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Scenario: - Superman before the fight is given a full body exposure of green kryptonite for 1 minute and 45 seconds

- You are given 6 years preperation by training in 3x Earth's gravity for strength, speed, and endurance

- (Viners that don't know much about martial Arts only): You are given a 2 week martial arts session from Batman

- You are given Steel knuckles with a coating of green Kryptonite.

Rules: Hand to Hand Combat only!

-Superman is not allowed to use speed blitz, heat vision, lobotemy, freeze breath, flight, recharge solar energy, etc.

Fight Takes place in the streets of Miami at night.

I lose. Can't survive for 6 years in 3x Earth's Gravity.

Unless we get some magical protection for our organs from the increased gravitational pressure, we're all dying within a few months from sheer organ failure...

Don't underestimate what can be accomplished through performance enhancing drugs. I've seen people cycle test for 10 weeks and pack on 15 pounds of pure muscle. Given the right training regimen and circumstances, you'd likely emerge from the chamber being low level superhuman status (physically).

Can we get an option to increase the gravitational pull once we become accustomed to the heightened gravity?

2 weeks isnt a great amount of time to master any type of combat skill. I guess having Bruce as your sensei would help, but a half month isnt a lot of time to learn an effective martial art.

I might be able to kill him. Supes is still a tough mofo even after kryptonite exposure, so it might take awhile....

If I dont exhaust myself and go straight for the kill with the kryptonite knuckles, I might just pull it off....

EDIT: I die. Supes is taking my head off with a single punch..... low level superhuman strength or not....

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Yoda slaughters Grievous in 1.5 seconds

Yoda is the Jedi Order's absolute master of lightsaber combat. He's leagues ahead of Obi Wan, who seemed to be doing very well against him.

Yoda turns Grievous into scrap metal in 10/10 fights

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1. Artemis

2. Zatanna

3. Batgirl

4. Rocket

5. M'gann

6. Bumblebee

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Indeed. Best one of the season.

We get to see Wally back in action.

Nightwing's back in the field.

Kaldur rejoins the team.

i think we'll see the original team in the last episode taking down the Reach and Black Beetle while Supes and company wreck Savage and the WarWorld.

Maybe a Mongul vs Supes fight in the future?

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Plot necessity. Savage is assumedly taking the Warworld to try to preemptively eliminate Supes and company.

Although we have no clue who else Klarion brought with Savage through that portal. I would assume since I predict their going to try to eliminate Supes and Co., that they have brought the entirety of what remains of the Light in tow. Perhaps one of the heavier hitters took down Marvel.

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We see Savage take the WarWorld to the planet where the heavy hitters of the Justice League are being held for trial in an attempt to destroy them before they can be freed.

Supes and company get freed in order to protect the planet.

Black Beetle vs Blue and Green Beetle

Wally becomes Flash out of necessity. Impulse becomes the new KF

Nightwing back in action

Last episode featuring the original team

The episode itself was pretty good. It seems characteristic of the Light to keep most of their doings in the shadows(until this episode). The scale of Kaldur's planning and machinations undercover seems a little convienient, but entirely feasible given the overall intelligence Kaldur seems to possess.

I wonder what will happen to the former Reach Ambassador. Maybe switch sides and help the team stop Black Beetle.....

We'll see next week.

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EU is taken into account where concerning Vader precisely because the only movie feats we see of Vader are from films that were made in the 80's. The relatively primitive special effects and props (believe it or not, they had to use special blades to rotoscope the sabers in the film) severely limited the speed and choreographing of the fights at the time. The films don't give us a picture consistent of a reigning Lord of the Sith when other sources of canon are taken into account (the prequel films etc.) where Jedi are over 10X faster and more coordinated in their swordsmanship.

Vader is faster than Chief for certain in running/ sprinting speed.

Chief briefly ran at 65.2 MPH in a training exercise in his MJOLNIR armor. He only sustained this speed for a very short amount of time, and tore his Achilles tendon doing it. His average running speed is somewhere in the low 30 MPH rate, given that it is STATED that he is slower than Kelly, whose average running speed is around 38 MPH.

Keep in mind that these feats come from only a few months after Vader is put into the suit, so he likely got faster as he became more accustomed to his new cybernetics.

Vader, ultilizing the Force, and his mechanical limbs, can move in bursts at speeds exceeding 150 MPH. He has been depicted as being either at equal movement speed or only slightly slower than Roan Shryne in The Rise of Darth Vader, who covered at least 7 kilometers in the span of around 1-2 minutes. That puts Roan Shyrne as being able to move anywhere between 130-260 MPH for at least that amount of time. That's a 195MPH average, taking the slowest and fastest speeds into account. Now, also take into account that a Padawan and fellow Jedi Master were able to keep up at that speed without showing any signs of fatigue.

Vader almost caught up to Roan twice on Alderaan during the Fang Zar abduction. Where Roan was depicted as running at Jedi speed to make the shuttle where the crew he was with was waiting to take Fang Zar offworld.

Now, let's say because Vader isn't known for his speed, he's only capable of moving at around 80% of the rate Roan can move at. That still puts Vader as able to move for extended periods at anywhere from 104- 208 MPH (156 MPH average). For arguments sake, lets take that lower number. That still puts Vader able to move around 3x faster than Chief in a running race.

Vader can comfortably take Samus, while John should be able to deal with Snake.

Vader could potentially solo the other team, but I already stated that.

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Too many heavy hitters and prep Gods on the Marvel/DC side....

Jedi and Sith get taken..... horribly....

And this is coming from a knowledgeable Star Wars fan....

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@VercingetorixTheGreat: Exactly my thoughts. Heck, had Katara not been there it looked like he was just going to slap her around the place like a red headed stepchild. Azula wasnt doing too hot (haha firebending pun) in that final encounter.

I think Zuko's learning from the Dragons gives him an edge in bending knowledge when compared to Azula...

I wouldnt say Zhao was shrugging them off. He seemed to be funneling the attacks around his body. Shrugging off would imply he was simply meeting the attacks head on, "tanking" them if you will. Zuko stil had him on the run for the near entirety of their encounter at the North Pole.

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Zhao having more raw power than Zuko is highly debatable.....

Zhao is mentioned as having no control. Is he a powerful firebender? Sure. I doubt you get to Admiral in the Fire Nation Navy without possessing some power as a bender. I wouldn't put him on a level with top tier firebenders like Iroh, Ozai, and Jeong Jeong. I wouldnt even put at mid high tier with EoS Zuko, Azula etc...

He's a decent mid tier firebender whose power is overestimated due to his lack of fine control over his bending...

People seem to forget Zuko was kicking him all over the North Pole at the end of Season 1....

What was likely the case in their Agni Kai, was that Zhao was the more experienced bender, and controlled the terms of the confrontation. Zuko was still mastering the basics of firebending at the start of the series when he dueled Zhao.

You must remember Zuko progressed greatly in his own firebending prowess from that episode up until his final confrontation with Azula.....

I still give this to Zuko after a tough, long fight.