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@darkraiden said:

Vision was made by the machine that...synthesizes flesh. Bone is another matter.

The wiki pages even list him with a synthesized vibranium body. Why would Ultron want a flesh body?

Shaw can't absorb all the force in a shockwave/lightning imbued strike that is hitting everyone. They still die.If he tries to take all of it, he's overloaded.

He showed that he could do exactly that in First class while directing a shockwave toward multiple areas. He caught Havok's yoyo blast in midair and stopped it from completely moving in order to protect his other teammates. What attack power has Thor shown that would prove that he could overload Shaw? He already absorbed a nuke, and he still had room left over to absorb all of Magneto's heavy attacks without issue. And even if he tried to overload him, Shaw could turn all of that power against him before he reached his limit.

Magneto can't pierce Hulk with metal though. He's not human like Wolverine was. And Hulk's strength feats>Magneto's TK feats.

He doesn't need to pierce him. He can just wrap him in metal and toss him away. What Hulk feats outweigh Magneto's magnetic tk feats? He could crack diamonds with a bed rail and lift things far bigger than anything's Hulk's been shown capable of lifting. There's also the dozens of teleporters that can easily bfr him.

Diamonds are weak. They only can't be scratched. She was damaged by the metal railing on a bed. Thor would shatter her immediately.

They described that the metal railings had magnetic fields surrounding them, which increased the force of his crush. It doesn't mean Thor can shatter her diamond with a shockwave on the ground. Maybe if he pounded her with his hammer or something(didn't sound right. lol).

Thor's speed feats include blocking and deflecting various energy beams and Chitauri fire while others such as Iron Man and Captain America (with speed comparable to Wolverine and the other mutants, if not faster) were hit. Thor was never hit once.

Magneto deflected bullets at point blank range, Jean stopped hundreds of cure darts fired from a gun before even being fully aware of their surprise attack, she also did the same for Cyclops' attack. Plus there's Quicksilver, who could throw him off before he can do a ground pound and even before he or anyone on his team can react). Barakapool also has superhuman reflexes, and can port behind Thor and stab him with his adamantium blades before he does an attack.

Exactly, Magneto only took them apart by imbuing them with metal.

How did you jump from one point to another? You said Magneto took a moment to take down the Sentinels. My reply was that the Sentinels weren't entirely metal and were bigger than Ironman anyway. They were made out of a space age polymer. Magneto implanted some scraps of metal from a railroad track inside of their joints so that he could destroy them if necessary. Ironman's armor is completely made of metal. He would destroy him far easier.

Iron Man's suit isn't magnetic. Metal doesn't matter. It has to be magnetic.

It doesn't have to be magnetic. Magneto can magnetize any form of metal. He gets shredded if it is a metal suit.

Jean has never atomized anything as durable as Iron Man. He'd oneshot her like Thor and Vision and SW would.

She atomized the X-jet(which could take a hit from a rocket), an island and the subbasement door(which was extremely thick). And you just indicated that it wouldn't be the same suit anyway, since it can't be metal.

No one gets mindraped, SW stops it and Thor blitzstomps them before they can. Vision stomps them, Hulk stomps them. Jean can't even atomize Wolverine, she can't touch any of the more durable Avengers.

SW can't stop 4 telepaths from mindraping her, or Quicksilver's speedblitz, or random mutants making for vomit or faint. She's a non factor.

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Vision was vibranium turned into flesh. He doesn't appear to still be metal and certainly not magnetic. Magneto can't do anything to him.

Appear and actually being are two entirely different things. Prove that he was flesh and bone.

Shaw's not absorbing anything to protect someone. Not in character and not effective. Thor's hitting the ground and sending lightning through it. All Shaw's protection does is help himself.

I just gave you several instances that prove otherwise. You are ignoring facts.

Magneto bfr'ing Wolverine means nothing to Hulk neither does Storm or Riptide BFR'ing jets. None of those feats amount to Hulk.

Yes they do, the things Magneto have lifted can compare with Hulk's weight as does a speeding Jet. Something both Storm and Riptide have tossed with their winds.

The dozens of mutants will be dead on the first strike. Shaw will then be overloaded.

No they won't.

Jean nor Emma have feats to survive a strike from Thor. Jason's in a wheelchair and would die to literally Hawkeye.

A ground strike is going to do what to diamonds? Jean raised an ocean floor and stopped hundreds of tons of water. Hawkeye won't even see Jason while under his illusion. He'd make Thor think he was attacking the X-men while taking out the Avengers for him instead.

The only mutants shown that can survive Thor's attack are possibly Shaw, possibly Darwin, and Wolverine. The rest lack feats and die. They also lack reaction feats.

And what speed feats does Thor have that puts him over everyone?

Oh and the Sentinels were literally made of metal. Magneto used his prep time to make sure of it. Can't do the same to Iron Man, thus he has no affect.

No they weren't. Magneto implanted stray metal from some railroad tracks inside of their joints to control them. Prep does not include full knowledge of character powers and abilities. He can't build a non metal suit in one day, and even if he does, he still won't survive being atomized by Jean or mindraped by the other telepaths or shutdown by Chris Bradley.

Iron Man takes down Magneto if Thor doesn't first.

Not happening.

Thor oneshots, Vision could solo, SW could nearly solo. Together they stomp.

They all get mindraped and atomized. Hulk gets BFRed or turned to their side.

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Magneto does nothing to Vision. He's not metal, he's skin/flesh. Randmo mutants get oneshotted by Thor. Even in your situation where Shaw can tank his attack, the other mutants can't.

Really, Darkraiden? You don't think I've seen the movie? He's very clearly synthetic vibranium. Magneto tears him to shreds.

Shaw can absorb attacks to protect the other mutants. He absorbed Havok's yoyo blast to protect Azazel and Riptide, and absorbed the bomb that the general tried to use against him. He can pound the ground as much as he wants to. Shaw will absorb the vibrations and the impact.

Teleporters can't reach Hulk, Storm nor Riptide's winds are strong enough to affect Hulk. Jean and Magneto doesn't have feats.

What? Azazel and Barakapool can teleport anywhere in the world in an instant...

Storm can take out flying jets with her tornadoes and so can Riptide.

Jean and Magneto doesn't have feats? Magneto implanted metal inside of Wolverine and BFRed him easily. He moved a golden gate bridge, a sub and baseball stadium. And there should be no question about Jean, considering her feats.

Iron Man will actually do something here before Magneto scraps his armor. It took him a while to scrap that Sentinel that targeted him. It literally almost got to him before he was done with it. Iron Man's alot faster and has beam weapons, he can possibly take Magneto down. Plus remember that his armor is gold alloy and gold isn't magnetic. So it's likely he's not being affected at all.

Come now, Darkraiden! The Sentinels weren't all made of metal, and Ironman isn't even as big as the Sentinels. Gold alloy? Lol... He's utterly scraps when this match starts.

QS is fast enough to react to DOFP QS. They were comparable in speed.


SW's not getting speedblitzed or mind raped or even affected. She TPs the X-men first and Thor destroys the rest.

How does she even get close to use any effective TP against them? Jason Striker could solo her in his wheelchair.

Absolute best case scenario for Shaw, Thor and Hulk ragdoll him and overload him eventually or SW TPs him. He doesn't have his helmet and it can and will be removed in the melee.

He can't be overloaded. A nuke and Magneto hitting him with every scrap of metal wasn't even enough. And what will the other dozens of mutants be doing while they are trying to overload Shaw?

Xavier nor Jean are factors as they lack durability.

Jean's shields are enough, and Emma has diamond form. Blink can set up a portal for Jason to roll through.

Thor literally oneshots. The fight is over in the first second. Even your fairy tale scenario it's just Shaw vs. the Avengers and he gets stomped.

Even if Thor ground pounds. There's still dozens of mutants with healing factors, durability, flight and teleportation that can survive it. Xavier has a hoverchair so he won't be effected either.

Thor can't oneshot anything. He gets mindraped and his hammer stolen by one of the Magnetos.

We're also forgetting Kitty... Who can phase people back in time. She can keep sending someone back to be sure they do the fight right.

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@foster_son168np said:

The vast majority of mutants here are worthless fodder who would struggle against Cap, much less Thor or Hulk. However, the mutants take it due to a combination of Magneto, Prof X, Barakapool, Phoenix, Quicksilver and Shaw. If those six weren't present though, the Avengers would stomp. Hard.

Even if it's fodder, there's still dozens of them. Some with powers that he isn't even accustomed to, like the one that can blow the black smoke and instantly kill a bunch of people. Arclight, Calisto, Mystique, Agent Zero and Toad alone are enough to give him something to worry about. Then there's Pyro, Riptide, Tempest, Bishop, Sunspot and Iceman that would be huge problems for them as well, and they aren't even the big players.

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@darkraiden said:

Cerebro is not the same Cerebro unless you prove it. You can't.

It's already indicated to be the same system. It amplifies his telepathy on a global scale. It is no less powerful than the other cerebro.

SW's feats surpass Xavier.

You haven't proven that.

Jean literally died and Phoenix took her place.

Now you're just being in denial. Both versions of Jean's personality were present in X3. None of them died. Xavier makes note specifically that the water would've obliterated her if she hadn't wrapped herself in telekinetic energy. And she was doing more than holding back the water. She was powering the jet, raising it and trying to stop everyone else from helping her.

Thor destroyed the city without help, Tony only made it so it disintegrated and didn't cause debris to fall. The nuke can't do the same. Nukes still leave remnants of buildings and structures.

I don't understand why your memory is so selective about this movie. I would suggest a rewatch. There were TONS of debris falling after his attack that even Ironman was trying to dodge, both from the city and the rock that he destroyed. And it was NOT a city. It was a part of a city. A nuke would've literally had the same effect. Thor can't do anything to put Shaw down, and he doesn't have any backup to help him.

Shaw can't have the helmet if Magneto has it. Literally doesn't make sense.

That's like saying if you put Magneto and Xavier vs Shaw and Emma then only one of them gets the helmet since it's the same helmet. It doesn't have to make sense, since all of the mutants from every movie has been included. That doesn't exclude standard gear;therefore, both Shaw and Magneto get the helmets.

Fight ends in first few seconds. Thor hits the ground and all mutants besides maybe Shaw, Darwin, and Bishop are dead. If you wanna say Jean can live and maybe Wolverine, then w/e.

I'm pretty sure Shaw can absorb the shockwave that Thor can direct at the ground(especially if it's directed at him), and redirect that energy. He showcased this when he invaded the CIA building and destroyed everyone in his sight. And he not only redirected it into the ground, he controlled the attack and directed it towards multiple areas.

Then you have Iron Man attacking+Hulk (though he's likely being TP'd), SW, and QS's fighting it out. Vision is also someone they have no answer for. At best, Jean and Prof X mind control Hulk into fighting the Avengers and then SW cancels it and takes them out. Also SW can literally make all of the X-Men flee as they have no mental resistance feats. Only Magnetos can stay and Vision or Thor can take care of them.

Hulk can be BFR by the dozens of teleporters here(Barakapool, Azazel, John Wraith, Nightcrawler and Blink), by Storm or Riptide's winds, Magneto or even by Jean. Not to mention he'd be distracted by Lady Deathstrike, Juggernaut, Blob, Phat, Colossus, Sabretooth, Multiple Man and tons of other fodder.

Ironman and Vision are nonfactors here thanks to the Magnetos.

SW gets either speedblitzed by Quicksilver, mindraped by Xavier, Jean, Emma, Jason Striker or some random mutant that can make her pass out or vomit. The possibilities are endless.

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Quicksilvers fighting it out? No chance. Avengers Quicksilver gets blitzed along with SW, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Cap. This team doesn't stand a single chance against this many mutants.

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@americanspeeddemon said:

@storm_calling: she has town level tp and can effect the mind stone

The neighborhood of people she was shown directing to leave the city does not outnumber the people Xavier has been shown capable of freezing on camera. Breaking the mindstone's control (which doesn't have any feats other than providing a robot sentience) doesn't put her telepathy over Xavier's either. The mindstone isn't exactly a telepath or a sentient being, and in either case, she didn't prove her own resistance to it that would indicate that she could withstand Xavier's attacks.

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Cerebro is Cerebro. Period.

SW doesn't have any feats that put her over Xavier.

This isn't comics. Phoenix was a dual personality of Jean that she developed as a byproduct of Xavier placing mental barriers within her mind as a child. They are the same person. Jean never died, but nice try.

Thor destroyed part of a city with the help of Tony Stark(a part of a city that was already falling apart IIRC). The nuke that Shaw absorbed could've done the same. Shaw has a helmet that shields his mind from telepathy(no one said anything about only one could have the helmet in the OP, so it's standard gear for Shaw even if Magneto has the same helmet).

Xavier stomps with mobile cerebro in his chair.

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@americanspeeddemon said:

Scarlet Witch > Proffessor X in telepathy

Jean has like one good telepathy feat

vision will be hard to put down

x men win through numbers though the avengers take down alot of them

No. And Jean bested Xavier in psi combat. She's even more powerful than he is with her telepathy.

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Cerebro on the hover chair has 0 offensive feats. They don't exist and to give him any would be pure assumption.

It doesn't need any because it doesn't give him anymore offensive power than it does when he reads minds or tracks them. He's a telepath, and Cerebro is designed to amplify his abilities to a global scale. The Cerebro unit we see in DOFP was shown capable of working at that scale; Therefore he should be able to attack everyone like he did at the end of X2 with that unit.

Museum nor Whitehouse nor airport station are more than SW's portion of a city. Missiles and jets move faster but have nowhere near the weight/mass. The golden gate bridge is useless in combat and not particularly better than the train feat either due to motion

It was NOT a portion of a city. It was a neighborhood. The people shown on screen do not out measure the ones Xavier has been shown stopping. You're exaggerating her feat. I just saw the scene again on bootleg cam footage. It is not greater. Xavier has more feats, and outclasses her with his hoverchair cerebro.

Jean literally died in the water and came back a movie later as Phoenix. she died.

She did not die in X2, as Xavier clearly points out to Wolverine in X3. She shielded herself in telekinetic energy.

No mutants have feats close to Thor's strikes. And considering him striking the ground releases a shockwave, the other 98.999% are still done. Bishop has already been overloaded. Jean's not blocking many of Thor's attacks and Shaw lacks Thor level feats. Telepaths get stopped by SW. No one has time to make him vomit or pass out.

Shaw absorbed a nuke, Magneto's attacks, a bomb, and tons of gunfire including a rocket launcher without a single sign of pain. Jean's feats far outweigh anything Thor can bring to bare in this fight. He gets mindraped, atomized, and his attacks redirected back at him by Shaw.

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@cheesesticks: Really?

You tried to compare the temperatures that occur on your home turf with the temperatures that Storm can generate with her powers(-200). There's a HUGE gap between 0 and -200. The point of my post was to correct your assertion that her temperatures are anything remotely close to what you have faced on a yearly basis. Whether or not Sue could block it wasn't my point.