DC New 52 vs Marvel Season One

Just when DC's new 52 is on the verge of launching, Marvel starts to roll out their plans for their season one books. Unlike DC's single issues, Marvel will be launching a handful of graphic novels which will update their major character's origins. As far as I know, Marvel will continue their single issues unaltered.  
I have a few (selfish) problems with marvel's revamped books. 
1st) Don't get be wrong, I am all for a great Graphic novel but I personally wish they would be releasing the stories individually. Honestly, I'm not sure why they don't. Its not like Marvel hesitates to launch a series. They have like a million books out already. Judging by the most recent Ifanboy interview, (  http://ifanboy.com/articles/marvel-comicsseason-one-interview-with-tom-brevoort-david-gabriel/) Marvel seems to be more interested in directly competing with Superman earth one. They are trying to separate the market between single books and issues. Dear Lord, can they not allow DC any success? It's not like they are going to lose any of their market share anytime soon. Or are they? This leads to my second problem. 
2nd) In my opinion, Marvel is doing what DC, smartly, tried to avoid. I believe that DC used the success of Earth one as a test bed. They saw that the public is hungry for a modern reboot but they recognized that they would have to go all in. Marvel is trying to have its cake and eat it too. They are hoping to reboot while keeping the status quo. I believe they should have gone all out and started fresh. I know most people who will read this are die hard fanboys who hate to share their heroes and love to gloat about their 20th year subscription renewal slips but things really need to change.  The shops are filled to the brim weekend and week out with hundreds of spinoffs, cross, storylines, etc... Personally after almost twenty years I am exhausted. I applaud DC and wait for Marvel to truly follow suit. Of course only time will tell.  
I do know one thing. It will be interesting to gauge sales by the end of September. 
p.s. I am not a DC fanboy. I actually prefer Marvel most of the time. I just want my beloved past time to survive.      

Posted by harleyquinn12

I'm excited equally for both. I think the fact that Marvel is actually trying an idea like this is really risky, and I'm excited to see how it plays out. DC's new books really sound good because they give more people a chance to enjoy the medium that we do, and I'm excited to see how these creators can make these characters intresting again.