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I'm happy, I loved Iroman, but the prespective that the Nolan brothers gave to the batman movies I loved it even more, so I say let them do it!!! either way marvel-deadpool-dysney thing...kinda fed up!!! only looking foward for Iroman 2!!! DC made a super good choice with these people!!!!

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@Emerald_General_Jai said:
"So...this is for the retailers? An all the rings Deadpool is wearing are just happenstance? Come on Marvel. It's like u just don't give a damn about even pretending to need our respect. The original idea was controversial, and i for one am part of the crowd calling foul, but even if u had a chance to convince me...Deadpool wearing that many rings? Why not take back ur own crappy Dark Reign titles? This entire controversy could have been avoided if they'd have named the same # of Dark Reign titles, and given the retailers they care about so much a bigger opportunity to qualify for the book.  @Caligula said:
" I think the Cover, is Parodying, the Green Lanterns with all of the Rings and such. I think they went for a parody because of how well the Blackest Night Books are selling, I also think that's why they are releasing DP Corps, is to mock Green Lantern Corps. Honestly I think Marvel are taking cheap-shots, and are being called out on it. and whne called out they cower back and say we aren't being pricks, but if they weren't (and they were truly trying to help retailers) wouldn't they be taking stripped covers of their own books as well as others.? for this cover. "

Both of you guys are the only ones that hit the nail on the head, I mean the cover is awesome, but that doesn't fix the fact that DC gives away rings, and Marvel cheap shots and NO second printings?!?!?!? I  say Marvel just proved the worst fear of Disney taking over, THEY DO NOT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT US READERS!!! poor old Stan Lee just doesn't know!!!!!!!!!!
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@goldenkey said:
"I wouldn't want to see Tarantino do a comic movie unless it was more of street character.  Punisher, Daredevil, maybe even Wolverine, but I couldn't see him doing something like Superman or GL.  "

Exactly!!! they should have gave him Punisher, that is his type of movie and type of character!!!