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@otakuemperor said:

based off of what has been shown team zaheer takes team aang in round one in a landslide these gues have taken out the white lotus like they where a pack of amatures pli has combustion power something no individual member of team avatar has shown copasity to take on alone sokka needed a distraction to from zuko and toph kind of got lucky so in one v one zuko has no, chance she takes him out and moves on to help the others. zaheer was apparently hell to deal with as a non bender now he has airbending I don't see aang handling a fighter of that caliber with just his airbending I give toph vs ghazan hes shown nothing but the magma trick that toph cant handle. ming hua takes katara down with her her high flying attack style she was able to beat eska and her brother and they were able to fight korra the avatar. kataras tough but in her younger years without bloodbending shes been somewhat hit and miss with her water bender vs water bender fights. with that it comes down to pli ming hua and zaheer vs toph and she is good but not that good. even if katara can beat minghua then she stuck fighting zaheer who beat kya like she stole something.

round two aang may be able to beat zaheer now with all his elements evening up the numbers so I give this to team avatar in a close battle.

Just because they were White Lotus doesn't mean they were high level grandmasters like Iroh, Bumi and Pakku(there are ranks). The ones they fought were more or less canon fodder and does not compare to the grandmasters that appeared in the original series.

Zaheer has shown alot of skill, but he hasn't had his Airbending for long. He's an impressive bender already, but I don't think he's quite on Aang's level yet.

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Im on my cell phone so i cant post scans. All she did was throw him into a wall, pulled a gun on him, and started preaching about respect.....Bishop was NOT incapacitated. And of course if someone got a gun to your head, youre not gonna do anything that gonna get u shot. But that still doesnt mean that he was "incapacitated". Regardless of whether the team was holding back or not. The fact that he was giving all those so called "powerful mutants" (im talking about storm and psylocke btw) trouble by himself. Is enough for me to believe that she cannot solo

Yes he was. Scan above clearly indicates as much. And in case this turns into a debate about him being surprised. This should cover it.

I'm also pretty sure I seen Storm solo Bishop in UXF #4

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Got it! #7! "In this land I'm a goddess. Every plant craves my touch. In return, they honor me with their bounty. Food, clothing, shelter, I only have to imagine it and the plants will gratefully provide." Yadda yadda yadda, miss Gotham, holy crap let's kill some humanz! Thing is, she treats the plants like sentient beings, like friends instead of tools.

Storm does the same. There are many instances of her literally having conversations with plants as if they were people and her watering them with her powers. When she once lost a communion with the elements she was able to re-establish it by going back to her plush garden and communing with it(thus completely restoring her powers). There is nothing here that Storm hasn't already shared with nature as well.

She stopped wearing clothes because she felt that nature protected her. She was also cleansed by nature when her body was overun by the Brood queen egg, and has used it to restore her body back to its adult self after the Nanny used technology to reverse her growth. She has even used her communion to correct mistakes in nature that even much more powerful ancient sentient beings couldn't understand in their own reality.

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@maaask12 said:

Storm stomps

I don't think she does. Enchantress is quite powerful.

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Magneto may can withstand some cold base attacks but severe ones, especially if WW isn't pulling his punches, could kill him. I think this battle could go either way, especially if WW can perform internal weather base attacks on Magneto.

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@themagicstik said:

You don't quite grasp how fights work, Gaara isn't going to wait for Storm to start summoning lightning bolts at him, he closes his hands and the sand crushes her there is no reaction to that, Gaara and his sand is much faster than Storm can react to, it doesn't matter how powerful she is >.<.

I know exactly how fights work here(as you can see from my post count, I've been posting here alot longer than you have). :-)

Gaara's reaction time isn't anything Storm couldn't handle. He doesn't have a way to beat her here, not even with a speedblitz.

@magnificentstorm said:

@themagicstik: U don't seem to quite know farts at all do u lol. All Storm has to do is make a flash flood which she can do in the blink of a eye. Farts sand gets to heavy an wet for him to use which is one of his main weaknesses if u didn't know. Storm wins :) I win :)

An her wind can easy be used as a defense.

I can't tell if you're trolling me or what, Gaara fights at a supersonic plus level while Storm for all of her godly powers is just a normal human as far as speed is concerned, she won't have time to do anything...

This is because Gaara's sand works at the speed of thought, and to some degree on a subconscious level. This is no different than how Storm's powers operate, except lightning bolts move a whole lot faster than supersonic.

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@justsomerandomkid said:

@storm_calling: Explains what exactly....

Edit: Wait don't answer that I've lost interest.

Her winds outrank his control over sand. If you didn't know, the most powerful sandstorms are driven by winds. Gaara is indeed powerful and menacing, but Storm's powers would work as an anti component to his. She could saturate his sand in water and flash freeze it, thus making it much more difficult for him to control. Hit him with a tornado and use his sand against him, or even superheat his sand and turn it to glass with her lightning. And that's just for taking care of his sand.

Once she starts hitting him directly, he really won't have a way to defend himself. In fact, I'd wager most of this fight would be him playing in defense mode, once he has to deal with the thunderclaps and lightning bolt(which would surely tear through any defense he's brought to bare). And that's Storm playing nice.

Bloodlusted, she's a much scarier beast. I wouldn't even want to open up those can of worms.

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@themagicstik: His sand coffin won't even get close(let alone do anything considering she'd just blow the sand away) before she tears through his defenses with her lightning. He doesn't stand a chance here whatsoever. He's powerful in the show, but he's outclassed against Storm.

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@storm_calling: Sure of course he wouldn't.

He's not. I've seen the show, he doesn't have an attack that she can't counter, while she has an assortment of ways to put him down(without even killing).

This moment explains it all...