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Does anyone know what the extras are in the back of "The Evil That Men Do" Hard Cover? I'm considering double dipping, but I want to know if its worth it. What do you guys think?

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Reguarding Salt Lake Comic Con. The comic book creators have their own page that is apart from the celebrities. It's off of the drop-down menu... :( I wish they made it more of big deal. Thank you guys for an awesome podcast!

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Hey Everyone! I just wanted to see what you all thought of some of the character changes in the New 52. I know a lot of people are pretty upset about the change they made to Lobo. Most prefer the pre-52 version. There are a few characters I like better and some I wasn't too thrilled that they changed. Is there a character that you like now more or more than?

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I stand Corrected. 4th largest. Next year they'll have a bigger convention place too, so they don't sell out so fast.

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Hey Tony!

Salt Lake just had it's first ever Comic Con last week end and it was awesome! In total 80,000 people showed up! And it was sold out, so it would have been even bigger! It broke a couple records! It was the biggest first convention of any kind! It's apparently the third largest comic convention in the nation now... Fight for Comics podcast (salt lake podcast) <--- See the link to listen to the local podcast where I heard that. We were also very fortunate to have Stan Lee there! I'm not bragging, just excited.

Now the question part! Would it be probable that you guys might come to the Salt Lake Comic Con next year or sometime in the future? Also, assuming that the answer is no, I would love to do videos and coverage like you guys do for the other cons. Would that ever be possible to join the awesome staff of Comic Vine for this one event each year?

Thank you guys! As always, love the podcasts, videos, and updates! Comic Vine Rocks!

Stettsen Olsen

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That is awesome!!!!!

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Good heck that's weird. The show is funny but the parasite thing left me scratching my head the whole time

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@g_man I haven't had the chance to listen to the end. Having someone like the Lorax is a great idea Tony! But i hope its not the Lorax himself because he'd probably just grab the seat of his pants and float away if ever a fight came!

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