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my favorite comic is the new venom why because i love seeing what marvel does with that sorta of element of horror but what there doing in the this new series is using it show it has some good purposes with it which flash Thompson is trying to do but the symbiote is still showing feral venom which is always a plus in my book

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my origin is simple i was the best pilot in the galaxy. then i was ambushed by pirates i crashed with my yellow submarine into the wasteland their i met a soldier a survivor his name is Julio (corporal blue) he was part of the blue army he was a corporal but he was in every spec ops.there my journey started there i only read about the Mojave desert as we walked though it i noticed something on the ground it was a piece of shock trooper armor i remembered that the pirates were from the empire,shock troopers there nothing compared to what else is coming after me and blue. after me and blue walked to the airport which is empty no signs of life, we found parts scattered everywhere we had rummaged enough fuel to make it to a planet of mercenaries. we were hearing ads on the radio we heard about a assassin and a man with a type 88. they have been sticking banks,stores. they're wanted for a $1,000,000,000 dollars, and we decided to down those bastards. as we headed for their last known location we felt like we were being watched. as soon as we noticed we set off a trip wire we were in a dark room being questioned. the first one had a dark mask,a cape with steel chest plating i could see a thousand weapons in the back round the second man was with a white mask, tall there circling us they asked why were here who do we work for. all we could do is say we don't do nothing for nobody. they made us run jump testing our abilities when suddenly the room flashed with light it was the police after them we yelled, "hey we can get you out of here we quickly ran to our little ship filled with their guns and ammo and left the orbit as quickly as possible the cops were gaining on us we decided to crash right on top of this small planet. as we got out of the ship we noticed that the two men mask were off we saw their faces after that we learned about Jose "war" he was an assassin who was betrayed by his creed he was abandoned, forgotten,and then he made a name for him self . then their was Juan he was simply tall dangerous he fought in the war against Russia. they teamed up to make a name for them selves. we joined as we could be useful to one an another now were a team of 4. we crashed on a dark planet it was filled with no hope abandoned. No sings of life were found bio scanners, thermal ,nothing. then suddenly an earthquake. a dark white figure appeared out of the ground we were all aiming at it. It screamed its high pitched scream then suddenly our minds went blank. All we could hear was it telling us why? why were we bothering him? why were we invading his fortress of solitude? then i saw my hand reaching for my pistol loading it to my head when suddenly! out of nowhere we could hear each other screaming. we all quickly jumped up to see the monster dead it had a arrow in the back of its head we noticed a elf in the back round yelling at us to go to him. naturally we went to thank the stranger. he told us that we should leave the planet before the queen comes when,suddenly an explosion in the background. we saw it was our ship we all ran over and saw the monsters head on top of the explosion it left a message with its blood on the hood , ill be back! we ran back to the stranger to ask where the hell were we he answered the planet E it was the planet know for sadness,nightmares. we all saw a tower of darkness raise from the ground the sounds of evil,lost,dead soul's, from the ground we could see lava spilling out , darkness cooling it off , when we heard the witches laugh we all decided that we had to get out of there we ran to see the tower it was a evil military base of some wicked army from hell. we saw a transport ship we all had to put our fears aside to leave this cursed place. each of us asking for help form the holy father asking him to bless our weapons. we finally charged into the damed building. i took beach as we turned our flash lights on we saw the bodies of the damed souls a stench so wrenching we couldn't breath. we quickly ran to the docking bay we saw a way to take the tower down we rigged explosives on the tower and the extra ships covered them in oil that way for sure over kill but weren't done we needed revenge. we quickly stormed on to the very top to see the king of all this evil was standing right in front of us. its name was john it was talking about how were ruined its studying,peace that it couldn't have for a long eternal time. i started to charge at the damned beast it pushed me back with its mind. it almost threw me off the tower, we saw a named carved on the back on the monster as soon as i spoke it the monster reacted like it bothered it like it wanted me not to say it. we all started saying the name then when war used the magi sentence," ****** will never love you" it started screaming turn red with rage we charged to ward it and shot it, stabbed it, every way to make damage possible. it finally exploded we quickly ran to the ship and took off. we all saw the tower crushing the planet in half as soon as we landed in a planet named the citadel we became famous for killing that monster for it has been wanted for a million years countless had tried only to have their soul taken away. we got jobs as a legal bounty hunting group we made millions for ships,food,weapons, and one huge tower of power. we lived an thrilling life. a hard life

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hello everybody im just a young writer and i wanna hear some of your stories i will post one my self tell me how you feel about it and any topic doesn't matter i just wanna hear a good stories

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@Strider92: i probably would too but eh who knows maybe its a good idea? for a what if and cmon you gotta admit a wise cracking phoenix would be sorta awesome and especially in AVX

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I'm not sure if they ever did this in way back back issue. but i think batman has it tougher then superman before! the new 52 but after i just gave up on batman and decided to side with superman after 52

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to me the new show is a friendly way to put spiderman but the again this is in the ultimate universe but who know a great idea or a failure? plus the venom episode made me really question the show

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@InnerVenom123 said:

I really do like that armor design. I've been meaning to get back into Iron Man after I ditched it during Fear Itself.

i ditched iron man before fear just because i was tired of the same old same old but this probably a great reborn for the series/character. and also a really great design

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but you gotta think in their point of view. its not like all of the want them want to kill i cant speak so much for wolverine though.