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@storm_calling: You recalled it correctly :-). Would you also include her summoning the galactic core to her as another demonstration of her manipulating plasma since a big portion of stars' and suns' composition is plasma?

Thanks for the confirmation, TB. And here's the scans of the galactic core feat, I also included the solar wind one as well, considering that's also a plasma I believe.

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wait..can storm manipulate plasma??? because i think she can.

she definitely can.

when did she do it

In X-men:Clandestine. We talked a little bit about it around page 8, but the scan I provided isn't working anymore.

Here it is

She gathered supercharged plasma, intensified its heat and then compressed it to needle point. I believe this was done to disable the danger room, but it's been awhile since I've read it.

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@thunderbolt30: Rogue with Ms Marvels powers can survive in space IIRC, trapping her in a vacuum shouldn't work.

I don't recall her being able to survive unaided in space? Have any specific references?

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@lordofallhumans: No... Magneto was the most powerful in X-men

He could send these warheads at her since she did not show speed enough to dodge them.

Storm's winds and lightning should take most of those out and honestly this was more impressive to me.

Magneto has no answer for a tornado dropping directly on to of him like she did those moving jets.

He could control the Warheads to avoid the winds. if 1 missile hits Storm it's over since she's durability is most likely worser than Magneto's and the Warheads are suppose to blow up whole the island and it was like 50 of them

She would just detonate the warheads before they made it to her. Where would he get the warheads anyway?

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Storm curbstomps. It was made pretty clear in X-1 that Storm could beat him with her lightning when they were in the statue of liberty. The only reason she didn't kill him was because the statue was made of copper(electrical conductor), and would have potentially resulted in her electrocuting the team as well.

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X-men win via Phoenix and Emma mindrape.

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@storm_calling: what is stopping Starfire from speed blitzing Jean?

Starfire just makes this fight even more lopsided. There's not even anyone on the X-men's side that can deal with her level of speed IIRC.

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If what was faster than a bullet? He created a whirlwind around her to suck the oxygen from her lungs before she could complete her enchantment, why would that have ripped her apart at all?

Storm does not need time to remove the oxygen from her lungs or manipulate the pressure in her ear, these are pretty instantaneous attacks, just like Top's whirlwind he used against her.

Jean can decipher who the main threats are and have the team deal with them accordingly, via telepathy/mindlinking. The other team does not have this advantage.

The speed the wind would have to be going to pull the air from her that quickly. Before she could speak.

There is no way it happens quicker than Zee can say a word. A single word.

So you're saying the fight starts, Jean deciphers the bigs on the other team and then relays that to everyone and then disables everyone vulnerable to telepathy and she does all of that faster than Zatanna says "Sleep"..............?

Wind does not have to move at body-ripping speeds in order for it to pull the air out of her. Furthermore, I never claimed that the funnel that he used to suck the air out of her was moving faster than a bullet. The speed that he reacts and moves is much faster than a bullet in that issue. He was able to surprise even the flash a few times with his speed, so him spinning a funnel around her before she could complete a few words was very plausible.

She has to say more than 'sleep' if you are referring to the scan I provided.

This is Storm and Iceman taking out Kaine and his sidekick, Hummingbird fairly quickly and easily, with Storm removing the oxygen from his lungs before he can utter the words that he couldn't breath.

That's a pretty instantaneous shutdown.

Jean can actually take a ton of them down when the match kicks off(Zatanna being one of them) with an aoe psi blast(much quicker than she can utter a few words).

My point was that there are several characters in this fight that could easily shut her down before she even gets a word in edge-wise. It doesn't have to be Storm or Iceman that takes her down, there are so many people here that could take her out faster than she can utter a word that it's more likely that she would be one of the first ones going down anyway.