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In the movie he puts his fist down and the snow or dirt moves around him,then he takes the digital first book Suoerboy has all the kryptonian powers,but his flight is different,it is a form of "close" TK.back when Suoerboy was created it was stated that his TTK was a field mimicking supermans aura,but he could use it to extend out wards.

The question is could this be the same here,could Smallvilles Suoerboys flight and TK be a extended version of what MoS supermans flight is?

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Everybody knows Wraith is Kal-l. More powerful,weak to his own version of kryptonite,been around since 1938,come on its obvious

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I got all the original comics with him in them,and yes if you like superman blue it is worth it.

Btw I just got a superman blue scribblenaut the other day,it is sweet.

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Nothing is gonna happen that superman fans needs to be strong for,he is clearly the powerhouse of the two,if anything bats is asking Clark for help.

And the armor is a nod to frank millers story,and wouldn't you wear armor also even if your just asking for help from a being who could kill you in a second

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Actually because it's "earth" stone might be why she gets powers,and superman might not.

Also Lois was exposed second hand to the brainiac stuff,not first hand,that might be why she is flourishing while the originals couldn't.

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@mikrypton15: he just showed up in issue 33 himself,so you are good with just that one.

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@mikrypton15: you are WAY behind.

Kon is back and alive.he became a herald for that galactic/watcher like guy,then got pulled back to reality by the 2 Jon's.he has a body,and we will see what happens next issue,which is the last issue of Superboy in just a couple weeks.

Jon is good

Issue 19 statis tube Jon is bad

Raven is good

Superboy might be in a Gen 13 Type book

Check out more kon in The Mutiversity#3 the just,and in the digital first Smallvile

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Superman is bigger than one man(supermen of America,superman family,legion of super heroes,etc),he is a idea,and I don't mind multiple uses of Superman.

Oh and every evil superman that's in the article has a "hero" version that is there to stop him,so let's not act like everything is turning evil and dark and gritty for superman.

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Kesels was unique

Geoffs was not unique at all,BUT really cool

Lobdells was unique,but to unique to fit the mold of a SUPER

Smallvilles is unique and cool,only needs some TTK senses and more touch aspects of his TTK,that to along with his close proximity TK he has now.

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His TTK is that unique thing about him that only happened because of the merged DNA,but him being physically at YJ tv show or golden age levels of kryptonian power is what he should keep from being part Supes,the rest made up for by his TTK,which if you think of it long enough you can find a way to mimic all supermans powers and give him more at the same time,and that's even if he isn't in the same weight class physically as full kryptonians