create flame barriers and walls of his own to defend himself, just different from how Jeong Jeong displays it.

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@arcus said:

@storm_calling: so you think we should just ignore feats and assume Iroh can do whatever he wants with firebending?

No, but I do think Iroh deserves the benefit of the doubt. At least with creating fire walls at a distance.