Oh, hi - at least for now?

Well. Apparently that blog didn't last too terribly long. Not that I can guarantee this will either. But, I'm back on ComicVine - it's lovely to be able to buy comics again - and hopefully I'll be a bit more disciplined at keeping this up.

I just cranked out two reviews for the two issues I bought today, Nightwing #20 - Flying Blind and Gambit #12 - Tombstone Blues so I'm a bit out of steam as far as writing goes. I'm just going to leave off with this:

I fucking loved Iron Man 3.

Good night!

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March 2011 Previews - #1's I'm excited for

Batman: Arkham City
Hype for the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum is already high - I know I'm definitely looking forward to it.  So this 5 issue miniseries covering the time between the stories of Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City is very welcome and should give some more ideas to what will happen in the game, and make the waiting period a little easier to bear.  Plus, the 1:10 variant cover with video game art looks amazing. 
Batman: Gates of Gotham:  
*Another* Batman miniseries, I know, but this one seems to be a classic whodunnit with a bit of Gotham noir thrown in.  I'm especially intrigued by the teaser in the description that "this limited series touches upon mysterious story elements introduced in Grant Morrison's Return of Bruce Wayne."  It's worth at least snagging the first issue - the art looks amazing as an odd mixture of steampunk and art deco and Scott Snyder is co-writing. 
Strange Adventures:  
I love Vertigo collections. So, in this, I am completely utterly 100% biased on this title. Sci-fi short stories from Vertigo greats like Brian Azzarello, Scott Snyder (again), and Peter Milligan (who is one of my favourites)? Yes, please.  Oh, and artwork from the likes of Jeff Lemire and Kevin Colden? Ohhellyes. And as a bonus (as if I needed any more), Azzarello and Eduardo Risso of a little title called 100 Bullets are previewing their new series. 
Gladstone's School For World Conquerors:
Image threw this sneak preview in and I'm really glad they did otherwise I might have looked it over.  The preview is enough that I think it's worth picking up the first issue to see if the pacing is as quick and fun as the three pages shown.  As it is, it seems to have the same sort of quirkiness that I enjoyed about the Teen Titans cartoon.  
Kirby: Genesis
Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross, helped out by Jack Herbert, bring some of Jack Kirby's concepts to life thanks to Dynamite Entertainment.  I trust this team to do Kirby's creations justice, and can't wait to see what they've brought out.  
Alpha Flight:  
I'm not too excited about most things surrounding Marvel's Fear Itself event, but the reboot of Alpha Flight is one exception I am completely happy to make.  Hopefully Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente can bring the team back to life for a good long run. 
Moon Knight
Another reboot, this time from the incomparable team of Bendis & Maleev.  Even more exciting than the Alpha Flight reboot, the creators working on Marc Spector's story should hopefully create more interest in this character than did some of the short-lived series (like Vengeance of the Moon Knight) which came before.