My Top 10 Sith Lords

Although the Jedi represent peace in the galaxy, their dark counterparts are never far behind. No matter how long the day, night must fall and it's only a matter of time until once more the Sith will RULE the galaxy, and.....they shall have peace...

Here's my top 10

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Posted by StMichalofWilson

Honarable Mention

Darth Malgus

Took a heavy amount of punishment, but made a name of himself in galactic history sacking the Jedi Temple on Courscant. He's the Darth Vader of that era.

Posted by Bane_of_sith

I might have placed bane hire on the list myself ;) but it encapsulates some great sith lords,,,though if that's supposed to be in order for. Best to worst I would definitely rearrange the list

Posted by mrdecepticonleader

Great list.

Vader and Sidious happen to be my favourite sith lords too.