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Stalemate. Supes probably cant penetrate an AT field on raw strength alone currently.

Nor can the angels hurt Supes. The dude has insane durability.

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Greivous slaughters Azula.

He's faster, stronger, has far better reflexes, has better protection (she isnt scratching his armor) and is likely the more skilled combatant overall. Besting Asajj and Durge simultaneously is no small feat.

The dude has taken out Jedi with ease. Even the average Jedi Knight is physically superhuman through using the Force.

Azula gets her skull crushed in by an armored fist before she can even react. Grievous has no need of his lightsabers here.

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Mercer destroys him. The dude is insanely heavy. Everytime he consumes something, he adds its biomass to his own.

Plus he has the advantage of attacking from unconventional angles.

Add in his INSANE healing factor (dude regenerated from a NUKE)

Marek is getting owned. Badly

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Batman: TAS

Bruce Timm's Masterpiece. Enough Said.


It rivaled Batman: TAS in brilliance. Weisman did a fantastic job developing a unique, extremely fleshed out world of characters, plotlines, and story development out of an original property. The show also did a great job incorporating various mythologies and cultures into the show. I still go back and watch the series from time to time.

Todd McFarlane's Spawn. Dark. Engaging. Awesome. Anything Keith David voices is pure gold

Justice League/JLU

Invader ZIM. Shame it aired on Nickelodeon. So much potential

Thundercats. Watch the reboot. You'll be pleasantly surprised


Transformers: Beast Wars

Avatar: TLAB



The Tick.

90's Spiderman

Young Justice. A fantastic show that is unfortunately getting cut short. Another show that Greg Weisman is involved in.

Tartakovsky's The Clone Wars

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

90's X-Men

Rocko's Modern Life.

The Batman

Pirates of DarkWater

Spectacular Spiderman

2003 TMNT

80's Transformers

I could go on for quite some time. It's a shame that American animation doesn't get the credit it deserves.

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Kryptonians stomp both rounds.

Under a yellow sun, every single Kryptonian is going to have Superman-esque stats.

The same cannot be said for explaining the difference between Goku and Vegeta and the average Sayian warrior. Goku and Vegeta are more powerful by an unfathomable degree over the average Sayian Warrior (Raditz was around average). By the start of the Android saga, both Goku and Vegeta were more powerful than Raditz by over 100,000 fold, depending on what fanmade powerlevel chart you go by.

That difference is only going up as the DBZ sagas progress. And both Goku and Vegeta (at the end of DBZ) don't have what it takes to put down Supes IMHO. An argument could be made for Goku and Vegeta having superior combat speed and martial arts skills, but Supes has confirmed nanosecond reaction times, and is incredibly fast when he needs to be.

Power Wise.....

Superman >>>>>>>>Gohan>Goku>Vegeta>>>>>>>>Average Kryptonian>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>King Vegeta>=Bardock>>>>>>Nappa>>>>>>>Raditz>= the average Sayian warrior

Extrapolating on this,

Average Kryptonian (yellow sun) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Average Sayian.

Having Zod, Doomsday, and Kara in addition to Kal really seals the win for them here.

I would say that Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan could potentially do some damage. But they arent taking out the high tier Kryptonians like the above mentioned people.

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@Xanni15: Just better accuracy feats. Casually shooting a flying vehicle out of the air without even looking at it is a huge feat for him.

I think he missed Widow because they've trained together for presumably years, and know each others tricks pretty well. Plus, Widow has always been better in close quarters than Clint. She used the environment to her advantage.

He also predicted Loki catching his arrow when he fired at him, and chose an explosive arrow for the occasion.

Then we have his shot from another ship onto the helicarrier turbine. Calculating or not, that's damn impressive.

Yes, Legolas never missed. But he was shooting at primarily stationary/ slower moving targets in the movies. I guarantee those Orcs/Goblins/Uruk Hai weren't moving nearly as fast as those hoversleds the Chitauri were using in The Avengers.

If Legolas wins, its not because of accuracy. It would be because of his superior physical stats allowing him to react faster than Clint could. Pure accuracy, I'd still say Clint is a bit better

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@charlieboy: He gave Supes a seizure/stroke once. He ruptured the blood vessels in his brain....

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Hawkeye has the better accuracy feats for sure....

Archery: Barton

Melee: Legolas

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Manchester Black has got this if Jean doesnt have the Phoenix Force.

MB has the better TK feats for sure, and controlling a bunch of superpowered villians is an impressive TP showing.

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@ULTRAstarkiller: He missed Black Widow twice during their fight onboard the Helicarrier.

He didnt miss for the rest of the movie IIRC. When he appeared to miss Fury, he was aiming for a computer so he could hack into the helicarrier and shut another engine down.