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@comicdude23 said:

C'mon dude. Uncle-Tom is a racial slur, the racial background behind the word is horrendous. Lol, what other remarks did she use?

It probably is, but the term she used has the same meaning. Either way, things like that don't bother me.

She was just generally running her mouth, trying to start arguments with me on Facebook over petty things or things she doesn't understand. That's all.

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@comicdude23 said:

Calling a black man an Uncle-Tom is far worse than calling him an Oreo cookie.

They have the same meaning, so it doesn't really matter.

@mikethekiller said:

An adult calling another adult an oreo?

Exactly. She resorted to talking to me crazy on Facebook because I stopped calling or texting her. That was just one of her remarks.

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@Billy Batson said:

Are you a fan of the show Boondocks?

Yep. Waiting for season 4.

@comicdude23 said:

  • Won't use it a-lot. Just if I might reply to you, if you don't mind, like ''sup my n!gga'', that cool?
  • Um. Why shouldn't it bother me?

1) I don't mind. But, if another mod says something about it, you'll have to stop.

2) I don't see what's so offensive about being called that, or why people believe that you should act a certain way to compliment your skin color. I'm not sure why a White man would even care, anyway. Don't entertain ignorance, and it won't bother you.

A former friend of mine called me an Oreo cookie because I wasn't interested in watching Red Tails. She was clearly calling me an Uncle Tom, but she made herself look like a jack@$$, anyway, which is I why didn't entertain her.

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I think I'm the only person that didn't like Dragon Age 2.

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@RoyHarperBLOW said:

Rap really sucks these days. Anybody agree it ain't what it used to be?

I agree. But, music is constantly changing, so it is what it is.

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@comicdude23 said:

  • Why is Erik gone? Who banned him?
  1. Ok, fair enough
  2. Cool bro
  3. I am tempted to say it here as I say it in real life. Would you mind if I said it? In another context that is, like ''sup my nigga'' or is that just inappropriate?
  4. He said he'd kill my family and called me an Uncle-Tom

- Confidential. Sorry.

3) If you want to say it here, edit the term and use it sparingly. Some people still find it offensive, although it doesn't have the same meaning as it's derivative. For example, n!gga.

4) The Uncle Tom comment shouldn't even bother you. But, the fact that he said he'd kill your family is a good enough reason for a beatdown.

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@Mr_Winchester said:

Whats your favourtie foregin flick?

The Protector.

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@comicdude23 said:

@Static Shock: Also, how many people have you banned? And who? Is Erik perma-banned?

I don't exactly count the number of people I've banned. But, yeah, Erik is outta here.

@comicdude23 said:

@Static Shock: I know the new debaters might not be as good as the previous ones. But could you at-least name some that have impressed you? Or atleast one that is quite good?

Some more Q's.

  • Do you mind if I call you ''bro''?
  • I know this might sound racist. So I have to be careful how I word this, do you mind in real life, when another black person calls you ''nigga?''
  • Was I right for beating a redneck to a pulp?

1) I can't think of any that actually stand out. I've lost a lot of interest in battle forum debates to the point where I don't too much care who's good and who's not.

2) I don't mind.

3) No. I don't mind at all.

4) Depends on the reason why. What did he do to you?

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@texasdeathmatch said:

@Static Shock: Oh bummer, was just playing it over the weekend. Pretty awesome what they're coming out with now.

I honestly don't think that BF3's DLC is worth all that money, especially with EA releasing all of them back-to-back. I don't understand that. Besides, I just recently bought two other games in the past three weeks.

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@comicdude23 said:

@Static Shock: I don't know why he doesn't impress you. He makes really great cases and made it into the HoF. I would put him above some of these established debaters.

Well, I don't know. We just have a difference of opinion.

@comicdude23 said:

Ah dang. It wasn't even a comic-battle.

I don't have energy for it right now.