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Empire stomps this....

More destructive weapons, better shielding, faster means of transport (very important for logistical purposes),

Not to mention Vader and Sidious could likely turn back any ground offensive by the Trek soldiers pretty easily.

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If Toph is quick on the draw and hampers Katara's movement early on in the fight, she takes both rounds.

If not, Katara takes it in a slim majority. Waterbending is the second most versatile element (Air being the first) in the Avatarverse, and Katara is pretty much at Master level at the end of the series. Not Pakku level, but still formidable.

I would argue Toph is more proficient at Earthbending than Katara is at Waterbending. She learned from the original Earthbenders, the Badger Moles. Learning from these moles is what developed Toph's seismic sense to the degree it is developed.

It could really fall either way depending on situation and circumstance

Good match up.

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The Agent is just a little too strong and fast for Cap to defeat.

Cap could likely hold his own for a little while, I doubt the Agent is fast enough movement wise to blitz him. But the Agent has far faster reflexes, is stronger, and constantly whoops up on nigh superhumans (Trinity, Morpheus, Neo in the first movie etc.) who possess complete mastery over multiple, if not all, martial arts styles known.....

And I always thought that Smith was slightly superior to the other Agents. But that's just my opinion....

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Dr. Fate has this in the bag.

Superhuman physicals that exceeds Loki's

Magical ability that greatly exceeds Loki's.

Fate has intervened indeed

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@Arkreuz: Thank you kind sir. I'll have to watch it once I get some free time. Freaking Computer Science major -_-

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WWII Germany in a stomp of epic proportions.

Advantages for Germany

Far more advanced tech

More advanced weaponry and machines of war. Tanks, fighter planes, guns, artillery etc.....

Better tactics, especially if Red Skull is leading them

Better logistics and communication systems.

Advantages for Fire Nation

Iroh, Azula, Zuko, Ozai. That's it. 4 exceptional human benders who could easily be taken out by machine gun fire, bombs, a sniper bullet from hundreds of meters away, an artillery strike etc....

This "war" would be over in a few weeks. Germany overwhelms the Fire Nation in multiple theaters of war simultaneously with air superiority, naval power, and their ground troops having superior weaponry. This matchup gives the term "blitzkrieg" new meaning....

Honestly, The Luftwaffe and the rest of the German Air Force could almost take this fight on their own..... given enough bombs and bullets.

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@Laurcus: People keep on mentioning this.... I was almost certain that Bardock died when Frieza blew up Planet Vegeta. Am I missing a special movie or something (other than the Bardock Special)?

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@SpideyPresence: Indeed. I think people were inferring that Peter couldn't avoid a straight up tackle from a supersonic Iron Man (kind of like what he did to Thor in The Avengers)

Peter has some crazy durability in those movies, but I dont think he's taking a supersonic hit from a man in a heavy exosuit.

Tony wins, but this is a lot closer than people think it is....

Spidey would dance around Tony in CQC. I just dont know if he possesses the required strength to truly damage the armor. We know Iron Monger could crush Tony's helmet, but the suit resists blunt force trauma very well from what we've seen, even in the Mk III variation.

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@Havenless: You mean did one Unibeam with his old arc reactor (the one he built in the FREAKIN CAVE) from the start of the movie.

He supported that car while his armor was operating at around 10-15% power. He's likely a lot stronger when he has his newer arc reactor powering the suit.

Tony with his new arc reactor powering the armor took a tank shell with little to no damage to his suit, other than scuffing the paint. Given the fact that he's an engineering prodigy, I would say it's highly likely that his armor at full capacity was probably stronger than the War Monger suit Stane was operating by a good margin.

Tony has too much versatility compared to Parker, who is likely faster (reflexes) and maybe stronger than tony. CQC isn't Tony's style anyway, not to say he cant throw down when the situation calls for it. I'd say Tony could take this pretty handily, although Raimi's Spidey was incredibly impressive.

Too many options at Tony's disposal, even when restricting Tony to repulsors,

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@fatalsniper728: He could blitz Snake, unless Snake is a lot faster than I am giving him credit for. Samus depends on the suit shes' wearing (Zero Suit Samus might avoid a speedblitz, given her agility in that suit). But the duo have no defense against Vader's Force Abilities, and that's why they go down against Vader.

@SpideyPresence: Not sure, but unless he can bullet time (like SPARTANS have reported their reflexes allowing them to see bullets and the world slowed down around them) he's not faster than John in reflexive speed. I'd imagine he's not stronger than John in the armor either., given that John is around a 2-3 tonner in the suit IIRC. The suit would give John better protection than Snake as well.... I'd give it to John in a fight personally. Snake isnt making it easy for him though.