Favourite Vertigo Titles

I'm a huge fan of Vertigo comics, and some of the original Vertigo titles were what really got me addicted to comics. Here are some of my favourites, some old, some new, probably will add as I find new things.  Not really in specific order, although I guess the most favourites will be towards the top since I tend to think of them first. 

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I love Fables. I Zombie is fun.  You should check out Scalped, American Vampire, and Sweet Tooth too.

Posted by stephaniebrite

Haven't checked out Scalped, but will do! The first story arc of American Vampire was good, but not quite enough to keep me interested going into the second. Sweet Tooth I couldn't even make it past the first few issues - technically, it was quite good, but I just couldn't really get into it, if that makes sense. 

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@stephaniebrite: No that does not make sense. :P
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what? no Y:the last man? also no 100 bullets!...bang! bang!, your dead miss