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Anti-mask sentiment, Nightwing vs. Prankster, topsy-turvy politics, AND roommates. 0

Chicago was a good change of scene - and pace - for Grayson, and this issue keeps it all going: anti-mask sentiment, Dick's run-in with the Prankster, topsy-turvy politics, AND roommates. The hits just keep on coming.Higgins is still going strong with this character and it shows. Dick is slightly withdrawn but charismatic and kind to his new roommates, even when one of them mistakes him for an intruder. The dynamic between them all is building well and it's rad to see him in such a normal twenty...

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An ending with more questions 0

This story arc of Gambit has been full of what I like to call "wait, what?" moments*, and this issue is no exception. We learn a little bit more about Joelle's past as well as about Joelle herself, yet only the very basic questions about her are answered. We see the Zero Compound in action, but if these previous issues have been any indication, we still haven't been shown the full extent of what it is or can do - only the merest hints. The end of the issue seems to bring the current story arc to...

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Review - Doctor Who #3 0

The Doctor has been arrested, there's something strange about Sir Charles Warren, and Inspector Abberline isn't fooled by the psychic paper.  Just how deep The Doctor, Amy, and Rory have gotten into the case of Jack the Ripper is only revealed when The Ripper chooses one of the time travelers as his next victim and time continuity is altered.  At first I was wary of a Jack the Ripper story arc.  Maybe it was seeing a few other Ripper-related stories in comics come about lately, maybe because it ...

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Review: Scarlet #5 0

Scarlet appears at the rally.  The question of how the riot police will react to the mob that has formed and is now worked up by her speech is answered, and we learn more about the motives of Agent Daemonakos and Detective Going. This is the issue I've been waiting for. #1-4 set up Scarlet's story - the reason for her anger and abrupt break from society, and consequently the building reactions of those in authority.  But this is the catalyst for everything that will happen from now on.  Similar ...

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