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He was on the last page of Supergirl that came out yesterday,and will be in future issues of that book.also that secret origin that will have him in it I think comes out next,it's written by the same guy who wrote the futures end story,so who knows what we will get.

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Kon has his original fade and earring,so it's not meant to pick up at the end of the originals story (before the soft reboot Geoff gave him for TT).this is heroes plucked from all different times,so there is no prequel or sequel stuff here.not to mention they are all stuck in different "domes" that brainiac has collected from across the multiverse,so it's it's own thing completly.

Kon hasn't even got his second super suit here,so he is still way to young to really be fighting KC supes,I don't think that's the point of this,and the ppl here who are stuck on that are missing the point and won't understand this until they have the issue in their hands.

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I think the point is that kon will "try" to fight KC supes,but won't stand a chance,but won't give up,and KC supes will acknowledge and respect that,because that's what a superman does.

Btw this is original kon who we have seen twice grown up,once with Black Zero,and once when all the kids and adults switched ages.KC supes is way powerful so I don't see that as even a issue when reading the solicit.

I wish they could amalgam the three comic versions of kon(original 90s,Geoffs TT,and new 52).

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I like the idea that his powers come from a mix of natural amplification through absorbing sunlight,manipulating the EM field around him with that energy,and controlling it to a SUPER level with TP and TK,even if it is limited.

Superboys powers IMO are not as limited,but still way to young to be fully realized.

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He manipulates the energy around him or inside of him,that's why he can absorb one form of energy and convert it to another,then use it in many different ways.

TK is NOT what he has,that's Superboy,and his TTK is a mutation of what superman has.

Both have the same effect,besides that Superboy can manipulate his energy outward easier than superman.

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Superman "should" be able to manipulate the EM field,and TK is just another form of energy,so he should have it,atleast close to his body or blunt Wraith can do.

Superboys TTK IMO is just a mutated version of kryptonian powers.changed only from one form of energy to another (TK),which in turn is easier to manipulate by the user(kon) outwardly.

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@glarinetta: KISS=keep it simple stupid.this is what DC should have done with kon(not to mention all their characters).

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Which makes him complicated as hell.jon is a step not needed imo,all you need is superman,a human donor,and him being a clone to be kon.

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@glarinetta: "IF" DC is going to keep kon as Jon's clone then yeah I hope so,but there is always the slight chance they will make it so down the road we find out it was one big ruse,and he is lexs clone creation.

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@glarinetta: yeah there are a ton more ppl over on the superman forum for sure.i check this one pretty much everyday,so I'm usually available.

Kon is my favorite character,so I'm always willing to talk about him lol.