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@WDW said: 
@theicon said: 
" better but not  how it should be "
Better is good enough since nobody will ever agree on the perfect Wonder Woman costume "
@theicon said: 

@WDW: indeed true,  but  the original show got it right, why is that so  hard to do these days? "

What's right? We still can't even agree on the costume for the comic book character. Personally, I wish they'd went more fully with the Jim Lee costume, but it looks like they tried to compromise between classic and modern. I can live with it as it is now, I'm much more concerned about the show itself. The costume could be perfect and I still wouldn't watch it if the writing is terrible. 
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Even with the terrible costume I was going to at least give the premier a shot. The costume is betterish, but still not that great. We'll see what happens with it, I guess. 

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I don't know for sure, but I don't see why not. And even if it is uncommon.. who says you can't? 

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@Mumbles said:
" comic trailers,lol "
I second that.. but still, it's effective. I wasn't at all excited about Fear Itself but decided to give the main arc a shot. But the more previews I've seen, and now the trailer, the more interested I'm becoming.  
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Since it seems that the movies all have had a tinge of Ultimates influence, I'm thinking they'll go with the more practical suits.  Either way, I'm glad they're linking him in a little bit. 

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Don't forget about Alex Ross' armoured superheros in Kingdom Come.. those were just awesome.

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Good stories are good stories, bad stories are bad stories. I love certain characters, but I will drop a title featuring any of my favourites if the story isn't catching my interest, regardless of the character. I love Batman, I love Grant Morrison - doesn't mean I didn't just drop Batman, Inc. off my subscription list because it wasn't catching my interest.  I refuse to hate on specific writers entirely, including Johns, Fraction and Bendis (and not just because I'm Oregonian for the last two). I *like* the fact that they are trying to shake up their various universes, even if it doesn't always work out well.  If I want to read the comics of the past, I'll get the back issues.  If it weren't for writers like these, the comics industry would completely stagnate and that would be even worse than dealing with some bad story arcs. 

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I think that in a lot of ways you're right with the mirror reflections of Batman vs. villain - then again, how often does anybody truly fight against something else that they are also not fighting within themselves?  
I wonder if this, plus the way he so perfectly fulfills Joseph Campbell's hero's journey, is why he is still one of the top favourite superheros out there. 

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Whoa, good thinking. I remember seeing that panel, but I didn't pay too much attention to it. But then, the first few items have already happened - it's fun to think that maybe the Marvel U was giving fans a chance to see what they're planning in the upcoming year(s?).  
Is Man Without Fear a hint at the conclusion to Fear Itself?  
Things to ponder... 

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Love Scott Snyder - I'm really interested in his take on Dick's optimism vs. the Gotham jadedness, and I can't wait to see what he does with James Jr.  His insight into the motives and resulting actions of the variety of humanity found in Gotham is really fascinating, and I think quite good. 

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