I'll endure the New Era of Spider-Man

I’ve read the 700 issue of Amazing Spider-Man and honestly…I’m conflicted with this. In my opinion, Dan Slott is doing a fantastic job in storytelling, but this ending for this issue felt a bit…..farfetched. I mean ok, Doc Ock is the Superior Spider-Man and he’s going to do things different than Spidey. Yet the question remains, “Will this work?” or “Can this work?” I don’t think it’s possible to assume that people will forget Peter Parker because Peter Parker will now and always be Spider-Man. He is the heart and soul of the Marvel Universe and like Superman a legendary hero whose presence stands the test of time.

Plus; Doc Ock is in Peter’s body. Sooner or later somebody is going to find out what’s going on, especially if he encounters a telepath. I really believe this is going to be a difficult year (or from the looks of it next few years) for Marvel, cause this madness is never going to end. But in as a comic fan, I’ll check out the Superior Spider-Man comic and see if the story is good. It never hurts to try something new right?

Now for this little rant. Why make Doc Ock swap his mind and let him die instead of making some other character take his place? I mean this is unfair to him. They could have just replaced him with some different character, but mind-swap? The same trick Dr. Doom used on Reed Richards! I mean Peter didn’t go down like a hero. In Ultimate Spider-Man he went out with a severe bullet wound fighting Osborn, Kraven, Vulture, Electro, and Sandman defending his family. Hell in DC Batman dies going all Dirty Harry on Darkseid, and Superman dies defending the city against Doomsday. Spidey should go out like a hero and the sad part is that he died in Ock's body and as he was dying, MJ was there hoping that Peter Ock would die. It just wasn’t l right. This was like the epitome of Parker luck.

I mean c’mon, you could have done better! So to Dan Slott, hope the new series has a good run!


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