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@m0ntyb0y said:

@static_shock: Smiley definitely isn't physically weak or slow by predator standards. Remember that Civilised Beasts is the sequel to Thrill of the Hunt. In Thrill of the Hunt, some Young Blood (or at best some average Hunter) pulls off the feats posted in this thread (under Part 2: Speed and Agility "B. Avoiding automatic fire (then leaping over a ~40ft fence while carrying an adult man")

Smiley is an alpha male Leader, meaning that his physical stats should be significantly above average.

He could be stronger, but how much stronger that it makes a difference? T'Challa has KO'ed a 10-tonner in combat (Man-Ape), broke the arm and leg of a Skrull with Luke Cage's strength (Luke lifts 25 tons) after figuring out he can only use one power at a time, and dropped Luke himself with nerve strikes. He held his own against and later defeated Alyosha Kraven (3-tonner) and defeated Karnak with ease (1-tonner).

As for leaping over a 40 ft. fence with a man in tow... T'Challa has leaped several stories in the air, while holding a man and woman in tow.

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Why do men like big butts....?

Look up Sarah "Saartjie" Baartman. She was the world's first "video vixen" with a large butt who was exhibited in freak show events in Europe during the 19th century.

Her large butt was used as a means of exploitation. Fast forward to today. The same thing is happening. Not at freak shows, but in magazines, music videos, and on websites.

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Easily clears through rounds 1-8 if it's rap battle. Probably gets stalemated by Jay-Z given Jigga's battle rap record, if he could get past him, he should drop Biggie with mid level difficulty and runs through Tupac. Album wise, only people here who match up with him completely in terms of quality in their dialogue would be Jay-Z, Tupac, and Nas. Biggie has to few albums, and Kendrick's resume while good, is overrated a bit IMO.

I somewhat agree with this. I didn't know Jigga used to battle rap, though. That's news to me.

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@andr413 said:

I believe they won't be doing this for free, there must be some purposes to become moderator. Do they get any paycheck from the owner?

No. I used to be a mod. It's a privilege, not a job.

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Oh its easier. T'challa with super human stats only matches a Elite Pred Smiley or not, without Vibranium Armor, makes all the difference. but because we are basing on Smiley own feats alone, he would not win a majority.

I don't exactly see what you see you see, especially when T'Challa is faster, stronger, smarter and more agile than every human that Predators usually kill. Plus, T'Challa has defenses against Smiley's ranged weapons, instead of the other way around; T'Challa can now teleport and has force fields that could block that shoulder cannon. Smiley doesn't have any defenses T'Challa's energy daggers.

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gotta have more detail in a battle like this. what type/rank of predator. how far away do they start? random encounter? any knowledge of each other? in character? equips?

The Predator here is Smiley, as the OP has confirmed already. Having said that, Smiley is carrying whatever he carried in his appearances.

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@8bitgangsta said:

@static_shock: this is just smiley? That's lame, limited feats to pull from, and limited gear. He would lose though give hell if BP has no Vibranium Armor, could still take wins as he has a easier time to maim and kill.

Considering the fact that T'Challa has been upgraded and has new gear at his disposal, it will not be easier, at all.

Other than that, I'm sure all Predator have the same physical attributes across the board.

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@8bitgangsta: @nightway: T'Challa lost Vibranium after the events of Doomwar. He doesn't even have it here, and I don't think he needs it considering the gear he currently carries.

Also, 8bit, the Predator being used is Smiley, and the number of weapons he had were limited. Other Predator accomplishments don't carry over to him. There's no reason to assume he carries every Predator weapon there is, either. As for defeating a Xenomorph Queen, he's only beaten one, to my recollection. Either way, it's not enough to beat T'Challa.

@nightway said:

Black Panther can phase his energy daggers through things, he even used this tactic on Ultron. .

I forgot about that. Ultron was composed of adamantium at the time, too.

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