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Ah, a new year full of comics, video games, and other stuff. I've been having a good time as of late: just finished working on my DeviantArt page and now submitting some of my artwork. May not be big shot stuff but still a decent artwork if I do say so myself. Hope that some people check it out and if they like, lend me some pointers on how to make it better.

Pretty much how I do my artwork

I also finally added Cowboy Bebop to Comic Vine. Very happy at that cause I just finished watching a marathon of the series. Definitely worth my time. I haven't seen any films of Miyazaki as of late and my friends have been bugging me to check it out. Even got a recommendation of another anime film call Ninja Scroll. May check those out in the future.

"Has not even peaked my interest", said nobody

As for comics, well I've been reading Batman, Spider-Man, TMNT, Saga, Justice League, and others. Really enjoying Endgame as of late and had a blast reading the Ghostbusters/TMNT crossover. There are also two female superhero comics that I've been enjoying so far, Ms. Marvel and Princess Ugg. The heroines are awesome and the storylines they've been in have been enjoyable to read. There's also some sci-fi fantasy epic that has gotten my interest, but it's not important at the moment...yet. The upcoming comic book events have also taken my interest, even though I'm starting to really get tired of these events going on every year. Problem about these comic book events are that while the plots and moments are interesting, they seem to have little effect on their respective universes cause eventually everything is will go back to normal just in time for the whole universal-shattering event to happen again. That type of repetition becomes a bit too much and it really loses my interest at times. Don't get me wrong, if they feature good writers and execute good stories I will read it. Maybe Secret Wars and Convergence will be the events that will end all the madness of ongoing crossovers but I can be wrong. Still going to get those tie-ins though; can't resist that Nostalgia!

Lastly, I'll talk about movies and television. The fact that the films that defined my childhood are coming back with sequels, reboots, or sequreboots (I have not idea how that came up in my head) is pretty cool. I love dinosaurs, spaceships, lightsabers, robots, and popcorn. So it's great that I can go to the movies to relieve that childhood, then realize that I'm getting old. xP

Rely on the Power of Youth!!!

As for television, I have been enjoying the following: Constantine, Agents of Shield, Arrow, Flash, and Archer. Also been checking out new shows like Galavant and Agent Carter. By the way, #SaveConstantine and SaveToonami! Can't wait to see the next season of Game of Thrones and looking forward to Better Call Saul!

Well, that's all for now. Looking forward to the future and more exciting things to come my way. Saint Michal singing off for now...



Dream of an Animaniac

The world of animation include designs, portraits, and stories made into motion to that provide a visual representation of art, but inspires the minds and imaginations of individuals of all ages. Some people think that cartoons are mostly just colorful nonsense designed only to attract the minds of children in their early years. However, there is something special about a cartoon that attracts not only children but even adults, especially the ones that remind people of the happy times in their youth. There is something about cartoons that bring generations together and let the imagination go wild. A cartoon series is something I would like to produce someday. The world of animation has always fascinated me, especially cartoons like the Looney Tunes and Mickey Mouse. I dream of one day being the next animation legend like Bruce Timm and Greg Weisman, Bringing some reminiscence to my work while still featuring something new in the animation world.

By the time I graduated from high school, I had decided to pursue a career in animation. The world of cartoon animation always held a special place in my heart, well more like my life in general. I was a kid who had a vivid imagination, and I would often turn on the TV and watch fun shows with theme songs I still hum to myself ever so often. There were shows that often poked fun at real life, like the surreal and imaginative exploits of a guy named Doug. Other shows were zany and made no sense, but my cousins and still found them entertaining, DuckTales, being an example. In my opinion, there were shows that cleverly included real adult humor while still maintaining the guise of a kids show, like Animaniacs. However there are even some cartoons that are pretty much adult humor, like Futurama and Archer.

Some of my favorite shows came from great animators like Bruce Timm and Greg Weisman who have contributed to such amazing shows like the adventures of a fearsome caped crusader or the story of mythological creatures living in the modern era. Those were the shows that created cult followings that are still going strong today. These shows really fascinated me in my youth, and as I grew up, these shows made me even more convinced that I want to choose that career path. I would love to animate so many classic literature stories, or at least what is left. There have been so many great animated classics from the Hobbit before it was featured in live-action in ongoing Disney movies. One of my absolute favorites was The Black Cauldron, which was actually based on the fantasy novels The Chronicles of Prydain. It would be a greater delight if I could base an animated show on never before seen concept art of the movies. Many designers from the animated show Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels have produced incredible episodes featuring the influence of Ralph McQuarrie, an artist who worked on the designs of the original Star Wars trilogy. Also, it would be a great honor if I was allowed to retell the stories of some comic book characters.

I have so many ideas I would like to do for Batman or the X-Men, but that would mean I would have to deal with people who own the creative rights to the characters and the fans who love them. The problem that new shows face today is that there are always going to be diehard fans of shows that aired around their generation, that have great difficulty dealing with the slightest change to something that is classic from their era. Those fans will immediately go in an uproar. When it comes to rebooting or trying something new to a memorable franchise, it doesn’t hurt to include something classic, but still try to make the show its own element. It doesn't hurt to look back into the past, but it is also important to look towards the future, with new, innovative and creative inclusions.

I’ve had this idea of creating a comedy series based on Airplane, The Naked Gun Trilogy, and several Mel Brooks movies like my favorite Blazing Saddles. It would be a show about the lives of superheroes and crazy shenanigans that resulted in their adventures. I could see myself as a writer, someone who can literate stories that can be entertaining or maybe an artist, who can feature great designs for certain characters to make them pretty artistic. Perhaps I can be a bit of both since it is my own project I’m working on. I do look through various parts of media and literature that revolves around comedy to learn how they presented the humor in crafty ways. I would like to present it in a way that would represent still something that is a bit different from what most of other animators have done in the past so it can be known for that uniqueness. It would be a great representation to present entertainment for two different audiences and yet make something that that enjoyable for comic book fans and average viewers will get it too.

Something kind of like this...

The show Futurama became very unique because of the way it often presented theories about the universe and still bring real-life situations into the program. I believe this animated show made viewers learn about the characters featured, made you laugh with the nerd culture, made you feel emotional, and made you feel good about life. The show also did a special animation called cel shading: a special animation technique designed to make 3-D computer graphics appear to be flat so it can mimic the style of a cartoon or comic. I would love to do something that really defined the modern age or hopefully for the future of animation. I want to be that animator who shows creativity in my work and also one that provides meaningful messages in the topics that I choose.

My mom believes that animation is something that is directed towards children and mostly acts too childish, but in my opinion, it is so much more than that. It plays a special impact in our lifetime; with artistic wonder that last for generations. I would want my work in animation to also bring that great sense of inspiration. Deepak Chopra believed that real enduring myths and the characters that populate them are never created by one creator. They are drawn from those universal fields that are the fruit of eons’ worth of human dreams, aspirations, fears, and imaginings; for that they are in constant transformation and evolution. I believe that animation plays a huge part in the continuation of myths and legends because it brings animation to life with such artistic wonder. It doesn’t have to be a related to comic books or even novels and adaptations, it can be something entirely different and new in the storytelling. It’s one thing to present something entertaining but it is so much more when you can present something that has a lasting effect for the viewers, whether they are old or young. Animation presents a unique opportunity to provide amusement, education, and even guidance to a certain degree to people of all ages. Animation can be adjusted to accommodate and influence different age groups over multiple generations and so could possibly consider a good source of entertainment.

“Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people from of all ages everywhere in the world.” I hope to do exactly that as Walt Disney once said. The amazing skill of animation brings a unique form of entertainment, it is a career path I would like to do someday. So for now, my drive and my passion to become an animator is pushing me to continue my education and the pursuit to my chosen career as an animator, and also continue to reach and hope for a great opportunity to come my way. Sometimes you got to have that bit of dream, luck, and hope to continue on. It really gives me a purpose and motivation.


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Captain's Blog: 234983

Just got back from my usual stuff. Been traveling with the folks and taking online classes in the process. Man the places you go. Anyways, I just thought I would make this blog post to keep anyone viewing this up to date. I just saw Godzilla and X-Men: DOFP; they were both great. May think of doing reviews on both of them. Also thinking of post some more blogs in the future. Not sure yet. Don't have much to talk about soooooo......that's it.


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Captain's Blog 654321

I'm planning on leaving this site. There's been nothing but problems for me every time I log in. I just can't seem to upload images on internet explorer, I have to use chrome which I don't often use. I can't tag the images in the right place because every time I remove one tag labeling certain images, it somehow erases the entire thing, forcing me to tag all those images again. Plus just I had another problem logging in. I don't know maybe it's my laptop or something, but I don't think I can do this anymore. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, but I just can't put up with it anymore. I'll see if I can get help for this but until then I'm only going to post images and comment on topics if I get the chance. I don't know, this is really bothersome. Post to ya guys later. :Peace

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Expanding the Star Wars Universe…

A long time ago in a neighborhood far, far away a boy would receive a gift of three video tapes called “Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition”. Watching them as a young kid, he thought it was the coolest thing ever and as he grew up into adulthood, he became one of the biggest fans of the sci-fi fantasy. That boy was me. I am a huge fan of Star Wars, both the movies and the Expanded Universe that it is based on. Any books, novels, and various forms of media that I could get my hands on afforded me to opportunity to learn more about one of my hobbies in life. I expected that the series was over and there would only be stories within the six movies, but that all changed in 2012.

Insert John Williams' music here

The Galaxy Far, Far Away is continuing to expand, for better or worse. Since Disney bought Lucasfilm, many things have been happening. Now with new movies coming to the cinema and TV shows in production, Star Wars is coming back in full force; but is it coming back the same? How will this effect Expanded Universe canon, which is mostly licensed information of the Star Wars universe outside the feature films? This is my opinion regarding the changes coming to the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Star Wars Rebels

A new age is coming when the fans finally learn more about the period between Episodes 3 and 4, which is a time between the Prequel trilogy and the Original Trilogy. This era described when the Empire was at the height of its power. The series will follow the adventures of new characters that will play a big role in the formation of the Rebel Alliance. We don’t know much of the plot as of yet, but I have a feeling that it will be revealed in the future. I can’t wait to see what they have in store and the various homages paying tribute to legendary concept artist Ralph McQuire. The show would be a perfect opportunity to follow up on the Force Unleashed video game if writers are willing to give it a chance. I believe that if this show becomes successful enough, some episode might go between the Original Trilogy, which would provide much needed content for longtime fans. It would also be good if the show is connected another television series…

More of these guys? Only time will tell...

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Ah yes, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The animated series took place between Episodes 2 to 3 within the Prequel Trilogy. Currently there are many people still conflicted about loving it or hating it. In my opinion this show has done a great job in expanding the legendary universe of Star Wars by adding more to the mythology. I can’t wait for the final episodes of the series and have great expectation that they will bring a great amount of closure for fans of this show, both old and new. Plus with the incredible characters the writers and producers created and resurrected (like a certain Sith Lord), I as a fan would love to know if they lived on during the era of the Empire. That’s right, I want Ahsoka, Hondo, Bo-Tatan, Embo, Suki, Ventress, Captain Rex, Gregor, the Jedi Younglings, and even Darth Maul to return in Rebels!

The Clone Wars has done a great job bringing the characters, the worlds, and the technology to the small screen in a big way; it would be very interesting to see what these elements from the show transfer to Rebels creatively. I have a bigger hope that there is some connection to the 2003 cartoon series in the final episodes as well.*

Video Games

I'll admit, they're pretty cool too

Star Wars often brought great video games to the table. Examples of which are the Force Unleashed, Bounty Hunter, Republic Commando, Empire at War, and fan favorite Battlefront. Now there’s a possibility that they are no longer part of Star Wars canon, which I believe is disappointing. Games like Bounty Hunter, Republic Commando, and the Force Unleashed should be titled as canon because they were really good stories. Honestly I believe that the Force Unleashed should be canon alongside this series because I really believe that the first game provided a worthy story within Star Wars territory. The first game had a great story, interesting characters, and of course awesome gameplay. While the Force Unleashed is a good candidate to be labeled as canon in the Star Wars Universe, there are games that deserve credit as well. I mostly root for Force Unleashed because I prefer the game’s origin story about the formation to the Rebel Alliance than the one with Rebels (but that opinion could change depending on the direction the creators of the show will go).* I also root for Bounty Hunter to be canon because Jango Fett was to me a highlight in Attack of the Clones, and this game gave fans an understanding why he is the catalyst for the Clone Army. These games were not only an opportunity to expand on great storytelling, but it gave fans a lot of fun ways of interacting with the adventure and the character. I was really devastated when the Boba Fett related 1313 was cancelled, denying us a great opportunity to explore the adventures of this amazing character who deserves more screen time (Hopefully this game will be featured possibly a spin-off……movie?). Hopefully there will be a chance that these future Star Wars games will provide great stories.


When it comes to comics, Star Wars can definitely deliver, especially when it comes from the publisher Dark Horse. Now that Marvel owns the property next year, I’m a bit skeptical on what future comics will be featured, but hopefully it will feature really good writers and artists who are fans of the saga. It would truly make this change impressive.*

More Fett and Mandalorians please...


It will happen folks! Someday...

There are a lot of great Star Wars books, and I mean a lot. From tales of the Old Republic to the odyssey of the New Jedi Order, Star Wars books are really a good read.* Just like the comics, the novels provide a great opportunity to expand the series further and go into territory that has never been explored before. I hope that Disney will allow Del Rey to continue writing these amazing stories and that these novels will be officially canon in the movies or TV shows.


I love all the movies, both the Original and Prequel trilogies. Lucas is a great storyteller, the way he interprets the story on screen is quite amazing. The purists hate George Lucas because they didn’t get what they want and they spent too much time hating on one single character and a species.

Blasphemy!!! Saint Michal will be judged!

When it came to the Prequels, I believe Lucas should have let someone else be the director, because it seemed to work better with the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Episode 1 should have been that calling card that the director’s job was best left to somebody else while still following the exact story he wrote. The creativity and most of the timing was not as effective with that storyline and I do believe it was because of the direction taken at the time. The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones were okay, but they only highlights for me were definitely the graphics and the action scenes, especially when the climax lead to the lightsaber duels which in my opinion definitely the best part of the movies. Revenge of the Sith is actually one of my favorite next to Empire Strikes Back because it was kind of Shakespearean Romantic in a way. The idea of evil triumphing in the end, but the power of good endures on really captivated me. Plus the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker was very interesting, even more so when I started watching the Clone Wars TV shows, giving us a unique example of a tragic hero. The Duel on Mustafar is a true testament to why this series is the best combining science fiction, fantasy, storytelling to generational audience. The newer movies also are cinematically beautiful; I mean the planets featured in the movies are spectacular, and before James Cameron’s Avatar or even the Star Trek reboot, Star Wars really upped the scale of sci-fi for the modern age. I can’t wait to see what JJ Abrams has in store in the upcoming movies, because I bet it will be fantastic. After all, look at what he’s done for Star Trek and he was not even a fan!* I can’t wait for the upcoming movies and I hope they live up to the hype everyone is expecting them to be. Remember that George Michael song. You “Gotta have Faith”.

There is also a crazy idea I thought of in my head, but maybe just maybe they could recreate episodes 1-6 with different actors (or use the graphics from Blur Studios). They don’t have to change any scenes. Once they feature it in the movies and sell it as Blu-Rays and DVDs, like the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies, make them extended. Then create TV shows featuring adventures between the movies to make them canon!!!

A crazy guy can dream.

Expanded Universe

The reason this legacy continues...

Finally, I’ll talk about the Expanded Universe itself. The universe that encompasses all the elements of the Star Wars films featuring books, comics, video games, television, and other media. Nowadays some parts of the fictional universe are coming to live within the television, which so far counts as canon. There are already some parts of the Expanded Universe that have been presented, like Quinlan Vos, Nightsisters, and even Republic Commandos. I hope that Star Wars: Rebels and other future Star Wars projects borrow some elements as well, like Mara Jade (crossing fingers!!!), Red Squadron, Scoundrels, and the Heir to the Empire series (or basically, anything Timothy Zahn as written in Star Wars).

These are my opinions and hopes on what could be a great future for the Star Wars franchise. As always, it feels nice to express my opinion about these sudden changes. Hope you enjoyed this blog and let’s look forward to a positive future. May the Force be with you guys.



Captain’s Log 123ABC

A new year begins, and so do my everyday adventures!!! Huh, it sounded better in my head for some reason. Anyways, just celebrated my birthday this week and trying to get through a Saturday, because it was during the weekend after B-Day that my dear grandma left the family and went to heaven. But somehow, there was a good thing to that, cause she left a special present for me during one of these occasions. Something to remember her by and a special note that came with it. I gotta tell ya, it felt really uplifting to know that she is always there in spirit. So far still looking for employment and taking a lot of classes to gain enrollment to college. Man sometimes I wish it was easier. I’ve been really obsessed with speaking my opinion against nerds and geeks. There are times I wonder why they act this way and do I even have to be a geek and a nerd. What I mean is that they keep having issues about the new Star Wars trilogy and the prequels, then they hammer on about the Simspons and Spongebob being past their prime, and that they don’t like change. Not that I’m convicting everybody, but I think that they are wrong, mostly all the time. Gamers like TotalBiscut think they are so competent in knowing what makes video games perfect, nerds like Andre(aka. Black Nerd Comedy) think that no one will accept changes to cult classics, and geeks like Whovians act like religious purist bent on cleansing newcoming fans of Doctor Who or people who make a certain mistake about the series. To even get more personal, I wonder why some people of different races spend time on the bad qualities of diversity (like racism, stereotypes, and constant reminders of the past). It’s amazing that it’s the small amount of problematic people that actually make the most noise just to make things harder for average Joes like us. But now that I’m older now, I realize that people are entitled to their own prerogative, whether they are doing it for the benefit of mankind, or just to act like a complete idiot. More importantly give them the best revenge of all, prove them wrong. So hopefully, I’ll get a job at either IGN or here at Comic Vine or Newsarama or even New York Times (I’m dreaming so bear with me) sooner or later, and let my voice be heard. I actually hope I get a job in animation, because I have an amazing idea for an animated series. I wonder if I made sense during this whole blog? Perhaps I should create a podcast instead or create a YouTube channel? You never know, I could. Well, that’s all I have to say for now so until then; The Legend Continues…