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I'm reading the ongoing Inhuman series now after enjoying Infinity, and I like it quite a bit! I also have the first volume of Hickman's Fantastic Four Omnibus, so I'll be reading both volumes in a binge in November. I also found a hardcover copy of Jenkins/Lee Inhumans miniseries at my local bookstore. I'll probably read that over the weekend.

The question is, where can I go from there? I think I'll be reading through the Marvel Cosmic stuff from 2006 onwards, so I believe War of Kings will give me some Inhuman stories. What else could I dive into to get a nice since of who the Inhumans are?

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@squalleon: Okay, so I just spent the last few hours doing research on Legion continuity. That's seriously confusing stuff. I think I've got it sorted, but I'm gonna write it out just to make sure I've got it right.

The Original Legion is the longest running version of the team, with its best stories written by Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen. This version of the team is "destroyed" during the Zero Hour event, or LoSH v4 #61. They reappear in The Lightning Crisis, a JLA/JSA crossover after Infinite Crisis, then Superman and the LoSH, then the Final Crisis tie-in. Afterwards, they got an ongoing title which survived into the New 52.

The Reboot Legion is what appears immediately after Zero Hour, also written by Mark Waid. This seems to be the most confusing of the three teams in terms of continuity because of the multiple series following the team. Volume 4 of LoSH ended ended with #125 in March 2000, as did Legionnaires with #81. There was a Legion Lost limited series which bridged the gap into a new Legion vol 1 ongoing by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Legion v1 was cancelled with #38. The Teen Titans/Legion Special rebooted the franchise, bringing us to the Threeboot Legion.

You recommended I read Waid's v5 LoSH run, which is the beginning of the Threeboot Legion team. He writes it through to Supergirl and the LoSH #36, when it reverts to the original title and a new creative team. The Amazon reviews on the rest of the series are pretty low, so I would stop at #36. The third incarnation of Legion reappears next in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds.

So, seeing as the Original Legion is what appears in the New 52, I fully intend on reading The Lightning Saga, Superman and the LoSH, and Legion of 3 Worlds, as well as volumes 6 and 7 of the ongoing. I'll also find the best parts of Paul Levitz's Original Legion stories (like the Great Darkness Saga) for my enjoyment.

I sorta like Dan Abnett's writing, so I might seek out Reboot Legion stories. I'll certainly read Waid's Threeboot stories. My question is, can I read the second and third versions of the Legion of Superheroes as if they were Elseworlds style stories, seeing as they are no longer the main team in continuity? Or do they clearly reference their legacy and therefore are a little more tied down by the old issues?

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Yes, I saw the news about the GL/New Gods crossover. I'm really excited about that despite my disdain for Vendetti's writing.

Is there any particular reason the New Gods have limited showings, maybe because no one is willing to try and expand on Kirby's work?

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Thanks for the post. I've already requested copies of the first two volumes of Kirby's Fourth World from my library, as well as volume 1 of Waid's Legion.

I did look into Simonson's Orion, and you weren't kidding. I found another forum where people were collecting all 25 issues, then custom binding them into large collected editions. I think I'll look more into that.

After I read Kirby's stuff (and maybe Simonson's if I decide to find it), where can I look next for Fourth World stuff? It doesn't seem like there have been many Fourth World centric stories published over the years.

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I recently got a copy of Final Crisis (New Printing) for very cheap, so naturally I dove right in. I'm very confused. Fortunately, I've found a few annotated Final Crisis blogs, so I'm slowly working my way through all that now. I quite love it.

However, I've found that I really don't know much about the New Gods at all. This is primarily because I'm a newish reader, having joined up after the launch of the New 52. I've certainly read stories that have featured Darkseid before (JL: Origins, Earth 2, stories seen in the JL/JLU cartoon, now Final Crisis), with him being so prominent and all, but I don't really get the New Gods/Old Gods/Apokolips stuff. I know Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibuses are a thing I could buy, but I would really prefer it if I could read something with more modern storytelling sensibilities.

I've been reading Didio's Infinity Man and the Forever People, and I actually really love it. The art, the slightly campy dialogue, the general story, it's all really striking the right notes for me. I just don't want to wait a month to read more New Gods stories.

Additionally, I'd like to find out what the Legion of Superheroes are all about. I know people were a little upset about the New 52 series being cancelled, but I never read it. I've heard that Legion continuity is super complicated and driven by retcons, so I really need help figuring out where to start with that. Again, I prefer more modern storytelling sensibilities. I know Mark Waid wrote a Legion run quite a while ago (which I'd read because I love Waid), but I remember something about it being not as well received or full of continuity issues... I'm not sure.

Thanks for any guidance!

TL;DR I want to read stories about the New Gods and the Legion of Superheroes but I don't know where to start.

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@smashbrawler said:

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There are lot ok bad books in Image. Saga? Deadly Class? Walking Dead? Chew? East of West? They are all terrible.

you've got to be joking

100% Serious.

Did I wake up in Bizarro World?

He has got to be trolling. I don't understand this at all.

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@spiderpiglives: I was gonna say the same thing. I just about pooped my pants when I heard the related information. The question is, would it even matter? The kid would be just about 6 years old at this point, so maybe a it's thing to be revealed two, three seasons down the road? Also, did we hear the girl's name? I feel like we did, but I can't remember.

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Well, I guess. This just seems really dumb. Now what about the blond dude in the Batman Thanksgiving image?

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@tximinoman: I got my basic understanding of the Watchers by reading Marvel 1602. So, I would recommend reading that at your leisure. It's utterly brilliant, having been written by the always excellent Neil Gaiman, and it has a Watcher.

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It's worth noting that the Immortal Iron Fist omnibus is most definitely not easy to gain access to. It's very expensive on Amazon. Instead, you can buy the Immortal Iron Fist Complete Collection Volume 1, which I believe collects the same material the omnibus did.