Super Cyborgs

This is a list of half-human-or-something, half-robot hybrids...

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Posted by Legendary_StarHero

Nice list and hope this grows.

Posted by Samimista

Awesome list my friend! Nice to see Lucia on the list. =D

Posted by cameron83

What about Deathlok?

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What about Deathlok?

This exactly

Other than that I loved it.

Posted by cameron83

There's also A LOT more,like:

But still,this is a really good list.

Although some of those people on that page aren't Cyborgs anymore (like Iron Man or Peter Quill).

Posted by Yung ANcient One

I like the list however I would as always like a short piece of information. I'm cool with a bio or a reason why they are on the list or an explanation to why are they in the order that they are.

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