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I just had a question about them. During the World's Most Wanted arc, did Tony and Pepper sleep together or did they just kiss? Cause it seemed kind of implied, when she woke up kinda naked. Perhaps I just missed something, it has been a couple years since I read it.

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The Secret Avengers tie-ins have been pretty good so far.  I've also been keeping up with Fear Itself: Homefront just to see how good ol' Speedball is doing.  There was also a one page story about a girl who decided to move to Paris instead of Belgium.  Poor woman.
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@Carolina574 said:
"Aunt May would have finally died again, Spider-Man would have beat down the Kingpin, again, and the book would still be the best title Marvel has to offer and they would have material to take the book in new directions instead of rehashing stories from the 60's and 70's with Peter's girl problems. "

Hear Hear! I think it would've been interesting to see Peter deal with the death of Aunt May, and the fallout from revealing his identity.  Eventually it would've all evenend out.  I mean Iron Man and the FF don't seem to have a problem with their real identities being known.  Plus Spidey's "Other" powers were wicked cool!  I'm so sick of the "Spidey running out of web fluid mid battle" gag.  It's been done before!   
Also, I hated MJ's characterization in OMIT.  She didn't want to remember his real identity because she's too weak?!  Come on!! 
Needless to say I am unimpressed with the OMD/BND/OMIT storylines.  Rant over now.
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   I just read this the other day, so it stuck in my mind. 
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Ever since BND happened, I've lost track of who knows who Spidey really is.  All I know for sure is that MJ and the Fantastic Four do, I think... Anybody else know who he is?
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Awesome!  Thanks for the tips everybody!
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I have a lot of comics on the go, and I find it hard to keep track of when they all come out.  Is there some site with like a master list of when comic books get released?
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Woo Free Fridays!
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One of the things that really bothered me about the OMD/BND storyline (there are a lot), is that Peter Parker has always been seen as this normal kinda guy who has to deal with everyday problems, ie. he was a high school student, he can't afford rent, etc.  So if Quesada didn't want Peter and MJ together (which is just stupid, btw)  why not just have them get a divorce?  How much more normal can you get?!  50% of Americans do it all the time!  But instead he just rewrites their whole history and puts Spidey pretty much back at square one.  Yawn.   
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I'm just curious as to what Peter remembers as far as the deal goes.  I mean I know he doesn't remember Aunt May getting shot or the whole Mephisto thing, but I remember a few issues back (can't remember the specific one)  Spidey and the Fantastic Four were on some adventure and Johhny got all mad at him cause they couldn't remember who he was under the mask.  Then eventually Peter explains that when he shows them his face they'll all remember who he was again.  So obviously he knows that, for whatever reason, no one knows his identity anymore, but how?  Unless they explained that somewhere and I just missed it.

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