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But I don't think Tim is really into girls, you know? In every relationship he's in, he ends up ignoring the girl and breaks up with them. For example...

Stephanie Brown- Dated her for a couple of years, but never went anywhere past just kissing. They fight all the time and Stephanie is a huge clinger. Broke up several times, but now it looks like their done for good. 
Cass Cain- Never had an actual relationship, but now that Cass has gone villain-y, I guess that kind of counts as "breaking up" 
Tam Fox- Bet you any money they'll turn out like Stephanie Brown and Tim. Though, Tam is my favourite for Tim. 
Wonder Girl- Again, nothing past kissing. I ship Wonder Girl+Superboy 
Most likely, Tim will be a virgin forever. 

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I just think she was supposed to be a background character, who never really does anything important and is just there as a filler. When she was first introduced, she mostly just followed Tim around and did pointless things like protect a mall, which she failed at anyways. I don't understand how someone like that becomes a Batgirl, even if they're hard working and fun to read. And I really hate it how the DC writers are making her seem so improved from when she was Spoiler, having her break walls with a punch (from a recent Batgirl book )  and completely own all the villains she faces. Cass was so much better at being Batgirl, because she was one of the best fighters in the DCU and was badass. Now we have Stephanie, who is bad at almost everything she does and cracks jokes all the time, which can be extremely annoying. Stephanie should just go back to being a background character and stop being written as if she is so much better than she actually is. 
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It kind of seems like Stephanie can't let go of the past... I mean seriously, when she was Robin, her costume was almost exactly like Tim Drake's. And now that she's Batgirl, she has to add the purple to the costume to make it look Spoilerish. Ugly costume. 
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Top hated: 
Oracle (not Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, but her as Oracle) 
 The Penguin 
Leslie Thompkins
Top Liked: 
Robin (Tim Drake)

Robin (Damian Wayne)  
Black Mask (for killing Stepanie) 

Donna Troy 
Wonder Girl (Cassie) 

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Tim with Cassandra Cain would be cute! I really don't see him with Stephanie. She can be a huge bitch and I just think she's really fake. Tim and Wonder Girl was just a kiss because they were both depressed over Superboy's death. Tam Fox is ok, I guess. I think Tim should just be single for a bit because that would tie in with the whole gloomy, angry, trying to find Batman thing.

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No, I don't think she has the right attitude. I agree with Son_of_Magnus, she should just continue to be a background character.