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@roddy010: Outstanding work Roddy. I think you proved quite well that despite the fact that certain characters have access to an assortment of powers, it doesn't mean they are on the same caliber as characters that are more prominent in that area for that specific powers. Same Power=/=Equal Power because there are degrees of power levels that relate to the same power, especially in relation to telepathy. Age=/=More Powerful because power and skill can outdo wisdom and experience if it's strong and proficient enough(the reverses holds true as well). Old magic vs New Magic really isn't a argument to me. It's either powerful enough to go toe to toe with each other or it isn't. It being older changes nothing.

More has to be applied in these scenarios for me and I think Roddy proved his side much better. Clairvoyance=/=instant win because there's no proof that the prediction will be in the favor of the bearer. Yes, there are ways to prep for the battle but that still doesn't mean it'll be enough unless the prediction was in fact in their favor. In this case, we don't know, and the thing to remember here is the fact that they'd have to fight regardless of whether or not they've determined how the battle might've played out. Knowing that you're getting your butt kicked tomorrow, does little to change the fact that it's going to happen. You can maybe try to alter the outcome but you still have to face it regardless.

Roddy's team has too many counter measures against their illusions, mind control, defenses and stealth attacks. Keeping in mind, that everyone is mindlinked, I don't think they will have any problem finding out about the illusions because several of them will be seeing something completely different than the other. I think this fight will lead to a direct confrontation after all else is said and done, and Roddy's team appears to be much more impressive for one of those.

Green team gets my vote.

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Juggernaut runs over him.

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@tonix: Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.

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@tonix: He can't block her lightning... Not if she doesn't want him to, but agreed. She wins this.

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@pooty said:

@gxrevolution96: I said she maintained hovering continually not forever. Regardless of his nature, status or reputation, im going by feats. You have named the hovering and the great wall of fire. Just like JJ never had a reason to use lightning, azula never had reason to set a lake on fire. But that doesnt mean she couldnt. Are there any other feats to add for JJ? If not, he is still lacking feats Imo. @metaljimmor: Im not disregarding what he has shown. He hovered. she could glide. he created a great wall of fire. she produced lightning. Creating lightning is the single most powerful fire bending without an amp. @storm_calling: His status means little in a debate. He was never shown beating a master or anyone else for that matter except fodder. the fire wall was impressive but azula showed abilities that he never showed.

To set the record straight, I think JJ is better then Azula because of experience and his status in white lotus. but I have not SEEN him do anything that ours him above her. And definitely nothing that ours him on Ozai or Iroh level. Much of his power is assumed or speculated

Actually I think status can be taken into account in a debate, especially if said character has very little feats to go on. I don't think he really needs to be shown(in this case) fighting masters and shooting lightning in order to prove that he is a high ranking character powerwise in the series. It's pretty obvious to anyone who's seen the series that he is one, but I don't think this necessarily proves that Jeong Jeong is on the level of someone like Iroh or Bumi's though(the firelord is still questionable in my opinion), considering they are way better established characters and have far more feats to back them. So I agree with the majority of what you're saying.

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@pooty said:


Simply put: JJ never had enough screen time to show case his skills. i don't think his few showings confirm him being on Azula level

He was a high ranking general, recognized as a genius in firebending, a prodigy in his teenage years and the first person to defect from the firenation military without being killed or caught. His feats in the finale strongly indicate that he was on or above Azula's level. I would personally place him well above Azula. She was impressive against the kids, but I never saw her throw down with one of the old masters and dominate.

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I'll have to read through the thread more, but I think Korra has a slight advantage with her pro bending skills and all four elements.

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Great matchup, but I think Huu needs prep for the vines he'll need to defend against the sort of attacks Combustion Man can unleash. Does he start off with the vines in the plant beast form? I think Jeong Jeong may can defend against CM's attacks, but if Huu goes down early he's going to have too much trouble with Pakku and CM at the same time.

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@arcus said:


Nice to see some love for Bumi. How do you think he'll deal with the lightning?

Traveling underground would be key and being agile(like he's shown to be). I don't think it'll be a cake walk but I do think Bumi would come out on top. His earthbending in the series has been very powerful, versatile and precise. It's why he was the only one in the White Lotus group during the comet(without firebending) that didn't need any help at all with the rebel.

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@arcus said:

Bumi and Ozai are two of the most powerful benders in Avatar, but which one is stronger?

For all rounds: victory by ko or death. Starting distance 50 feet. In character knowledge

Round 1:

Fight takes place at noon outside Ba Sing Se. No Sozin's Comet. Both are in character.

Round 2:

Fight takes place where Bumi fought Aang at noon. Sozin's comet is out. Bumi is bloodlusted and has 1 hour prep. Ozai is in character. No lightning

Round 3:

Same as above, except Ozai can use lightning

Which king will win?

Going with Bumi all rounds. Ozai was powerful and deadly in the finale with the comet but Bumi has been that way, on top of being extremely intelligent(genius level), since book one.There's a reason Omashu never fell(at least without him having a plan), or the fact that when it did, he claimed it back all on his own.