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Although I don't believe the OP meant it to be this is really a vague question. Are we talking country or government? Are we talking real suicide or just severe risk? Are we talking a multitude of lives, land, or resources as the ultimate goal?

I myself spent 6 years as a Marine. And anybody who was a Marine will tell you that they essentially signed a blank check with their lives. So my answer is yes--for all it's flaws I would risk my life to defend this country. Although I'm not sure I would want to risk it for a giant oil grab in the Middle East coupled with an inept President's unwarranted war ego----

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Interestingly enough I had never heard the term "catfishing" until a recent episode of NCIS: New Orleans

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I haven't really stayed up on the national stats for these type of things. Based on my own personal life though-- I know two women who are cheating now and one who has talked about it. However I know of no man who is currently cheating--nor are any of them talking about it. Does this mean that women are three times more likely to cheat than men? Not likely. But it does mean that in my world women are more likely to cheat than men.. Just as a sidebar the 2 women I spoke of--are doing it for purely financial reasons--

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@ganon15 said:

Which Vietnam-war movie is better? Platoon or FMJ? I can't decide myself lol

Of these two I like Platoon a lot better. But both are good. I do find it interesting don't choose to include THE definitive Vietnam War film Apocalypse Now--a film that is light years ahead of these two--

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There are quite a few things that grind my gears. I won't post most of them. Because most of them involve George W. Bush and I would rather not be the one that started a full scale firestorm that burned Comicvine to the ground.

But I will give these 2.

1.People that will argue a point that has been de-bunked and de-bunked and de-bunked. With virtually every once of info, history, debate, opinion available on the internet it's hard to understand how some can stand there and argue a point.

2. I watch alot of movies. I watch alot of TV. I read alot of books. When someone asks my opinion about such I give a fairly decent description of why I like (or dislike) the movie/TV/book. What grinds my gears if I ask someone their opinion and their answer is "It sucks." or "It's awesome.' I then ask "Why does it suck?" or "Why is it great?" And they answer--wait for it--"Because it does.' Or "Because it is."" ARGGHHH

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@arcana said:

People who can't drive and give you the finger after doing something totally douchey on the road.

I approve this message

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Patriotism means different things to different people. I was a Marine for 6 years. I would have laid down my life for this country. That makes me a Patriot in no uncertain terms. Does that mean this is a perfect country? That I don't see it's flaws? That I don't see the misuse and abuse of power? No it doesn't. But understand being a Patriot and chanting "USA USA USA" are two different things

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Some of these shows I didn't watch (and there's at least one I've never heard of). Other shows didn't "jump the shark" as I understand the term. Of those left Family Matters and Roseanne are the ones that stand out to me. And my vote is Roseanne.

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American Idiot--er-- I mean American Idol. How anyone with half a brain cell can sit and watch this is beyond me

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I want to. And I should be able to. But I have heard way too many horror stories of abuse of power.