tech rouges or metahuman rouges?

hey guys here is a 2 new Q for U :)

the FLASH has a rouges gallery that used before tech to fight him, and with the new DC reboot we are getting a head's up and a whiff of a metahumen rouges gallery.

what do you think is the better or should i ask who do you like more, tech or meta?

do you see rouges like mirror master and pied piper and abra kadabra be meta or are they going to be stuck been tech rouges?


who would be a good choose for athena as a husband??

well my Thoughts is that Based on information that we know let look at who is athena ok? she is the goddess of wisdom, Warfare, Divine intelligence, and Crafts and heroic Behavior, based on that information i think that LOKI the Asgardian God of Mischief, and i can hear the list of people going "??????what????why???loki???!?!?!? really???"

yes loki, and here is why,like her he is a Strategic cold blooded single minded backstabing master of underheanding warfare, he ( to my Opinion) Fits her like a glove as a husband.

but tell me what YOU think! in the comments below :)

yours THE E V I L KITTEN ;-)

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who had the most Honest and reasonable response?

who do you guys think had the most   Honest and reasonable response  to the lost of a love one.  

take batman and the punisher for a example...

when batman,lost he's parents he was 8 years old, no i am not a psychologist, but from what i know kids do not have the moral judgment of any kid...there for a kid frightened as he mey be would still attck the killer do not think so? ? ?    
and now the punisher,when he lost he's family he was in say 30 to 45 years old range ? ? ?  and after YEARS of working with the FBI and police been part of law enforcement and years of military training, have all ready a STRONG AND WELL MADE moral judgment ability ? ? 
( i am working off the 2004 movie take that to note)
tell me what YOU think ? who in YOUR eyes is the most honest and reasonable character between them ? ? ? 

is athena an Olympian or a titan ?

i was thinking the other day about it. is athena an olympian ? or titan? 
in my view she is a titan, because of the fact that her mother   metis was a titan, so that makes athena 1/2 olympian and 1/2 titan.

what you guys think ? olympian or a titan ? ? tell me why and how you got to that point ? 

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