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@storm_calling: thanks for the viral links......if only they had been combined with the comic story for an awesome movie.....question: what are you thinking about xmen:apocalypse? I love tom hardy, but if he plays him, I'm screaming racism from the hills.

Since it's a new movie, and a younger Storm, I think they will definitely go with long hair this time

LOL! Knowing Singer and hollywood(look no further than the upcoming Exodus: Gods and Kings), I wouldn't put it past them.

Loving the potential of X-men:Apocalypse, but every time I think about how Singer and Fox always squanders that potential I can never get myself excited for it. I'm happy they are finally moving away from Halle as Storm though, but knowing Singer is behind the recasting just doesn't sit well with me. I'll see how it goes of course, but my expectations are low.

I heard he wanted to make the scope bigger and more of a "disaster" movie, and focus on the concept of mutants as gods. There's so much potential there for Storm with those key elements, but I doubt it'll be anything like we're hoping. lol

They will make it all about Jlaw/Charles/Erik again and I just don't want to see a movie like that all over. If he were smart, he'd focus on the actual X-men for once, and give Storm, Jean and Cyclops a proper origin with an interesting team dynamic and personalities.

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@whitemage: LOL, I was fortunate enough to avoid ALL of the power piece videos, tv spots and featurettes before seeing the movie(and I think that helped to some degree). It was totally ridiculous that they decided to spoil the whole movie just so they could get more people in the theater to see it, when they knew all of the future characters had very VERY limited roles to begin with. I learned my lesson when they pulled the same stunt for X3's ad campaign. The viral ad campaign sites that i came across were actually pretty insightful about what went down in between the past to future timelines and how it led up to that point. What i find most disappointing about these viral sites are that none of the content in them are actually explored to any significant degree in the movie), I know you probably don't want to see anything more about the movie, but these were pretty cool and helped fill in some gaps before I went in to see it.!/moments!/home

The first one goes over 25 moments throughout history that led to the apocalyptic future; the second one explores Magneto's imprisonment and their version of Kennedy's assassination conspiracy; and the last one explores the technological advancements of trask industries(none of which was explored in the movie). A lot of that content could have really expanded the quality of the movie and given it some much needed exposition. It should've definitely been around 3 hours...

LMAO! at Jennifer Lawrence Mystique deciding to change her fighting style to Eddy Gordo's(I know all about Tekken :p). I also picked that up when i seen it the first time. It was definitely a massive step back from the First Class movie in terms of her appearance, but that may have been due to Jlaw complaining about the makeup process breaking her skin out or something(always some silly excuse). I think they decided to go with entirely new aesthetics and a body suit, and it really showed in this one. Rebecca's version was definitely the superior Mystique in terms of appearance, fighting abilities and being a capable and intelligent strategist.

Also great points about Singer getting rid of the people he didn't work with before. I hadn't noticed that before but he definitely worked with the Beast Actor and only allowed for a cameo role for Havok that was rather utterly pointless. I didn't much care for Emma, but there definitely should've been a significant explanation for her death. She has diamond form and telepathy. Not easy to overcome someone that powerful, and should not have been thrown under the bus in a throwaway line. I liked Banshee, Tempest and Azazel. It would've been nice to see a flash back of their death. They talk a little bit about it on the bent bullet site.

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@malachi_munroe said:

In fact, I will not feed the trolls, jhazz I suggest you don't as well.

The depths of people's patheticness apparently knows no bounds lol....*sighs*

LOL, that gif is perfect!

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@whitemage: Ok, now you're just starting to make me hate the movie lol, because these are all very great and obvious ideas that should've been utilized in this movie. I knew the moment Singer said the future timeline would only be 30% of the movie(which is not really the case. It was more like 15%), is the moment I knew it wasn't going to be handled the way it should have been. Then hearing about a whole subplot being removed that involved rescuing Rogue(which basically took her out of the movie), Halle claiming her action scenes had been reduced and hearing very little about Storm in the early reviews just further lowered my expectations for it.

I loved Blink and wished they would've given her more to do(really hoping she'll be in the X-force movie that they plan on making). There was alot left to be desired for all of the future mutants. It's pretty sad that the viral sites were able to give us more insight about the future and its characters than the actual movie. Did you by chance get to catch any of that content?

And yeah(LMAO at Singer needing his testicles shot!), it felt like such a waste killing off all of those characters. Banshee and Azazel should've at least been salvaged(Emma not so much since she conflicts with the one in Origins). I think some flashbacks into the demise of those characters should have at the very least been shown in a flashback, instead of all in a throwaway line from Magneto.

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@whitemage: All great points that I thought brought down the quality of the movie.

Considering it's the future(17 years after X3), Storm should have been a lot more powerful and skilled in this movie, but I kept my expectations low, so I wasn't surprised with what we got. I think them putting it all on Halle's pregnancy was a cop out too. She had a body double and they could've used CG to paste her face on to give her some interesting aerial combat with more practical attacks.

Giving Kitty all of the time traveling power made little sense to me as well. How did she discover how to phase someone's consciousness, let alone understand the mechanics behind time traveling? How does she know what time period to send them, or how to maintain a connection to that consciousness? Did she become a telepath also? Just made no sense to me.

It would've been nice if we even got a prep speech before they were about to enter the final battle with the Sentinels. "Alright mutants. We are fighting for the fate of the world and the future of our species.Lets make this one count!". Just something that would've been inspiring and had given her some sort of leadership presence.The promotional content made it seem like she had a significant leadership role in the film, and that simply wasn't the case.

A good movie for what it was but definitely could've been so much more.

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@whitemage said:

@storm_calling: aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!


The password is so forgotten. I gave up on cbr, and made a new account with a different email for both sites......You've been missed

She didn't even throw lightning AT the sentinels. She just charged bishop, and blew up the jet. I was a fool to expect the WEATHER WITCH to show up.......even her winds had little effect, while SUNSPOT AND BISHOP were able to cause sentinels to at least stagger.....BULL!!!!

LOL and thanks WM! It's really nice to have you back, and not a problem for me that you have to start fresh. I'm sure you'll be caught up and passed me in no time anyway, considering my post count has been around this area for as long as I can remember.

It was pretty disappointing that they didn't allow Storm to summon tornadoes and lightning bolts on the Sentinels in her final battle scene. I was even disappointed that we didn't get any aerial flight after witnessing how Falcon(without powers) was utilized in The Winter Soldier. So while I did enjoy the movie, there's definitely much left to be desired. I would definitely prefer another director for Apocalypse.

I did like her channeling the bolts into herself and nuking the jet(which didn't really make sense like you said), but there could have been so much more utilized with her powers in that scene. I also felt that they overpowered the sentinels too much as well, which left the others with very little to feel like badass survivors. It just made the mutants outside of Kitty's group(which basically used a reset to survive) survival seem a bit impossible to begin with. Those Sentinels were snatching wigs as if everyone was none the wiser.

I kept asking myself how were they were able to survive that long?

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@whitemage said:

@malachi_munroe: I remember now....sorry, that man with the tears is a signature of sorts.......I still haven't watched that show

Also, Days of our lives past told me lies. Why did you summon lightning from the sky, into your body, just to shoot the xjet?? Just direct the lightning straight to the jet, dumb dumb. Your dumb, pregnant hands weren't needed for any of what you just did.....she was onscreen for 4 minutes, and only 1 minute had value

and just WHERE have you been??!!

and LOL! Pregnant hands!! Only you could have come up with something as clever and as funny as that, WM!

Welcome back, we've all missed you!

If you have trouble logging into cbr it's probably because cbr got wiped a little while ago. So everyone there had to make all new accounts. Comicvine also updated their systems awhile back and screwed up alot of people's logins. So if you have a space in between your name, you now have to put an underscore where the space use to go. So instead of "white mage" your username login is probably "white_mage" now. Give it a try and it might work if you can think of the password.

I was also disappointed in the small amount of screen time Storm and all of the future mutants had on screen, and how very little she had to do. So while I did enjoy the movie overall, I did feel Singer royally screwed up making the future mutants like Storm, Bishop and Ian Magneto count.