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Very cool.

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I've reread this one so many times now.  Such an amazing issue.  Probably one of my top 5 comics from last year.  It was the first time I've ever been introduced to the character and now I can say I'm a fan of Death.  Sounds odd when said aloud though.

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I gotta say, I agree with you on Action Comics 894.  That is one hell of an issue that I've gone back to and reread multiple times.  I really hope they continue with Death like that.  She seems really cool.  Also, I'm for Lex staying as the lead in the book.  Its so interesting that way.

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If you're going to play hardball with the world, you've got to get your hands dirty.  Also, that Mystique series was pretty damn cool.  Kinda wish they would have added on to it.

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Personally I want to read about characters that grow and change with time.  If I want to keep reading about a regular MJ who hasn't done much in her entire life aside from being a hot normal girl who Peter has a thing for then I can pick up the hundreds of comics I've missed from before the mid nineties.  Since I know I don't, I rather see her become relevant and in this case, it means getting powers.  Otherwise, the only thing that keeps from being any other girl who can written into Pete's life is the fact that she has decades of history with him.  But when summed up, it doesn't really amount to much.  So power her up I say.  Even if temporary, it should produce from interesting scenes that could be pretty cool if done right.

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I hope that his character continues to grow in a direction that makes sense for him.  That being said, it would be nice for him to meet some of the other members of the Bat family and either aid them or confront them in some manner.  Preferably the Batgirls since I think he needs to give the Robins a break for a bit.  Possibly go meet Cassandra Cain since I doubt hes even met her and would put him a long ways away from the rest of family by dealing with the most distant one aside from himself.

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G-Man, I'm sorta surprised you like Axe Cop.  To be honest, I found it lacking when I read it.  Now Dr. McNinja.  That is one hell of series to follow.  I haven't had time to read up on the latest story arc but believe, its much better than Axe Cop.  Besides, the authors for both series did a cross over not too long ago.  You should check it out.

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Hypervelocity Armor.  It was the best armors next to Extremist and the current suit.  In fact, it was hinted that he built this one at the same time as Extremist but that it was lost due to the craziness that followed its activation.
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@darkcloakx:   Not only Hybrid but Toxin and Scream as well.  Those would be cool to reel back in as well.  
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I like the idea just so long as it doesn't keep growing from here.  Its cool that Hulk now has a family with him as the head of the household.  And thats great so long as it doesn't keep getting bigger for no reason.  Like this, it allows him to grow and get more attached to his fellow hulks who all have previous bonds to him in one way or another.