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@static_shock: You still have a month to replay Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 like I did for a refresher before Witcher 3 releases. I like that CD Projekt Red decided to do what Dragon Age did just in case I want to change some of my decisions from the first Witcher. I'm so ready for Witcher 3 I might end up taking the day off from work just to put in some major hours and then right after that Batman.

As much as I'd like to replay both games, I'm currently tied down with Dark Souls 2 and other things on top of that. I'll just wait until Witcher 3 drops. I'll probably take a day off for it also.

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@pyro_raptor: This is a mismatch. Rambo doesn't stand a chance.

I say this because Dutch barely defeated the Jungle Hunter in the first movie. That was a Blooded (low-ranking) Yaujta. In AVP-R, Wolf (an Elite Yaujta) had a tough time with the Predalien, even though he discarded the remainder of his gear to fight it hand-to-hand. In spite of that, the Predalien overpowered Wolf for the rest of the fight until they were both killed by the nuclear blast.

With that said, I'm not sure what Rambo could do against the Predalien here

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Well, you see, I have Witcher 2 on Xbox 360. I played through it twice before finally playing the first Witcher on PC. After beating that, I decided to play through Witcher 2 a third time. I came to this decision a few days after deleting my save file for the first Witcher. I then realized that I could have purchased the PC version of Witcher 2 for cheap, replayed it a third time with my save data from the first Witcher carried over. But, it was too late. So, at that point, it didn't really matter.

However, CD Projekt Red revealed a quest at the beginning of the game that will allow us to recap decisions that we made in previous Witcher games. IIRC, the quest will be in the form of a conversation with another character, who will sing the tale of Garelt's past deeds from the previous installments. This was implemented for those playing the game on consoles. Check it out.

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@immortal777: In my first and third playthrough, I killed him. In my second, I let him go.

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Gameplay for MKX is pretty good. My gripes however....

-Purchasing 5 Easy Fatalities for 99 cents: It seems like this was implemented in order to capitalize on those that have a hard time learning the Fatalities. I wanna say that this is pretty stupid on WB and Netherrealm's part. But, those that buy into this rather than learning how to play the game are even dumber than they are. Put in the time to learn the Fatalities like MK fans used to do back in the day. You'll also save money doing so.

-Unlocking everything in the MK Krypt for $20: Same as above. Why spend the money when you can put in the time to unlock these items for free?

-On-disk DLC: I have an issue with this. I've come across tons of people that defend this practice, and I'm not sure why. It's usually the "don't like it, don't buy it" crowd, or the "it's optional" crowd, or the "DLC is easier to download" crowd. It's a bunch of bullsh!t. Anyway, I don't see the logic in releasing a game for $60 with the additional content on the disk, but locking it behind a paywall. Capcom did this Street Fighter X Tekken and Resident Evil 6. EA/Bioware did this with Mass Effect 3. Bungie did this with Destiny (doesn't matter if it was finished or not). It's pretty ridiculous. Anyway, for those that think that I'm lying, follow the link.

MKX On-Disk DLC confirmed.

Never mind the possibility of MKX being re-released with all of the content next year for one low price. WB does this often, but I can understand buying it now than buying it later, since it's a fighting game.

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Just finished Witcher 2 and man do I hate the long a$$ ending credits.

It was worth it.

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@dshipp17: That sucks. Let's hope that there's better treatment later down the road before it gets worse.

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@dshipp17 said:

In the case of my right eye, it's a birth defect, for the most part; in my current case, I'm not sure, but it's just losing vision due to getting older; I haven't been diagnosed with any type of eye disorder, but, the closest issue I can think of is macular degeneration. I just had an eye exam and they always check my for glaucoma, because of the issues with my left eye; during my childhood, I was a frequent of the ophthalmologist; I was so glad to be left along after I'd turned thirteen; something associated with my birth defect caused pressure build up in my left eye and that's usually associated with glaucoma.

That sounds pretty serious. So you could potentially go blind when you get older?