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@ComicMan24 said:

Favourite recently cancelled title?

Don't have one. All of the cancelled titles I read really weren't that great to begin with.

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

On a scale of 1-10 (10 is worst) how bad would you rate Disney?

If you had to pick 20 non-moderator Viners to stay on Comic Vine, who would it be?

Your family or 1 Fictional Character of choice?

Any comics you looking forward to?

1) One.

2) Erik. Dane. Strafe Prower. AtPhantom. ReVamp. Zoom. CitizenBane. TexasDeathMatch. Ferro Vida. GeraldtheSloth. Lance Uppercut. Lunacyde. Jake Fury. MrDirector786. Sexy Merc. Nelomaxwell. CozyDaPrynce. Forever. Beatboks. There's another, but his username eludes me.

3) The family always comes first.

4) None, at the moment.

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@Strider92: Maybe against bullets. Blunt force is a different matter.

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@TheMinister said:

Was that Black Panther Party based off of T'Challa? Or was it just a coincidence? The timing that each were created are pretty close.

Three months apart. T'Challa was created in July. The Party was established in October.

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@Vance Astro said:

No, T'Challa was based on the party.

No, he wasn't. T'Challa's character predates the Party. While he was created, Newton was still in jail.

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@Haaydrian said:

We're discussing the fact that he got revamped statistics, inclusing revamped durability......

I don't think Spider-Man got an upgrade in durability after the events of the Other. I didn't read that anywhere. I kinda figured you would say that, though.

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As long as you didn't include the Black Panther party, which was established months after Black Panther was created, it's cool.

The character, more than likely, could be a product of affirmative action. But, during a time period such as the 1960's, what would you expect?

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@Haaydrian said:

He went H2H with Titanium Man and now he's getting punched by Cap?

It's not the first time he's been punched by Captain America, anyway (not to mention getting punched by other street-levelers, too). Going hand-to-hand with a villain that Spider-Man has no qualms of beating down is different from fighting someone that he really doesn't want to hurt.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Favorite pizza place?

Favorite Star Wars character?

Favorite cartoon show? channel? character?

Any movies you looking forward to seeing?

1) It's a tie between Chuck E Cheese Pizza and Pizza Hut.

2) Mace Windu, with Kyle Katarn right behind him

3) Justice League Unilimited. Cartoon Network (most of the cartoons I have ever watched came from there). Bugs Bunny.

4) The three part Hobbit trilogy. G.I. Joe Retaliation. Man of Steel.

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@MrDirector786 said:

Do you hang out with people of all age groups or just certain age groups?

Certain age groups. Ages 19 - 35.

I only make an exception for family members.