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@isaac_clarke:While I agree that the writers might not have any concept of the speeds he would need to be for a lot of those feats, I also think the circumstances may have played a role in a lot of those events as well. RF indicated that his emotional levels, circumstance or cortisone levels(and or all of the above) could've played a role in him generating the wormhole.

So I think it's plausible that in those instances (almost being killed and seeing Joe almost killed by the lightning strike, seeing Cisco almost killed by gunshots, or seeing the town and the people he loved almost flooded by a tsunami) had increased his speeds to levels that he typically isn't believed capable of moving.

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There were two particles - both which had to collide with one another. All Barry had to do was run at mach 2 to create the wormhole.

I would suggest a rewatch(I did to be sure). He very clearly said that instead of two particles they would drop only one and Barry would be the one to collide with it instead of the second particle. Eobard doesn't give a definitive speed for which Barry would have to move before colliding with the particle though. So I guess it can be assumed he didn't need to collide with the particle at the speed of light in order to open the wormhole.

Still, doesn't seem very accurate with the speeds that he's been clearly shown moving at though, but I suppose it's fair to say that the times when he did react/move much faster than this instance involved moments that didn't really involve his speed being recorded by the crew. Wells/Eobard has indicated that his emotional levels(among other things) have allowed for him to move much quicker than normal in situations that have demanded it.

This would explain the lightning bolt dodge, the wormhole he opened on his own and the catching of the bullets feat. There's no reason to assume Wells/Eobard is at this level of speed when those instances involved a heightened level of speed due to his emotional state.

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@redatom1234 said:

@jimmy_rustler: thawne lost because his speed was negated. Other than that, he was faster than Barry and lasted a bit longer than most would with Ollie. Thawne also has prep, and when you give that man prep, you need to take into account that he has seen the future and can plan for every possibility, you can also spot how he takes down the meta humans.firestorm and Barry were kinda useless in the fight anyway, most of the damage was when he was depowered and fighting Ollie, and those two cheap shots planted on him, but people seem to forget that thawne could have killed them all if he was bloodlusted and not jobbing.

And to those that think Barry only runs at Mach 2, be REALLY honest with yourself, character statements or not, Barry has shown to surpass that , and him only being sound speed throughout the season sounds pretty dumb.

And to conclude, I believe thawne wins, he has more options to rid the avengers especially because he has prep, if this was comic thawne vs comic avengers, I'm inclined to say he and I quote "WTFSTOMPS"

That was major WIS considering Wells/Eobard even pointed out earlier in the episode that both objects(Barry and the Particle) would need to collide at the speed of light in order to open the wormhole. Mach 2 isn't anywhere close within the realm of light speed, so I have no idea how Professor Stein came up with that estimate. I thought it was very poor writing considering he's clearly gone much faster than what they were implying in this episode.

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@laylah: For what it's worth, you have my respect. lol

I won't ask you for anymore instances unless you want to provide them yourself for show. :)

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@atheistknowledge: Thank you.

And no. I don't consider the barrier that was shown in that issue as "skyfather level". I consider the conjurer near a skyfather level character though. There's a difference.

As for what Pak said, that doesn't mean much. He's just saying Zeus used more than his physical strength to bring down the Hulk, which was questionable. When it really doesn't matter one way or the other. His physical strength can't match the power of a skyfather(which is sort of my point with the barrier debate), Had it been truly skyfather level, it would've remained in tact from that hit.

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@atheistknowledge:I haven't been difficult. I've been asking honest and reasonable questions about the characters here, since I don't know much about Umar and the Mindless One. Any reasonable debater would do this.

And you're the one claiming he could break skyfather level shields and that Zeus had to cheat to beat him. Not me. Again, I'm over debating this because our methods of considering what is feasible isn't compatible. I'm sure you'll find someone to agree with you. It just won't be me.

@laylah: Thanks. I suppose it's possible their level of power was considered(The Mindless Ones), as well as hers(Umar), but I still don't think that it was in this instance. I appreciate everything you've provided, even though I will probably just have to sum the instance up to PIS.

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@laylah said:

@storm_calling: Well, The Mindless Ones have defeated the Nova Corps and hurted Ego, the Living Planet.

And it was the current ones.

Was this by numbers or a single/a few Mindless Ones?

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@laylah: Very well, thank you. However, you mentioning that it was the classic days leads me to think that they aren't written to this capacity anymore. When Hulk knocked FFF into the barrier, they were probably considered far less powerful.

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@atheistknowledge: I think we have different ideas of what sort of power level he operates at. If I thought he was skyfather level I would've agreed with you pages ago, but since I don't, I won't. Agree to disagree or not, I'm done with this debate with you at this point.

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@laylah: How often have they been written at this capacity?